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Gary's Mopar Page

My new 1968 Charger R/T!

Found a lost build sheet? Looking for your lost engine? I have an answer. It is called the Mopar Lost and Found.
Click here for more info!

Click here to see my 68 Charger
Click here to see our 1972 Dodge Polara Custom, ex-Washington State Patrol car!
Click here to see my Brothers old 1976 A38 Dart Cop Car
Click Here to see my Cars, Current and Old
Click Here for more Info on the Registry
Here is a Brief History on the E-Body
Here is a collection of pictures I have put together
Here is my personal list-o-links
Click here to some old Mopar Cop Cars I have come across

Welcome to the homepage of the E-Body Registry! Click here to start.


If I have used anything on this site that someone else has copyrighted, has the rights to, or I have taken something you don't want me to have, drop me a line and I will remove it. Thanks!

Last updated: 1/8/03