James H. Arnold & Co.

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


James H. Arnold.  

Born 1824 in Connecticut. Died 20 Nov. 1880 in Middletown. Burial Indian Hills Cemetery. 

Tools Made: Squares.

Working Dates: C1850

12 1/2 inch sliding T- Bevel.




                                                                            Mark                                                 This symbol is on squares made Merrick Nelson and Nelson & Hubbard.

                                                            "J. H.  ARNOLD & CO.

                                                            MIDDLETOWN, CT."

     Reported in reference #3 to have made squares. There is a James H. Arnold listed as a mechanic and rulemaker in ref #15. He married Fidelia Brown of Middletown, Apr 16, 1844. They had two children, Charles Henry, born in 1848 and Willis S. in 1851.

     The 1850 census lists James H. Arnold, age 26, as a rule maker. The 1860 census has him as a mechanic. The 1870 census as a rule maker again and Willis S. Arnold, age 19, working in a rule factory. Also, Charles H. Arnold, age 22, now with his own family, as a rule maker. The 1880 census has James H. Arnold, age 56 as a retired grocer.

See Nelson & Hubbard and Nelson

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