Ira K. Penfield

Elmore Penfield

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Ira and Elmore Penfield.

Tools Made: Edge tools, plane irons.

Working Dates: 1869-77.   

     Located at one time on the river North of union mills near Walnut Street. Map O.

     Ira was born 1806 and died 10 May 1882, age: 76. Elmore was born on 6 Apr 1838 and died 22 Jun 1914, Lynn, MA, age: 76. Both born in Connecticut. He is in both the 1850 and 1860 census. In 1850 no occupation is given and in 1860 he and his son are listed as a manufacturers. Both he and his son, Elmore are listed in the 1870 census as an edge tool manufacturers. In the 1880 census he is listed as a retired manufacturer and his son as a cabinet maker.

     In ref. 40 both he and his son are listed as manufacturers of patent metallic grommets, sail thimbles etc. His residence was on South Main Street near the home of William W. Wilcox. Both had homes in South Main Street, Ira at 83 and Elmore at 71.

     Information from the 1868 City Directory has Elmore as President of the Middletown Plate Co. In the 1877 Middletown City Directory he is listed as manufacturing vises at the Saneer Manufacturing Co. The following patent was assigned to him:

Name                                                     Pat. Number        Item                     Issue date

Parker Edward, Plymouth CT                  159115                 Vise                     1/26/1875   See vise below.


The two marks used are:

I. K. PENFIELD & SON        Mark 1. 1 line.

I. K. PENFIELD               

& SON                                     Mark 2. 2 lines

Below is an 8 inch draw knife.

Penfield1.jpg (59597 bytes)



Penfield3.jpg (8087 bytes)

Mark 1. "I. K. PENFIELD & SON". This mark is on chisels.


Penfield2.jpg (31671 bytes)

Mark 2. "I.K. PENFIELD

& SON".


Ira Penfields' house, located on South Main Street.

Penfield4.jpg (61407 bytes)


The axe below is marked E. Penfield. It is hard to read. After the name is what appears to be another mark but is unreadable. It is a common broad axe or a coopers side axe.


Penfield5.jpg (39104 bytes)



Penfield6.jpg (17835 bytes)


Marked "E. PENFIELD"

     Elmore Penfield is listed in ref. 52 as making a double vise, 1875.


     Below is a Penfield vise.

Penfield9.jpg (16308 bytes)


Penfield7.jpg (27580 bytes)

Marked "PAT'D 

            JAN. 23, 1875".


Penfield8.jpg (22271 bytes)


Marked "E. PENFIELD.



I. K. Penfield Factory on Walnut Street. From the 1874 Beers County Atlas page 41. Top is River Road

Penfield10.JPG (625425 bytes)


1860 AD


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