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Choose Your Own Adventure Stories
(Fun Redwall Stories)

Welcome to the original and only Choose Your Own Adventures on the Redwall realm. When I was a kid, the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books were really fun, and popular, so I decided to create a Redwall one.
These stories are not read straight through, instead you pick how YOU want your story to end. All of the choices have jumps, so just click on the number of your choice, and relax and have fun!
Currently we have two Choose Your Own Adventures, if you would like to make one for the site, I will accept. However, it must be made neatly and must be Redwall related. I will look over any submissions, I have the right to reject or accept any that I choose. You will be given credit for your story, so if you want to submit one, send it here .

A Traveller's Tale - "A Traveller's Tale" was our first and original story. It was created back in '98, and posted almost right after Zoren Castle moved online. In it, you become a travelling squirrel named Rowan. You get to tour Redwall, have a feast, and get to know the animals there. Click the link for some goodbeast fun!
The Life of A Vermin - This the newer edition of the Choose Your Own Adventure stories, created in 2001 it focuses on a vermin's life. You become a travelling rat in this story, encountering goodbeast attack as well as an offer to join a vermin horde. It's all up to you how this rat's life goes, click here for a vermin adventure!

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Redwall is (c) Brian Jacques, I do not take any claim to his writings or characters. This is a fanwork created by a fan for fans and should not be copied. Any questions dealing with Zoren Castle should be sent to Thank you!