William Stroud

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Tools Made: Machinery, lathes.

Iron & Brass Foundry.

Working Dates: C1840-67.

Born November 22, 1802, in Stafford ; died in Middletown, Connecticut, October 8, 1874.

In the 1850 census he was listed as an iron founder, in 1860 as a manufacturer and in 1870, 67 years old and retired. As his business grew he purchased the business of R. & E. Johnson.

     An ad in ref. 9. Iron foundry making machines to order, mill gear, stove and plough castings. In ref. 40 he is listed as an iron and brass founder and machinist. This building also housed Nelson & Hubbard. I have no examples of his work. Sometime before 1869 the business was succeeded by N.C. Stiles. Located near the junction of the Pameachea and Sanseer Rivers, on Mill Street. Map L.

     Below is a portion of an 1851 Middletown map.

Nelshub6.jpg (189935 bytes)


Below is an early picture of Stroud's Pond.

Stroud1.jpg (188833 bytes)


     His residence at 1015 Randolph Road. Built in 1854. On a recent visit to Middletown I talked with the owner about her house. She was familiar with history of the house and it is in excellent condition.


Stroud3.jpg (80273 bytes)


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