101 Questions to Resart Conversation During Dull Silences

1. What's the full name of your pillow?
2. What radio station do you listen to while spying on people through a window?
3. What color soap do you use?
4. Who's your favorite character from Hercules?
5. Who's your favorite janitor where you work or go to school?
6. Who's your favorite Friend?
7. Have you ever been bitten by a chicken?
8. Do you believe in bottled water?
9. What's your favorite kind of butterfly?
10. What's your favorite kind of fruit?
11. What kind of security system do you have at home?
12. What's your favorite kind of amphibian?
13. If you had a bus, what color would you paint it?
14. What's your favorite historical monument?
15. Which do you like better Clinique or Cover Girl?
16. Do you prefer tin foil or saran wrap?
17. Can you catch a bird flying at your face?
18. Did you ever blow bubbles?
19. What's your favorite Celine Dion album?
20. Do you think LeAnn Rimes is a sucess for 15 years old?
21. Do yoy think Box Tops for Education is effective?
22. What's your favorite Busta Rymes hairdo?
23. Do you buy pants from Target?
24. Which Spice Girl can you most closely relate to?
25. What brand of socks are you wearing?
26. Do you like mocha lattes or straight coffee better?
27. Are you scared of haunted houses?
28. Do you prefer Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic or Romeo and Juliet?
29. Which do you like better, Giga Pets or Tamagotchis?
30. Have you ever smashed a teensy weensy frog?
31. Have you ever kissed the Blarney Stone?
32. What dentist do you go to when you knock a permanent tooth out?
33. Have you ever pretended you were holding hands with someone by holding a door knob for extended periods of time?
34. Which one of Micheal Jackson's zany shirts is your favorite?
35. Which kind of althletic uniforms are the best?
36. What is your favorite Bath and Body Works scent?
37. Which is your favorite organ system of the body?
38. Which is your favorite Free Willy movie?
39. Do you know what incribitz means?
40. Who's your favorite Baby-Sitter's Club member?
41. What's the little voice in your head named?
42. What's your favorite mineral?
43. Do you watch the Oprah Winfrey Show while eating a slab of beef topped with a ton of butter?
44. What is the color of the clock in your room?
45. Did you ever pass gas in a public place?
46. Who was your favorite health teacher?
47. What was the number in your 2nd grade Math book?
48. Who is your favorite astronomer?
49. What's your favorite episode of Gargoyles?
50. Do you resemble one of the Taylor boys from Home Improvement?
51. Do you think Chelsea Clinton's hair resembles a waffle?
52. Do you think Martha Stewart resembles a hamster?
53. What are your views on shooting teachers in the butt with sling shots?
54. What color kilt do you have?
55. What's your opinion of lame catch phrases such as gosh golly wilikers, show me the money, and da bomb?
56. Have you ever eaten broccoli snaps?
57. Do you want to go to school while still in your p.j.s?
58. Do you think loitering is right?
59. Do you think it is right to toliet paper a central monument in your town?
60. Should rubber cement be legalized for medical purposes?
61. Do you think Taylor Hanson bleaches his hair?
62. Should Barbie have gotten plastic surgery?
63. Who's your favorite little rascal?
64. Are you scared of cheese with holes in it?
65. Who's cuter Matt Damon or Prince William?
66. Who's prettier Pamela Anderson or Kathy Lee Gifford?
67. Do you think Tara Lipinski looks like a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz?
68. What is your favorite button on a remote control?
69. Do you like cheesy poofs?
70. Can you name 3 characters from the Jeffersons?
71. Does Seaquest DSV scare you?
72. Does nail polish make you wheeze?
73. Is Cheez Whiz a tasty treat?
74. Have you ever opened a bottle with your teeth?
75. Do you know the standard size in cm of an index card?
76. What color rug is the most pleasurable in your bathroom?
77. Do you find Garth Brooks attractive?
78. Do you think Tina Turner looks like a leopard?
79. Do you ever take your empty bottles to Maine, Michigan, or Iowa for a five cent redemption fee?
80. Which brand of toliet paper do you prefer, Charmin or generic store brands?
81. Would you ever brush Madonna's teeth for fifty cents?
82. Whick do you prefer, boxers or briefs?
83. Do you wear the opposite gender's under wear?
84. Have you ever stuck your finger in an electrical socket?
85. Have you ever dressed as a celebrity and got laughed at by your friends?
86. Do you save your tonail clippings?
87. Do you find Pacey from Dawson's Creek disgusting?
88. Do you laugh when you look in the mirror?
89. Do you find anyone little kid cute, only they aren't a little kid?
90. Do you find young Pip from Great Expectations annoying?
91. Would you wear a gold or a silver nose ring?
92. Do you sometimes dress as John Travolta?
93. What's your favorite brand of video cassettes?
94. Are you bothered by stuffed animals?
95. Were you ever eaten by a velociraptor (the dinosaur)?
96. Do you enjoy the company of trees?
97. How do you celebrate Earth Day?
98. Do you find any ethnic group especially attractive?
99. Have you ever considered becoming a Nazi?
100. Do you ever style your hair like Princess Leia's?
101. Do you make innappropriate noises and/or gestures at those uncomfortable silences during family gatherings?

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