The Interplanetary Railroad: Group-Written Science Fiction
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The Interplanetary Railroad:
Group-Written Science Fiction



Welcome to The IPRR! This site features science fiction stories-in-progress which everyone can help create. Just go to one of the stories, read what has already been written for that tale, and decide what the main characters should do next. After that, write your own section of the story (a few sentences to a few paragraphs in length) and Email what you have written.
----- Stories-in-Progress

Here you are welcome read the stories that have already been finished.
----- Completed Stories

Want to help invent an alien species? There are currently two extraterrestrial races being created here.
----- Alien Races

Here is an interactive Javascript adventure story in which you get to choose the ending.
----- Marooned on an Alien World

After you have enjoyed your visit, you may wish to check out some other science fiction websites.
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The Interplanetary Railroad has rescued

slaves from the planet Talon since February 15, 1998.