How wacky are you?

Keep track of your answers on a piece of paper or in your head if you're super-specially intergallactically photogenic.

1. What name are you most likely to give your dog?
a. Rex
b. Blarg
c. Yippy

2. If someone asks you for the time, what do you say?
a. 4:20!
b. Tool Time
c. the actual time

3. What magazine are you most likely to read? (Pretend you're a teenage if you're not one already - just for this question.)
a. National Inquirer
b. Seventeen
c. The Trials and Travels of Mr. T

4. Your voice is normally at a
a. loud level
b. normal level
c. so loud you can be heard over a NASA space shuttle level

5. Which of these songs do you like best?
a. "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies
b. "My Heart Will Go on" by Celine Dion
c. "My Heart Will Go on" by Kenny G

6. Your favorite SNL skit is
a. "Goth Talk"
b. "Judge Judy"
c. I don't watch Saturday Night Live

7. You use a fork to
a. eat with
b. attract alien spaceships
c. scare your little brother or sister

8. The best vacation spot is
a. Hawaii
b. Poland
c. Transylvania

9. What's the best food and drink combination?
a. Tang and cookies
b. Pizza and soda
c. Broccoflower and TAB soda

10. Your personal quote is
a. Blarg to your mother
b. I love cheese
c. Like, oh my God

11. Which nickname would you most likely give a friend?
a. Zilla
b. Woo-hoo!
c. Buddy

12. What's your favorite color?
a. blue
b. neon clear
c. burnt sienna

13. When you hear a noise resembling a fart, you
a. Say, "EWWW! Growdy!"
b. Start laughing hysterically
c. blame a friend for it

14. During uncomfortable silences at family gatherings, you
a. Make unusual/inappropriate noises/gestures
b. Ask, "Has anyone ever eaten a stick of butter?"
c. Sit there and vegetate

15. Toilet paper is
a. Used for the obvious
b. An important factor in revenge
c. Your best friend

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