Don Denke's Pellet Mill

My dad, Don Denke, bought the pellet mill from the Lander Mill. He has it running, and can grind and pelletize livestock feed. I'm not going to put his phone number on my website, but if you want some pellets made, call me at 661-201-7842 and I'll tell you his number.

Example Pellets

Here are some of the pellets he made to feed their sheep.

Pellets have some advantages over hay. If you grind the hay, the animals can eat the stems too, in addition to the leaves. This is more economical.

You can feed plain ground hay, but it is dusty. Pellets are much less dusty than ground hay (or ground grain). So pellets are an advantage over ground hay.

If you want to make a certain mix of grains, he can mix the grains, then grind it, then pelletize it.

Pellet Mill and Engine

Here is the pellet mill (on the left) and engine (outside the shed). The engine exhaust is equipped with a heat exchanger for steam if he needs steam to make the pellets.

Behind (and above) the pellet mill you can see the green, cylindrical shaped feed grinder. He grinds the feed (hay, grain, etc) in the grinder and then makes it into pellets with the mill.

The grain that they (my mom, Delores, and my dad) raise on the farm is in the gray colored grainery behind the grinder.


Another View of the Pellet Mill

Here's the shed from a different angle.

Pellet Shed

Yet another view of the pellet shed.