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Disclaimer of Scott Brian Mann: I was born into this world naked owning nothing of material wealth. I come from white-trash culture, I am a Christian in the Orthodox church. I live in Gods world, I care not of political squabbles nor am I in any interest in the thought that changing this world will lead to any great ness in me. I owe any success to A God that gives many 2nd chances yet asks me to use my free-will according to 2 testaments as well as attend a church that cares not of what the outside of a person more of what the sinner in all of us try to overcome the dark side that only can be lifted by looking to the All Mighty highest power:GOD! I am no picture of perfection nor am I any super tough guy. I am just trying my best. I am no priest nor is this in any way a page that is sanctioned or condemmed by any Orthodox church. I am no judge of anyones spiritual Christian life. I care little for those who live in denial of the true aspect of Christianity unless they take the time to study the bible, traditonal, & historical truth of the Christian faith that is inspired by God. I prefer a dialogue based on both faith & the abilty to listen. If you think yourself a person un-worthy to recieve Gods grace you are not alone, were all sinners that are never worthy. Yet this life is a gift, grace is a gift beyond our reason or understanding. All I do in times of praying with this on my mind I cry & thank God,I am a ignorant youth compared to many yet I am a child of God & so are you! This is my website, thanks for checking me out, God Bless..... 1. GOD IS GREAT!!!! Man in modern day believes to a false belief that he is the one making all greatness. Man made the titanic, the titanic sank, God made the earth, its here until God says so! Pray like the publican in Luke, pray like a fool. Mother Theresa prayed endlessly, C.S Lewis wrote endlessly of the reason why A God exists. No man is worth the grace of God, Paul knew this when he was told to quit killing Christians. Peter after denying Christ thrice repented un- like Judas who committed suicide. Yep I am a trembling fool for God is all power -full, I pray for the ALL-MIGHTY is all knowing & loving. This life is no mistake as is no doubt in my mind he exists. God is great, in the name of the Father, the Son & the Holy Ghost I am a sinner who knows God is great! 2. Apostlistic tradition: In the new testament we have 12 apostles who are better role models than Beavis & Butthead. Paul was a murder before he turned at Gods compelling motivation to convert Gentiles that he knew would get him in trouble with the rulers of Rome. Peter repented to lead the way for a church to be built. Andrew went with a fierce determination that allows motivation for all to be a fools for Christ sake. Read the bible find role models that will give spiritual food for the sinner in us all. These 12 men gave all they had to give us a church when the rulers of society wanted no such thing. Today the rulers are squashing Christians physically in China, but the ones refusing to kow-tow to a communist satanic society are the modern day fools for Christ sake. In America nihilism is taking over values. We feel it, we see it & we can look to the apostles as a long lasting tradition as to why we can do something about it. We can give our lives, be mocked, but we will not be forsaken! 3. Study & Action: We were given a brain by God, Use It! C.S Lewis, a famous mind that once denied Christ converted after a long study of religion (all religion) that led him to the truth of the trinity. Read the bible, read other religous views & pray in the name of Jesus, see if you can grasp the greatest truth that Christians all know. If we believe that is great, then lets take to the streets, lets hand out bibles, food, clothes with nothing in return in exspectation. For A God gave us a body to deliver the message. 4.You are welcome in my church. I have this theory that if Father Gregory Schultz allowed me into his Apostle Andrews mission then they will let anyone in. We take all in, we care little if you are dressed as modern day society wants people to look like, we care more for the sinner out there struggling to make his way to a conscious contact with God. I am a child of God never worthy of his grace yet he granted grace anyways for all. This is under ever-lasting construction. If you are alone in your worldly presence looking for hope look up to the sky, if you are afraid go to the Orthodox church or any church, ask for a bible, if they refuse go to another till they give you one to read, you are free to e-mail me, I am no priest, I am just a sinner looking to do Gods-will. /images/animate/globe2.gif 5. Is there a God? If so why are we alone? A God exists, Christians need little rational/reason that is given to a worrisome mind. Mother Theresa never seemed at odds in her mind if there was a God. C.S Lewis a brilliant mind in this century gave intellectuals a role-model to believe. Einstien never doubted the existence of a God maybe due to people saying he had no intelligence when he failed high school math & science, the obvious is not always easy to see for the material junk of this world is a polluting aspect that many cannot see the glory of A GOD. I say yes there is A God, why? I prayed for signs, no I have not recievd a Mercedes Benz nor have I won the lottery but I have the signs that I saw to believe, since these are personnal e-mail me to find out my expierence as well as others that believe in a God. Maybe the question is not whether there is a God but why are around when we cannot change this world. We see materialism, greed, communist governments trying to do what Nietzsche tried to kill God, God is alive, Nietzsche is dead, but his idea of trying to create ever-lasting hell on earth is not. Its not about money or what casear does that matters its about coming to believe in A God, sorry I don't worship any pagon goddess or any pagon witches will find me insulting & boring, I see no point in trying the minor leagues of religion, the triune God is a all powerful one, all others are not the same. I realize we live in a world that tells us to respect diversity, my God was diverse creating a world full of many & plenty. Pray in the name of Jesus & you will come to understand God, God is Great. **SAINT OF THE WEEK**St. Mark of Thessonlica: What is one to do when the rest of the church decides to agree to false dogma? If this is the nature, that is to be liked by that of this world then we Orthodox do not need this. The Roman church sect which used to be in line with the Christian church of the Apostles only to ex-communicate based on false dogma Rome wanted to serve a political purpose. In 1472 Rome led a Catholic in name only army into the time Christians were in threat of being invaded by the moslems. The pope at the time wanted a reunified Christian church. The Patriachs all but one listened as the Roman military stood outside while the Pope demanded the reunification of the Christian church. St.Mark the only Patriach of Alexandria oppossed this as he knew this was not well as the conditions were that the Orthodoxy accept false dogma. Even in the worse times Christians cannot replace the truth with watered down truth, that is a imitation of the truth that is plastic in substance. No other Patriach dared stand up to the heretical Pope & the Roman sect. St.Mark as Blessed Augustine spoke truth that the military force of Rome was not a valid reason to reunify even in the face of moslem invaders approaching. In this time of darkness St.Mark heard the heretic (the Pope) scream, plead & threaten him. Nonetheless St.Mark survived this & prison as the military placed him there. In doing so the other 4 patriachs rebuked the heretical pledges the Pope the heretic coerced them to sign. In this we still have a true church that needs at this time to recall why this bogus ecunumerist movement is wrong. The Roman Pope who seems like a nice man nonetheless supports heresy while advocating a reunioun with the Orthodox as he has praised our liturgy remaining pure as the Roman sect has as well as the Prothestant sects have changed the truth. St.Mark refused for this he suffered, so that today we can live as Orthodox & not a subdivision of the heretical Roman sect. Lets not do this as our children live in a world that is ugly, like St.Mark thay need all the truth they can get to help them keep the true faith. 6. Apostle Andrew bookstore of Madison, Wisconsin: Where does a youth ignorant in life go when surrounded by the ugli-ness of this world? In Madison which has been defined as 38 sq.mi surrounded by reality I think the Christian truth seeker in all of us should have a place to go. A place that this world will never fully understand the miracles on-going in Orthodox Christianity. Yeah we claim no exciting of this world expierence to get you in the door. We who volunteer our time offer a wholesome Christian atomsphere. At 1370 Williamson St., Madison, Wisconsin you can walk into the place I did approx 2 years ago. No one who knew me knew what I was doing as I had told this world many times over I never would enter som place like this: Almighty inspired a heathen idiot like me found this place over a search for breakfast I found the real true Apolistolic church. I even found a priest that was a good man of which I thought before a contradiction in terms. Fr. Gregory who is a good man (I would expound yet I fear Fr. Gregory would object as he is a humble man as well). Our phone number is 608-255-6681. If you find it closed call for a time we can open it for you. If you do as our bishop Hermann speaks of, that is to walk in the 1st step you realize that you are in the midst of something spiritual, the 2nd you realize this is a work of God, the 3rd step you realize the entire beauty of the truth of Christianity. I pray everyday that anyone can have that time in the bookstore/mission like I did. I saw for once in my short life that some in this world who call themselves Christians do the walking not just the talk. Granted we are a small aspect of the entire sprectrum of the Holy church left in the traditional form unchanged in a world that not only begs to change but demands the change of the traditional to satisify the un-holy man-made desire to carve out the world for the satisfaction of themselves. Not only does this demean the traditional church it goes against Gods-will. I would rather have right belief than be popular in the mode of this world. At our little piece of Orthodox Christianity we have right belief with the right atitude as we are a small parish with a love far beyond the comphrension of the nay-sayer of this world. Please visit us, see Fr. Greg as he is a man with tremendous faith & patience(I have tested this patience with a lot of questions & babbling). Maybe you will be looked at odd by this world yet no one can deny the moving expierence that one recieves in this place in earth. Come, visit. 7.Are we just a nationalistic based movement?:I say no as I studued with the Orthodox Christians for 2 years before I was baptized. I appreciatte the culture differences yet in realization we are but one church & the true one at that we are not what this world accusses us of. We are happy to remain true, that is why we go through much obstacles yet we suffer with the truth on our minds that this world cares little for the truth. Roman Catholics believe they must leave a new "clearification" every year. Prothestants are so liberal they forget they are Christian & have know idea of why they are Prothestants. Orthodox Christians are well learned in the truth of Christianity & adhere this as thaey best can living as a Christian community whenever thay are able as this is the main reasons why Russian Orthodox support the church or Greeks. It is not impossible to convert even if the nationality is different only a contrite for the truth of Christianity is needed. Amen.

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