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     I was born in Middletown in 1942 and lived there until 1971, except for four years in the U.S. Air Force. During that time I did not realize how many different tool makers lived and worked in this area. Once I started collecting tools I noticed a number of different ones  with a "Made in Middletown, CT" mark or some variation.  A wood working plane by ARROWMAMMETT WORKS / MIDDLETOWN was probably the first tool in my Middletown collection. After a few years of tool collecting I started concentrating mainly on  Middletown makers. The works of Emil and Martyl Pollack and the EAIA Directory of American Toolmakers have greatly helped my search. Although, not the only publications I use, they are the main ones.

    My family lived on Boston Road when I was very young. The road is on the west side of Starr Mill Pond. Later we lived on Burr Avenue. Below this street is Mill Street (hollow) where the Stiles and Parker Press, Stroud and Nelson & Hubbard were. Also, to the south is Wilcox-Crittenden (now condos). Many of the old building were still standing and used during the time I lived there. But few are left now.

There were a  few entries I have listed but did not have a valid reference.  I got the information when I first started collecting but did not realize I needed to document it.  I now have the reference book. It is History of Middlesex County Conn. 1635-1885. #14 on the reference page

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