101 Movie Titles That Never Made The Cut

1. Screech
2. Butt Brothers
3. The Funeral Singer
4. City of Turds
5. Big Slappy
6. The Wong Boys
7. A Midsummer's Nightmare
8. A Day in the Life of a Piece of Crap
9. 10 Things I Hate About Your Grandma
10. Day at the Playground
11. Meet Yo Mama
12. Salvation Army Hunting
13. Capuccino Boy
14. The Boogy Man's Tribe
15. Ms. Nice Guy
16. The Q-Files
17. You've Got Feet
18. She's All Fat
19. The Toilet Show
20. Titanic: The Next Generation
21. Deep Butt Crack
22. The Blarggy Bunch
23. Barney: A Fartacular Special
24. Lindsey and Susana's Gasarific
25. Tardbusters
26. I Would Like to Make Hot, Passionate Love to Kevin Lyneis
27. Halt
28. Belch Wars
29. Gone With the Rectally Transmitted Fecal Air
30. Wizard of Wongs
31. Trendy Buttholes
32. Fallin'
33. Attack of the Toilet Tissue
34. Honey, I Shrunk My Ooga-Booga
35. Honey, I ate the Baby
36. Mommy, we ate the Toilet
37. Suburban Tall Tales
38. Guido the Chiuaua
39. 7 Years Up My Butt
40. Poop Floats
41. The Tree
42. Wild Wild Wallabies
43. Mr. Kobza Ate My Shorts
44. I Think I Farted
45. Demolishing Miss Daisy
46. I Puked At the Bus Stop
47. The Logarithim
48. Filibuster
49. Suck This!
50. Very Homosexual Things
51. There's Something About Juanita
52. Dead Fungus On My Feet
53. I Have a Butt and I Know How To Use It
54. Throw Brittney Spears from the Train
55. Momma's A Fat Slob
56. Pimple Infested Riggs
57. Kiss My Patoot
58. American Beef Jerky
59. South Fart: Gas From Down Under
60. Excess Lard
61. My Teenager Wears Diapers
62. The Little Fishy That Stole My Car
63. Down at the Texaco
64. Meatbusters
65. It's Raining Electronic Can Openers
66. Drive-Thru Dilemma
67. Horse Bites
68. Using the Toilet: A Daily Ritual
69. Steamy Ladybug Nights
70. Crap and Pissing in New Mexico
71. The Lunch Cult
72. The Kindergarden Construction Worker
73. The Kraft (Macaroni and Cheese, That Is)
74. The Janitorial Staff
75. The Janitorial Staff: Back With a Vengeance
76. Teenage Biodegradable Bunnies
77. Beauty and the Mallard
78. Rod
79. Cinnamon Planet
80. Kirk + Pinkett
81. Roasted Peanuts
82. A Night in a Grocery Store
83. Kenny G.: A Biography of a Poop
84. You Butt!
85. Dilly's C*m Back
86. C*m on in Dilly!
87. Never Been Slobbered On
88. Buttless
89. Half Sauteed
90. Home Griddle
91. Can't Hold in That Belch
92. Old Kids on the Avenew
93. Shania Train Can Kiss My A**
94. ¿Donde Está El Baño?
95. Where's the Crapper?
96. The Farts of the Guy in Front of Me In Spanish Class Has Farts That Smell of the Bath and Body Works Fragrance Cucumber Melon
97. Drop Dead Gruesome
98. The Excrement
99. I Know What You Did Last Summer, and I Don't Want You to Do It Again Ya Fart!!
100. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, and It Hurt Ya Turd!!
101. Dan Spicy: The Story of His Big, Long, Scrumptious, Hard, Powerful, Sensous

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