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Holy Name Bibles
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By Angelo B. Traina

The Restored Name
King James Version

[ARCHIVED] Angelo Benedetto Traina
January 22, 1889 - November 4, 1971

Angelo B. Traina published an A.J.K.V. of the Scriptures with the Name Yahweh our Heavenly Father and Creator and the Name of His Son Yahshua restored and titled it the Holy Name Bible.

Another of just one of the interesting aspects about this translation that differs from the A.K.J.V. is that rather than using the word rib that Yahweh removed from Adam to create the woman Eve, Traina chose the word womb (womb-man) instead.

By A. E. Knoch

[ARCHIVED] The Making of Woman
Great Things Happen When Man Falls Asleep
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[ARCHIVED] The Creation of Woman An Alternative View by Richard C. Condon

The following is an excerpt taken from:
Eve, Chavvah, the Bride By Mildred Garner

"The Holy Name Bible shows that Eve was Adam's womb. The Hebrew "tsela" is in the Bible forty-two times and only translated rib twice, both times in connection with Adam and Eve. Tsela—Hebrew meaning (Strong’s Hebrew Concordance #6763) a rib (as curved), lit. (of the body) or fig. (of an object or the sky, i.e. quarter), arch. (espec. floor or ceiling) timber or plank (single or collect, i.e. a flooring), translated into words: beam, board, chamber, corner, leaf, plank, rib, side (+chamber). A man can survive and reproduce with one rib missing, but without a womb (chamber) to nourish and cultivate his seed, he cannot reproduce. The man is only a part of the reproduction cycle, so he must depend on the female. This is also a revelation of the creation as a whole, i.e., the body of Christ. The Spirit of Christ (the pure truth) must impregnate the Church (His bride, wife) before she can reproduce in the Spirit-realm, i.e., bear the fruit (attributes) of the Spirit."

The Holy Name Bible is the first translation/transliteration that I owned with the Name of our Heavenly Father and Creator and the name of His son Yahshua restored. I still own this version which is among many other translations in my personal library. This specific version is no longer in print, but you can obtain a similar version or read them online along with many other versions that restore the Names on my web page ...

"YAHWEH Transliterated Scriptures"

Reprints Available On Ebay Between $30.00 & $70.00

The Holy Name Bible was first published by Angelo B. Traina in 1963. This Bible is a reprint of the 1989 version. The Preface at the beginning of the Bible tells many of the reasons for placing the true original names back into the scriptures. The Holy Name Bible was the first English Bible to restore the True Original Names of Yahweh-Elohim-Yahshua back into the Bible. Yahweh is the English transliteration of the four Hebrew characters called the tetragrammaton. Lord is a false title that Bible translators substituted for Yahweh. Halleluyah means Praise Yahweh, not praise the Lord, and it is put back into the places it was taken out. Psalms 146 to 150 originally began and ended with Halleluyah, and it is inserted where it was originally written. Elohim is the original title for the creator, and is placed where the translators put the false title of God. There is no letter "J" in Hebrew, and the letter "J" is only 400 years old in the English alphabet. Therefore it was impossible for the savior born 2000 years ago to have the name of Jesus. The true name of the savior is Yahshua. Yahshua means Yahweh is Salvation. Messiah is also put back into the scriptures where the Bible translators falsly put the title, Christ. The version text is as close to the King James Version as any other Sacred Name Bible. Exodus 3:14 has the phrase, "AYAH ASHER AYAH" , which means, I will be what I will to be. "El Shaddai" is back in the Bible, where it was taken out of the KJV. There are so many other wonderful features too numerous to mention.

1950. Angelo B. Traina, Sacred Name New Testament. Irvington, New Jersey: Scripture Research Association, 1950. Reprinted as Holy Name Bible, 1963, revised 1974. The King James Version "with Semitic names restored to their Hebrew and Aramaic forms."


Preface And Ecerpt
From Daniel & Revelation

(A Discussion of the Virgin Birth of Our Saviour)
By A. B. Traina

By Angelo B. Traina

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Are You A Nicolaitan?
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A. B. Traina




Would like to purchase three Holy Name Bibles (By A. B. Traina). If there are any copies of this version available, please contact Ruth Ayers at the this address:

Ruth Ayers
5211 Eagle Creek Road
Jacksons Gap, AL 36861
Or phone her at: 256-825-2174

The Faith office is also interested in obtaining the Holy Name Bible (hard or soft cover). Please contact: if any are available at: P.O. Box 102, Holt, MI 48842.

I am seeking a copy (or copies), of A. B. Traina's "Holy Name Bible". I have a First Edition copy of "The Book of Yahweh - The Holy Scriptures", 1987 copyright, that I would like to trade, if possible.

Elder Gene R. de Vaux
9506 W. 87th ST
Apt. D
Overland Park, Kansas 66212
United States of America

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