Language Arts Classroom Resources

Below you will find some websites that may help you with references and questions as you read.

Websites for classroom reference:

Finding a book
Teen Reads-a great site for finding books of interest
Jen Robinson's Bookworm Page-a site for book reviews and discussions
American Library Assoc-What books have won awards?
GoWyld-Wyo Libraries-Recommended Reading
Project Gutenberg-free eBooks (typically classic titles)
Free Podio Books
101 Books to Read This Summer!
95 Young Adult Books to Read This Summer
51 Fantasy Lit. Books to Read before you die

Works commonly alluded to
The Holy Bible (KJV)
The complete works of William Shakespeare
The complete works of William Shakespeare-SEARCHABLE
The Iliad-complete text
The Iliad-an overview
The Odyssey-complete text
The Odyssey-an overview
Plato-complete texts
Grimms' Fairy Tales by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm
Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
Aesop's Fables

Classical Mythologies
Gods and goddesses of ancient Greece
Classical Greek literature and art
Greek Mythology
Norse Mythology
Encyclopedia Mythica
Internet Classics Archive
The Legends of King Arthur-Historical
The Legends of King Arthur-Stories

The English Language
The Origin and History of the English Language
History of the dictionary Check those definitions!

Non-Fiction and Informational Texts
Santiago's Brain-an article about a SUPER smart child
DogoNews-a great site for young folks looking for news
Outdoor Life online
A Few Nonfiction Texts to Support Argument Essay Writing in Middle School
Article on Bullying and Teasing
Science Daily online
The Week-great current event site
Google Current Events Sites for Students


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