This area is devoted to my dearest Pandora

*disclaimer: since I am not a bitter man I will choose to keep up this section of my documents the way I had them even though she has left me*

Ahh my dearest love Pandora, how I love her. She is the essense of why I am still enjoying my life. And also the end to all my personal strife. I and she both know our courtship hath been a hellacious one, what with her even thinking I might be involved in a plot with my covenite of a son to kill her sire and in effect kill her too. She has realized I have been there for her since the beginning. I find myself awakening every night in our Palace thinking of her and all the good she's done for me. Of course, I shower her with gifts like any lover would. Well I think that's enough ranting about how lovely she is to me.

Things I have done with Pandora (That are mentionable)

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