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This is the first page dedicated to this failed version of Let’s Make A Deal.


Production Company: Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions in association with Catalena Productions

Host: Monty Hall

Announcer: Chuck Chandler

Models: Maggie ??? & Somebody else

Executive Procucer: Stefan Hatos(I think)



Set Designer:

Music: Sheldon Allman

Origination: Vancouver, British Columbia

Broadcast History: Syndicated September 1980-September 1981



After the Let’s Make A Deal left in 1977, it returned in daily syndication in 1980 this time from Vancouver.  This version is the most obscure version of LMAD, as it is the only version to have NEVER been seen in the states in repeats.  This version did not last very long because of many reasons.  The contestants did not look like they were having fun and were just there.  Monty himself didn’t look like he was having fun.  Also the prizes were quite cheap, mainly due to the dollar difference between the US and Canada.

The set for the version wasn’t that bad and could have been better, but the most unique thing to this version were the doors used for the big deal.  The disco doors as we call it.  The most unique doors in the history of LMAD.   For the first ˝ of the show’s run, the opening montage used clips from the “past clips” beginning and other clips from the 1971-1977 version.  The beginning would be changed ˝ way into the show with clips from this version


            This version is somewhere in its entirety, but is believed to be in a vault owned by Warner Brothers.  This version started off really slow, but somehow began to gain ratings.  The show was supposed to have a 1981-1982 season, but Catalena Productions(who produced Pitfall with Alex Trebek)had went bankrupt and about $250,000 in checks bounced and that was the end of the 1980-1981 version of Let’s Make A Deal, but that would not be the end…

Here is a picture of Monty Hall on the 1980-1981 Version of Let's Make A Deal


1980-1981 version

Important events:

Some of the music used on this version would be used on The All New Let’s Make A Deal.

Because of the dollar difference between Canada and the US, Fake money specially made for LMAD wouldbe used in place of real money. I was lucky enough to recieve some of this money and I will post pictures of it on this page.