101 Questions for YOU to Answer

Please e-mail us with your answers to these question at RoxburyGirls@hotmail.com. Include your name, age, e-mail, page URL, and page title (if you have a page).

1. Does watching a waterfall make you feel like you need to use the bathroom?
2. Do smurfs scare you?
3. Are you nauseated by The Fonz on Happy Days?
4. Are you attracted to other spieces besides humans?
5. Does the word midi confuse you?
6. Does Chewbacca give you goosebumps?
7. What is the best brand of toothbrushes?
8. Would you ever name your child Mase?
9. Is Tom Jones your favorite singer?
10. Have you ever gotten jiggy wit' it?
11. Have you ever gone nuclear on someone?
12. Would you ever become the spokesperson for Nike?
13. Have you ever thought about what people are doing in a bathroom at a gas station in Houston, Texas right now?
14. Do you think Kenny G. should cut his hair and try to sell it on the streets of Albaqerque?
15. Would you turn your head on its side and smack it rpeatedly to get a song out of your mind?
16. Do the cool, colored, demo-setting lights on advanced stereos facinate you?
17. Do any of your friemds resemble a beaver?
18. Are Mike T.'s chewable vitamins really that good?
19. Are piggyback rides your only means for transportation?
20. Do the Brady Bunch kids make you extremely happy and bubbly?
21. Have you ever asked satan for a $1.45?
22. Are frito lay potato chips the food of kings, in you opinion?
23. Do you know what blarg means?
24. Who's cuter, Bill Gates or Bill Clinton?
25. Who's better, the Spice Girls or Hanson?
26. Is Pip from Great Expectations a hot little number?
27. Do you enjoy throwing sweet tarts at parked cars?
28. Are history projects fun rainy day activities?
29. Do combs get lost in your hair when you brush it?
30. Would you ever kiss a frog to see it become a prince?
31. Which would you rather eat, a backpack or a magazine?
32. Is cute a stupid word?
33. Have you ever considered becoming a plumber?
34. Which is worse, working at Jewel (the grocery store) or McDonald's?
35. Do you have a semi-charmed life?
36. Would you eat a bowl of cockroaches to kill Kenny G.?
37. Would you steal from Target?
38. Are you in love with someone named Bubba?
39. Do you travel on Pace buses?
40. How many speeds do you have on your bike?
41. Have you ever rode an elephant?
42. Whats is your favorite airline?
43. What is the funniest first name you've ever heard?
44. Are you a hick?
45. Are you a Leonardo DuiCaprio lover or hater?
46. Do you enjoy writing "I am an ugly monster" on all your papers?
47. Have you ever heard the phrase "Hork Hork" used in public?
48. Have you ever danced on someone's grave?
49. Do you know what an effin pincher is?
50. Would you ever go bungee jumping?
51. Is Jerry Springer . . .
as bad as that song How Bizarre (thats really bad),
so bad you want to hurl
quality television or
your favorite show?
52. Would you ever wear a fro-like wig?
53. Do you have an I wonder. . . for our I wonder page? (if so please tell us it)
54. Did you play with my little ponies as a child?
55. Is BIO a cool word?
56. What do you think Chumba Wumba sounds like?
57. Is there a library lady at your school?
58. How many times have you seen Titanic?
59. Does your liscence plates (or your parents) on your car say hanson in any way, and why do you have it that way?
60. Are these questions boring so far?
61. Are you a perv?
62. Did you ever get stuck in a telephone booth?
63. Have you worn a super hero cape for fun?
64. Which is a better word, poop or crap?
65. How many CD's do you have?
66. Do you speak in third person at times?
67. Is bottled water a rip-off?
68. Do you know who The Greck is?
69. Does this question number make you snicker?
70. Is Monica Lewinsky a maiorly annoying, stupid, twit?
71. Which agent do you like better, Fox Mulder or Dana Scully on The X-Files?
72. Does AOL suck?
73. Have you ever eaten road kill?
74. Would you ever eat road kill?
75. Have you ever waved to someone you thought you knew, but realized you didn't know them, and then tried to turn it into a hair adjustment?
76. Are you totally bored out of your mind with these questions?
77. Would you ever read an entire set of encyclopedias?
78. Do you like to kiss trees?
79. Which would rather do, kick Courtney Cox in the head or give David Spade a wedgie?
80. Is it right to go running and screaming throughout the neighborhood with a tie around your forehead, socks pulled up to your knees, an I love ponies shirt on?
81. Have you ever acted like Chef on South Park?
82. Did you cry when Mufasa died in The Lion King?
83. Have you ever eaten crawfish?
84. What is the best non-alphabet/number key on a computer keyboard?
85. Would you like to see Jen from Dawson's Creek shave her head?
86. Do you like to make yourself jewelry out of stale popcorn?
87. Do you have a friend you totally rip on? (make fun of)
88. Have you ever seen lifesavers spark when you bite into them in the dark?
89. Is Chris Rock a piece of cheese?
90. Do any of your cousins have a crush on you?
91. Should Minnie Driver become a Spice Girl?
92. Are you . . .
a. a hick
b. a hip-hopper
c. an alterna monster or
d. a wacko?
93. Which would you rather do?
a. ice skate with a cow
b. go biking with a pig
c. swim with a horse
d. play tennis with a duck
94. Which would you rather kiss?
a. a porcupine
b. dirt
c. Burt Reyonlds
d. a door handle
95. Which is the best phrase?
a. "Man, what a gas machine"
b. "Wow, you ate the whole thing"
c. "Pain is temporary, pride is forever"
d. "Just screw it"
96. Have you ever eaten a stick o' butter?
97. Should they make a Mr. America pageant?
98. Which is the dumbest insult?
a. you poopy head
b. go suck a sucker
c. I hope you sink like the Titanic
d. Boy do you eat like a person
99. Do "Wishing I was There" (track #5 on the Left of the Middle album) by Natalie Imbruglia sound Alanis Morisettish?
100. Do you feel like running to the toilet to toss your cookies over these questions?
101. Have you ever felt the extreme need to sneeze, but couldn't hold it in, snezzed all over a book in a library, then put it back on the shelf, and left whistling as if nothing had ever happened?

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