Rule Makers

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Last year on my annual trip to Connecticut I planned ahead. I sent emails to a number if places and received answers from all but one. I contacted the Connecticut State Historical Society and Dave Corrigan, Museum Curator, Museum of Connecticut History at the Connecticut State Library. The reply’s were very encouraging.

     I also visited the Godfrey Memorial and Russell libraries in Middletown and the Meriden Public library. The information I found answered many questions and raised some new ones.

     The list is the latest information I have. Please check my web site. If you have anything to add or have rules not listed let me know. Also, if you would like to share pictures of your tools I would appreciate it.

     The list is in chronological order. Partners and dates, when known, are listed below. They made other tools but I've listed only various rules.


Name                                                                Working Dates                                            Made

Russell, W. 1800-23 Gunter scale rules.
Hedge & Co. 1829-30                               Graduated Rules, Wollatons' scales, (chemical), Gunther scales.
Unknown partner(s)  The factory was owned by Jacob Russell.    
Lemuel Hedge invented a machine to mark rules.  X4,799.    
Richardson & Co.                            1830-32 Rules.
Hedge, Lemuel                 1830-30   
Goodrich, William          1832-32  
Richardson, Asa                 1832-43 Rules.
Closson, N. H. (Nehemiah) 1842-58 Rules. Carpenter tools.
Savage, Seth                         1842-55 Rules.
Seth Savage was bought out by Stanley Tools in 1855.    
Nelson & Savage                 1842-43 Rules.
Nelson, Merrick    
Savage, Seth    
Carter & Co.                         1843-47 Rules.
Carter, Benjamin    
Nelson, Merrick    
Savage, Seth    
They bought the stock and tools of Asa Richardson & Co.    
Benjamin Carter made a Taylor square for various body measurements.    
Kelsey, George R.                 1848-? Carpenters' rules.
Nelson & Hubbard                  1850-55+? 1850-55+? Rules.
Nelson, Merrick        
Hubbard, Samuel C.    
Hubbard, C. & F.                        1850-56+ Rules.
Hubbard, Charles C.    
Hubbard, Fred W.    
Cooley & Co. 1856 Rules.
Unknown partner(s

Grover & Young

1856 Rules.
Libby & Jordan 1856 Rules.
Hubbard & Brothers 1856 Rules.
Chamberlain & Lewis Co. 1856-66 Rules.
Hubbard C. C. 1863-65 Rules.
C. C. Hubbard & Co. 1863-65 Rules.
Hubbard, Charles C.
Hubbard, Gaston T.
This company was bought out by the Hubbard Hardware Company in 1865.
Hotchkiss Mfg. Co. 1864-65 Rules.

This company was bought out by the Hubbard Hardware Company in 1865.

Hubbard Hardware Co. 1864-72 1864-72 Rules.
Hubbard, Charles C.
Hubbard, Gaston T.
Hubbard & Curtiss Mfg. Co. 1872-77 Rules.
The firm of George B. Curtiss & Co. of New York consolidated with Hubbard Hardware to form this company in 1872.
Star Tool Co. 1872-78 1872-78 Rules.
Officers 1872
President              L. D. Vansands.
Secretary              George W. Burke.
Treasurer     Henry M. Smith.
Superintendent   George W. Hallet
Officers 1873
President and Superintendent. George W. Hallett.
Treasurer and Secretary.

James P.Norton.

Hotchkiss & Smith  Rules. 1878-81 Rules.
Hotchkiss, Julius    
Smith, Edward C.    
Hotchkiss Hardware. Co.  1885-86 Rules.
Barnes & Johnson Unk Rules.
I have not been able to find any information on this maker.    

If you have information to add or comments please email them to me.

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