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Ali's Beatle Page

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I absolutely love the Beatles!!!!!They've been my favorite for a little over two years. Paul is my favorite Beatle and my favorite song is Strawberry Fields Forever. A personally think I like the Beatles because on my birthday in 1970(I was born in '83)was the last time George Martin, George Harrison, and Paul McCartney ever recorded together. I love reading stuff about the Paul Death Hoax thing even though everyone knows he's alive. I also like his newest album, Flaming Pie. I think it's cool how he named it after how the Beatles were supposedly named. In case you didn't know, ...a man came to them on a flaming pie, and said, let there be Beatles with an "A"... I think the Beatles were the most successful group the world will ever see. A Paul said in an interview after the Beatles won multiple awards for their anthologies"...I was always wondering who was going to be bigger than the Beatles, and it was the Beatles..." Here's a question to test your Beatle knowledge: Why did I name my page "Ali's Cranberry Page" and shorten cranberry sauce for my e-mail address? See if you can figure out where it came from. E-mail me anytime you wanna chat. Later~Ali

Yellow Submarine
"We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine..."

Paul is Dead

This is just one of my favorite Paul is Dead Clues off the Sgt. Pepper Album!If you take a mirror and divide the drum in half you get this. If you look closely it says "1 ONE HE DIE" This is just one of many clues supposedly put out by the Beatles!

Remember..."Strawberry Fields Forever..."


Let It Be
Let It Be!