"For all you un-ghettofied people feen means WANT!!" -Some Girl
"Pay-Per-View!" -Susana
"Ya Fart!" -Lindsey
"Ha ha, I kill you." -Kevin
"Death to Your Mother." -A cool guy we know
"I don't like you like that." -Steve and Susana
"Let's pretend US Senate." -Mr. Kobza
"Did you have me for class yet, can't remember." -Mr. Kobza
"The elongation of the apptitude vertices vortex leads my complacent remark to further depicate upon the illucent complex of vertigo. Sadly this early transfiguration of evidential genocide hinders all that we, the carbon unit forms that we aim to be while dictating the velocity of our innerconsciousness. Furthermore this invasion of spehereical influence upon the manner in and of which inb transfigured shall be homingly removed upon interuption of the super nova diceptivity of our shpereical plane threatened by imminant sonic boom. DAMN IM GOOD!" -A cool guy we know (same guy as above)
"Well Doy!" -A certain Slander
"Yipee" -Lindsey (not of this site)
"Wanna fight?" -Kevin
"Wehhhhhhhhhoh!" -A Certain Slander
"What duh?!" -A Certain Slander
"Yo" -Kevin
"Suck It" -Susana
"A huh huh huh huh huh . . ." -Honky from Physics
"Oh Pshaw!" -Circus
"Take me now!" -John Flanny

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