Right Now . . .

Location: Computer in my sister's room
Date: 7/4/00
Time: 6:03 pm
Listening to: the radio
Wearing: pink tank top and black capris
I Feel: mopey
Last Ate: ice cream sandwich
Last Thing Watched on TV: Sisqo's Shakedown Finals
Last Website Visited (besides this one): Hotmail.com
Have to Do: write a poem
Want to Do: be lazy and sit here
Homework: none (since its summer!)
Song in my Head: none
Phrase/Word of the Day: BOO!
Wacky Thought: Why do they beep or block out the swear words in songs? We know what they are from the context they're used in.

Location: Office at my house
Date: 7/4/00
Time: 10:14 AM CT
Listening to: birds outside
Wearing: pajamas
I Feel: hungry
Last Ate: pizza
Last Thing Watched on TV: White Sox game
Last Website Visited (besides this one):
Have to Do: eat breakfast
Want to Do: keep updating the site; i'm on a roll
Homework: calculus
Song in my Head: theme from Halloween (the midi on this page)
Phrase/Word of the Day: yes
Wacky Thought: Steve Ballard

*You are listening to the theme from Halloween*