Flagg, W. F.

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Flagg & Bonnell.

Tools made: Machinery, foot presses, drill lathes, models, dies, punches, etc.

Frederick W. Flagg. Born in Connecticut 12 Jan. 1831, died in Virginia 10 Nov. 1908.

Working Dates: 1864-1873. Incorporated 1868.

     Located at 4 S. Map G. Main opposite Warwick Street. Part of Wilcox-Crittenden. In 1872 they moved to the Sanseer building. Map P. Bonnell is not listed in the 1869 City Directory.

     From Ref. 55:

        Flagg & Bonnell commenced the manufacture of machinery  for plated and Britannia ware,

        also dies and moulds and machinery to order, in 1868, being the continuation of F. W. Flagg,

        who commenced here in 1864. They now occupy one floor at 4 South Main street, 60.x30 feet,

        employing 7 persons. They use 5 lathes, 2 planes, 1 upright drill and 2 gear cutters.



Ad from the 1866 City Directory.

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Ad from the 1869 City Directory.

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F. W. Flagg Residence on Lake Street and Hunting Hill Ave. From the 1874 Beers County Atlas page 41.

From the U. S. census.

1870 Machinery Jobber.

1880 Machinist.

From Middletown City Directories

1875 Secretary Sanseer Mfg Co.

1884-87 as a Machinist.

1900-08 as a Toolmaker.


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Patents issued to Frederick and Ira Flagg.

Pat. No                     Item                                                                     Issue Date

Flagg, I. and F.            49,395                         Rowlock                                                             15 Sep. 1865.

Flagg, I. and F             51,032                         Rowlock                                                             21 Nov. 1865.

Flagg, F.                       55,766                         Whirling Jack for Toys                                    19 Jun. 1866.

Flagg, F.                     179,692                         Improvement in Machinery Clutches.            11 Jul. 1876.

Flagg, F.                     830,776                         Leg Rest                                                             11 Sep. 1906.


I have not found any information on the relationship between Ira and Frederick. I think they were brothers. Also no information on Bonnell.

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