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The following is information about Middletown tools or equipment found in other countries.

From Murray Hohnen,

     A recent tank cleaning project in the garden of a house built in Melbourne, Australia, in 1853 has unearthed an old pump pictured below. It is embossed W & R Douglas and possibly has an embossed number on the side.


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From Graham,

     My friends and I visited a place in Scotland (last weekend) called Knoydart during the visit I found a ship's wheel laid against a bridge near the Old Forge Pub in Inverie. I clicked on a few items in google and came up with your page.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knoydart      http://www.theoldforge.co.uk/

I have no further history on the wheel or the boat it was fitted to.

The story of Wilcox Crittenden Co. Inc. interested me (as does the story of Knoydart).

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From Frits Duinkerke, Bergen op zoom     http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergen_op_Zoom

     I live in Holland and I am the owner of a W & B Douglas water pump. I have restore it with new seals made from rubber.

I am also collector of Dutch military en mine collection is located in a fortification of the "Stelling van Amsterdam". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stelling_van_Amsterdam . It called Fort bij Edam. http://www.fortbijedam.nl/

The "Stelling van Amsterdam" has 43 fortifications en use this type of water pumps. Two are missing but I found a third one en restore it. En also I restore the water cistern which was missing.

Now the only thing I missing is the tap on the reservoir. The picture is taken in the Fort bij Edam.

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The picture below is from Chris Boyle, Wellington New, Zealand. He is preparing to refinish a W. & B. Douglas Hydraulic Ram.

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This is from the 1887-88 Douglas catalog. Follow the hotlink on the Douglas page to see their 1903 catalog.

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From Stella Wildhaven, St Andrews. Victoria Australia.   

From Alan & Stella Reid, at Wildhaven Wildlife Shelter, St Andrews Victoria Australia.

My husband came across this port hole in a shop in Yarra Glen, Victoria Australia. It is a small country town with interesting shops. Alan is in the process of cleaning it up and we saw your logo. Can you tell me if this once had glass in it, or is the metal plate original. It has taken many, many hours removing the paint but we love the work and we are going to bring it to life once again, as part of our home.



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    What you have an air or light port. I've attached a few pictures from 2 different Wilcox Crittenden catalogs. It is possible that it had glass and also that the could have had a screen attached. I'm sure the metal plate is original. I talked to a friend who spent 20 years in the Navy and he verify this information.


From Brian Jones, Mudgee New South Wales, Australia.

   This pump looks like a Set-Lenght Force Pump.

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From Jan W. Jansen of The Netherlands 1872 Price Lists.

Click here for one more list.

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