101 Stupid Things People Do

1. Brush their teeth before eating.
2. Wear their shirts backwards.
3. Use sayings like, "Pain is temporary; pride is forever!" in normal conversation.
4. Wear a belt around their head.
5. Have a Burt Reynolds movie marathon.
6. Make a shrine dedicated to digital clocks.
7. Watch a clock keep time for fun.
8. Climb a glass wall to see what's on the other side.
9. Get turned into a dog.
10. Name their inanimate objects.
11. Use an inflatable dart board.
12. Use people's heads as musical instruments.
13. Charge others like a bull.
14. Use a solar-powered flashlight.
15. Groove to Kenny G's tunes.
16. Watch talk shows.
17. Stare at cheese for extended periods of time.
18. Give complete strangers high 5's.
19. Have dreams in which you are 300 pounds.
20. Have a crush on a gay guy (when you're a girl).
21. Dance a jig for fun.
22. Read a book by or about Tara Lipinski.
23. Flush live fish down the toilet.
24. Cheat in the hard core sports played in gym class.
25. Eat shaving cream.
26. Wear only Nike things.
27. Quack like a duck in class.
28. Carry duct tape around in your back pocket.
29. Wash a dog with motor oil.
30. Wear a paper clip retainer.
31. Hold up a store with a stapler.
32. Wear a school gym suit outside of school.
33. Work at Jewel and enjoy it.
34. Use paper chains as wedding decorations.
35. Try to fly by jumping off the roof and flapping arms.
36. Dress up like Garfield and pretend to be a cat.
37. Swim in man-eating shark infested waters.
38. Try to audition to be a dino in The Lost World.
39. Dye their hair brown so they are no longer blonde.
40. Have a party to celebrate animal classification.
41. Go to UCLA (University Closest to Larkin Avenue --- inside joke).
42. Steal something, then walk in the store you stole it from.
43. Steal a 2 liter bottle of soda by shoving it in your pants.
44. Become a school janitor.
45. Wear only one white glove.
46. Have an overhead in their room.
47. Open umbrella in the house because the indoor sprinklers might go off (when there aren't any).
48. Say crap too much.
49. Take everything too literally (example: how's it hanging).
50. Listen to Kenny G.
51. Live with your parents after age 25.
52. Use a suitcase as a pet carrier.
53.Wear a swim suit in the snow.
54. Think wb means wild baggage.
55. Do tally runs for fun.
56. Kiss a sea urchin.
57. Become a member of the I Love Beavers! club.
58. See how much money they can put up their nose.
59. Read the dictionary.
60. Collect pictures of pop tops instead of real pop tops.
61. Listen to only instrumental music.
62. Try to beat up trees.
63. Sing a song about grasshoppers.
64. Have an e-mail address like DrDigit2@aol.com.
65. Wear 3-D glasses as sunglasses.
66. Have a pet rock.
67. Name their kid Flo or Abe.
68. Visit peoples voting booths only voting for Burt Reynolds.
69. Act like Napoleon.
70. Drink antifreeze.
71. Talk to golf balls (j/k Rex).
72. Go out with Mark Greco.
73. Have a million dollars in pennies.
74. Drive a car with purple spots.
75. Go into Kinko's Copies and ask for Kinko.
76. Steal chickens from Farmer Bob.
77. Ask a Border's Cafe employee what border they're on.
78. Run around with Q-Tips sticking out of their ears.
79. Watch a tape of old people playing cards for two hours.
80. Paint the leaves on a tree red and orange to make autumn come faster.
81. Try to run around the mile long proton accelerator at Fermi Lab as fast as the protons.
82. Make a model of a DNA strand out of non-edible materials and eat it.
83. Try to do the cool spin parallel park in The Blues Brothers i n a full parking lot.
84. Put educational posters up in their room.
85. Get jiggy wit' it.
86. Play dot to dot with bug bites on their legs.
87. Become a Spice Girl.
88. Wear 5-inch platforms in gym class.
89. Actually wear your ID in school.
90. Play human bingo with their dog.
91. Say, "Luke I am your mother, err, I mean father." to everyone named Luke.
92. Do Spanish I, Capitulos 5-8 Listening Comprehension questions for fun.
93. Jump into the Grand Canyon to see what's at the bottom.
94. Climb a fence protected by electricity.
95. Make your own post cards.
96. Buy everything at Venture.
97. Open a restaurant that looks and smells like a sewer.
98. Have the initials Kristen Anderson.
99. Hang out behind supermarkets.
100. Purposely drive your red Camaro into a tree.
101. Go fishing in your bathtub.

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