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Welcome to Terrango Stables

Welcome to Terrango Stables. This page features my current models available for sale.

If you are interested in a model but think that the asking price is too high please e-mail me with an offer. *All reasonable offers will be considered* Also I will consider discounts on multiple purchases.

 Methods of payment accepted are personal checks (held 2 weeks for clearing purposes), money orders, and Paypal. MO and Paypal purchases will be shipped within 2 business days.

 Shipping Info: Please add $5 for the first horse, and $1 for each additional. Seller will cover any additional fees for insurance, delivery confirmation, and packing materials.

With that said- Please browse thru our page. You may click on a small picture of a model to view much larger pictures of each side of the model. If the model does not have a picture with it, please email me for pictures. I did not put all my pictures on this page to keep load time down! :o)

Custom Models|NIB Models|OF Breyers|OF Stone

Custom Models

(OK, so this one is not a custom, but he needed a place to belong!) Hong Kong Copy of Western Horse--black leopard appy in cheap plastic. No reins, and not sure if the grey saddle came with him originally, but you get it now. =) Many small little black rubs on him. $10

Linda Lima Daisy Mae/draft mare resin--painted a nice shaded grey by Linda. I bought her with intentions of adding her to my show string, but I am hard pressed to get all my drafts to the shows as it is. She has one pinpoint white dot on her left shoulder, should not stop her from being LSQ but I feel I should mention it. $150

Dawn Deale Highland/Dales Pony resin--painted dapple grey by Dawn with loads of star dapples. He must have been trying to throw his weight around on the shelf because someone gouged him in the shoulder with their ear. (The mark can be seen in the pic of his left side.) PSQ without being touched up, would be LSQ once this spot is fixed. $75

Parrs Dream Doll #1--painted to a yummy apricot dun minimal paint by Nicole Reid. I have since decided that I prefer Okie's attitude to her calm demeanor. LSQ $200

Parrs Dream Doll #2--painted a grulla appy by Pam Demuth. Another sweetheart that doesn't have the attitude of Okie. Also LSQ $200

NL New Forest Pony--painted to a shaded bay by Nicole Reid. Nice little showpony, but I have too many and he needs a new show home where he can get out more. LSQ $100


Norman II resin--painted a fiery chestnut with big blaze and high whites by Peri Riggins. Loads of character on this face! He shows best as a draft or pony breed, and since those are the 2 main breeds in my showstring, he is being neglected and I am letting him go. LSQ $200

Trad Remake to spanish breed by unknown artist--I really know very little about this model. My mother bought it at a live show in WI back in the late 80's. There is no signature so I am not sure who did his remaking or painting. He has a crack on his neck and also one on his hind leg. Still PSQ, but probably will never be LSQ unless drastically redone. $20

SOLD!! SSHF Remake by Marie Spinella/Tardis Stables--this roan TWH filly has done quite well for me. She is an excellent photo shower, and while I consider her only NLSQ due to some rough paint she has actually surprised me by holding her own at live shows also. $40 SOLD!!

New In Box Models

For detailed information on the condition and pictures of any OF model please e-mail me and I will inspect it more throughly for you. (This includes NIB models)

SLT SR Running Stallion (chestnut with jagged snip and 4 socks)--sorry, I do not know this exact year but it was within the past 3 years. $40

TRU SR Blue Pegasus $25

TRU SR Black Pearl Unicorn $25

Tour Model Sirocco (Paint Indian Pony) $40

Limited Edition Copper (Chestnut Sham) #951 $35

1995 Comm. Edition Goliath (Palomino Belgian) #906 $45

Buster Ranch Horse #749 (Buckskin Paint) $20

Sunny Boy Welsh Cob #979 (Palomino) $25 SOLD!!

Bay Shire Mare #739 $25

Sorrel Belgian #777 $25

Llanarth True Briton Welsh Cob (chestnut) #494 $25

Original Finish Breyers

For detailed information on the condition and pictures of any OF model please e-mail me and I will inspect it more throughly for you.

2000 Limited Edition Biko #1101 (bay Gem Twist)--He has the famous crooked front leg, and small white rub (?) about 1/8" long on neck $20

POA #1119 (Buckskin? Appy)--paint job mint, visible seam on nose $15

1988 JCP SR Indian Pony (Red Dun)--Gorgeous shading on this girl, however has nostril, ear and forelock rubs and a black smudge on hip 1/4" long and 1/16" wide $20

Black Tb Mare (Touch of Class mold)--She has had clear nail polish put on eyes, has a tiny white spot near bottom of her barrel, and some of those mysterious shiny lines on body $20

Dapple Grey PAF--Just selling this guy as a body since he had his tail broke off at one time. It has since been reglued and is hard to tell $5

JAH SR Confetti (Brown Paint Zippo)--Mint $50 I will not be too upset if he doesn't sell =)SOLD!!

The following 6 horses were involved in a shelf disaster that occurred when I rented my spare room to a friend (bad idea..) Some are not as bad as others, but I am just going to sell them all as bodies. They all have numerous rubs but are intact with no broken pieces. (Exception is the Indian Pony who is missing about 1/3 of the top of an ear) Take your pick for $15 each:

 Bay Stock Horse StallionSOLD!!

  Bay Appy Indian PonySOLD!!


  Bay SR Trad. Black StallionSOLD!!

  Black Trad Black Stallion SOLD!!



Original Finish Stone Models

For detailed information on the condition and pictures of any OF model please e-mail me and I will inspect it more throughly for you.

Bay Rearing Horse--eartip rubs, small u/p spot on forelock $20

Haynet SR Gigabyte (Glossy Grulla ISH)--This is the version with peachy undertones and almost black shading on the face and topline. He has a small black smudge on hip, and 2 little black lines that run into the bottom of his snip. Also a strange spot in the gloss on a hind pastern. (He came from the factory with all these) $50SOLD!!

SR Morgan "Jubilee" (Bay)--Rub on end of tail, and strange painting of nostrils (I think this was on purpose though) $40

Morgan Woody--eartip rubs, streak in gloss on neck $25

Morgan First Edition Hillock Showson (dark brown)--paint job mint, mold itself has a dent in right cheek. $25

Clydesdale First Edition Travis--small overspray on mane, warped rear leg (needs to be heated and moved) $30

Jam SR Clydesdale "Stake A Claim" (blue roan)--black hazing on side of blaze, numerous small rubs on body PSQ only $40

Jam SR Arabian "Tu Fire" (chestnut)--smudgy rub on top of tail, boogy eyes (looks like someone touched them when the gloss was still wet) Will keep for a photo showing horse if he doesn't sell =) $45SOLD!!