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Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Added the following:2021

1 Apr.

AD for Hotchkiss Mfg. Co.

AD for N. C. Stiles.

New Maker for Westbrook.


21 Mar

ADs for Penfield and Tidgewell.

New Maker in Middletown

Johnson, Pratt and Loth, saw makers.

New Makers for Middlesex County

Petapaug Mfg. Co.     Centerbrook.

Rutley, J.         Killingworth.

Stone, A. A.     Killingworth.

Buckley & Gladwin     Winthrop. 

20 Mar.

1909 AD for Cutaway Harrow Co.

1 Feb.

Pix of Chamberlain, Lewis & Co. Rule.

New maker added

Neal & Hubbard.

4 Jan.

New Maker

Isbell & Norton in Killingworth.

Kimberly & Smith in Essex.

Warwick Tool Co. AD.

Burrows & Hubbard AD.

13 Jan.

Tool list for Otis Smith.

17 Oct.

Pic of a Stock Certificate for the Victor Sewing Machine C.o.  courtesy of Deborah Beacham.

Pic of an Ad for Hall Brothers.


1 Oct.

New Maker:

Low, F. W. & Sons.

Link for pictures for Stiles & Parker.

1 Sep.

Ads for Stiles & Parker Press and Globe Mfg. Co.

New info on George Van Sands.

28 July.

Pic of a Tidgewell Web Saw Frame.

July 27.

Pix of Richardsons' Carpenters' Sliding Rule.

Pix of Hubbard Hardware Co. Carpenters' Sliding Rule.

New Info on Carter & Co.

July 19.

Picture of Cutaway Harrow Building

Pictures of rule mde by Carter & Co.

Info on W & B Douglas.

11 July.

 New Maker, Mark Mildrum & Co.

1 July.

New link for N. C. Stiles.

29 May

Added pic of Gaston Hubbard to C. C. Hubbard

5 Jan.

Newspaper AD for Ezra L'Hommedieu.


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