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Accidently wandering into a great valley shaped like a bowl, you stop and gaze around. A small figure to the right of you on the hill lifts it's head as it spots you. It gets up and then begins to make it's way over to you. You squint to see what kind of animal it is. It walks on four legs and has a snakelike thing in the back that waves back and forth. The body is quite slender and the animal has pointed ears on the side of it's head.

As it gets closer you notice that it's coloring is black and white. Soon, you realize that it is a cat! The cat waves it's snakelike thing, which you see clearly is a tail. When it reaches you, it gives you a weird look as if puzzled why you are here. The cat shrugs and then sits down.


"Nre'fa-o! Good dancing to you." the cat says in a deep but singingly voice that states this is a tom. "I am Rockhopper of the Royal Court. What brings you here? I suppose you want to see the Queen of Cats eh? Or mabey would you like to go somewhere else? Well, whatever it is I'll show you around. Your new here aren't you outsider? Well come along!"

* : under construction

Note: The Cat's Eye is heavily under construction to be made better. Our future goal is to create it to become an role-playing game by e-mail and such. Please be patient.

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This world along with the words and everything else is Copyrighted by Tad Williams. This is just a RPG, or fandom club using the book by Tad Williams, Tailchaser's Song. I have Tad William's permission to create and run this and this fandom club is copyrighted to me.

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