Burrows & Hubbard

Tool Makers of
Middletown, Connecticut


Tools Made: Tool handles.

Working Dates: 1865-69.

     Wilber F. Burrows and Edward Hubbard. Started in 1865 making patented wash boards. Constitution Nov. 15, 1862 page 2.  The firm was dissolved in 1869 and carried on by Edward Hubbard. They were listed in the Constitution (newspaper) in 1867 List of Premiums for best cabinet, wood turning and croquet set.

     From Ref. 55:

            "Burrows & Hubbard are located at the foot of Center street, in a brick building

            120x40 feet. Employ 12 persons for the manufacture of croquet games, tool handles,

            and doors, sash and blinds. The motive power is furnished from a 30 horse power

            engine, made by Tufis of Boston. This company ship goods to all parts of the country,

            and do a business of about $625,000 per year." See map D.

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