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Welcome to my Boy Scout patch trading page! My main interests are CSP's, OA numbers, California OA, California red & white strips, International Scout association strips, and Scouting related license plates.

About Myself

I am an Eagle Scout and a Vigil member of Ohlone Lodge #63 in Pacific Skyline Council. All of my Scouting as a youth was done in San Mateo County Council/Pomponio Lodge #528, and most of my adult Scouting took place in Stanford Area Council/Stanford-Oljato Lodge #207. After the two councils merged in 1994 to form the Pacific Skyline Council, I have been active in training, Wood Badge, and the Stanford District. My current Scouting position is International Representative on the council executive board.

Please look over my trading pages and let me know if you have any of my needs! Thanks!

ALPCA #5170
Silver Beaver AwardWilliam T. Hornaday Award
Eagle Scout AwardEpiscopal God & Country AwardJames E. West Endowment Recognition Award
Distinguished Commissioner Service AwardScouter's KeyScouter's Training Award