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BOE Barrels of Oil Equivalent (Natural Gas Volume in MCFD, divided by 6). Converts natural gas to the amount of oil that would contain the same energy.
BWPD Barrels of Water Per Day (refers to water coming out of well, usually)
CWE Cold Water Equivalent. Since the volume of steam changes as it heats up or cools off, it's easier to think of it is terms of how much cold water was used to make the steam.
MCFD Thousands (M) of Cubic Feet of natural gas produced per Day
Outcrop - A fancy word for "rocks that are sticking out of the ground," as opposed to rocks which are buried under the ground. Occasionally, people refer to the rock buried under ground as a "subcrop."

Piping and Valve Abbreviations
A-20 Alloy 20 Stainless Steel
ADAPT Adapter
AL Aluminum
AR1 Arrangement No. 1 (Multi-Port Valves)
ASB Asbestos
B7 Alloy Bolt - Identification Symbol
BB Bolted Bonnet
BBE Beveled Both Ends
BDY Body
BE Beveled End
BFW Beveled For Welding or Boiler Feed Water
BLE Beveled Large End
BOE Beveled One End I see BR-I
BR Red Brass
BR-I Brass to Iron Seats
BRZ Bronze
BS Bellows Seal
BSE Beveled Small End
BTD Bolted
BTFLY Butterfly
BW Butt Weld
CA Corrosion Allowance
CAT Category
CD Cadmium
CEM LND Cement Lined
CI Cast Iron
CL Class (ANSI)
CLASS Classification
COMP Composition (Gaskets) or Compression (Tubing)
CONC Concentric
CONN Connection (Piping) or Connector (Tubing)
CPLG Coupling
CPVC Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
CR Chrominum (as in 12 Cr)
CS Carbon Steel
CS/LT Carbon Steel Low Temperature
CTE Coal-Tar Enamel
CU Copper
DEG Degree
DFT Dry Film Thickness (Coatings)
DI Ductile Iron
DRKG Drinking
DWG Drawing
ECC Eccentric
EFW Electric Fusion Welded
ELL Elbow
EP Extruded Plastic (OCT Preferred)
ERW Electric Resistance Welded
F Fahrenheit
F/D Faced and Drilled
FBE Fusion Bonded Epoxy
FEM Female
FF Flat Face (also PF) (Material)
FLG Flange
FLGD Flanged
FOE Female One End
FP Full Port
FPS Feet Per Second
FRE Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy
FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
FS Fire Safe
GALV Galvanized
GASK Gasket
GO Gear Operator (or Gear Manual Actuator)
GRAPH Graphite
GRNWD Greenwood
GS Grease Seal
HC Hydrocarbon
HD Head
HDPE High Density Polyethylene
HEX Hexagon
IBBT Iron Body, Brass Trim
ID Inside Diameter
IN. Inch
INR RNG Inner Ring
INSTR Instrument
IS Inside Screw
ISUB Inside Screw Union Bonnet
JKTD Jacketed
JT Joint
LB Pound
LFT Lift
LJ Lap Joint
LND Lined
LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas
LR Long Radius
LT Low Temperature (Piping)
MACH Machine
MAX Maximum
MF Male-Female
MI Malleable Iron
MIN Minimum
MOE Male One End
MON Monel
NIPL Nipple (Piping)
NOM Nominal
NPS Nominal Pipe Size
NPT National Pipe Taper (Pipe Threads)
NRS Non Rising Stem
OCT Octagonal
ORIF Orifice
ORJ Octagonal Ring Joint (FLG Face)
ORJ Octagonal/Oval Ring Gasket
OS & Y Outside Screw and Yoke
PAT Pattern
PB Polybutylene
PBE Plain Both Ends
PE Plain End (Piping) Polyethylene
PF Plain Face (Also FF)
PLE Plain Large End
PLTD Plated
POE Plain One End
PP Polypropylene
PSE Plain Small End
PSIG Pounds Per Square Inch Gauge
PVC Polyvinylchloride
PVDF Polyvinylidene Fluoride
RECL Reclaimed
RED Reducer or Reducing
REG Regular
RF Raised Face
RJ Ring Joint
RP Reduced Port
RS Rising Stem
RUB Rubber
SCH Schedule
SCRD Screwed (Threaded)
SG Small Groove
SHRT Short
SHT Sheet (Gaskets)
SMLS Seamless
SMT Small Tongue
SO Slip-On
SOM Somastic
SPCL Special
Spiral Wound (Gasket Style)
SR Short Radius
SS Stainless Steel
ST & G Small Tongue and Groove
STD WT Standard Weight
STEL Stellite
STL Steel
STRT Straight
SW Socketweld (Fitting-end Conn.)
SWG Swage (Piping)
SWNG Swing
T & C Threaded and Coupled
TBE Threaded Both Ends
TBG Tubing
TE Threaded Ends
TEF Teflon
TEMP Temperature
TLE Threaded Large End
TOE Threaded One End
TR Trim
TSE Threaded Small End
UB Union Bonnet
UTIL Utilities
VLV Valve
VP Vapor Pressure
W Wall (as in .049w)
W/ With
W/2 With Two
WAF Wafer (Valve Type)
WAF-L Wafer-Lug (Valve Type)
WELD Welded
WN Weldneck
WND Wound
WROT Wrought
WT Weight
XS or XH Extra Strong Wall Thickness
XXS or XXH Double Extra Strong Wall Thickness
Y Y-Pattern (Valves)