I Wonder . . .

Do you ever wonder about weird or stupid things? We do. Here are some of our I Wonders.

6/26/98 - - Susana
I wonder what would happen if you tried to crimp Kenny G.'s hair with a waffle iron.

I wonder what the kids of Burt Reynolds and Barbra Walters would look like.

I wonder how many cans Rex can crush on his head before passing out.

I wonder how many things Kemp has run himself into

I wonder how cloudy it is in Indonesia right now.

I wonder why someone would laugh at funeral.

6/30/98 - - Susana
I wonder if Leo likes to open glass bottles by throwing them at a wall.

I wonder if there are aliens on Saturn.

I wonder how many people actually like the Spice Girls.

7/25/98 - - Susana
I wonder how many peas fit in a coke can.

I wonder if Dwayne from The Wonder Years still has a fro.

I wonder how people can actually enjoy watching Full House.

I wonder why someone would pee off the interstate into a water park. (Someone I know saw that happen)

I wonder if you are a net-aholic like I am.

I wonder if you wanted to vote for Bob Dole in the last election.

I wonder if aliens are green.

I wonder why all weird meats seem to taste like chicken.

8/12/98 - - Mackenzie
I wonder what it would be like if computers weren't invented.

8/17/98 - - ReDuNdAnTt@aol.com
I wonder if the world and everything that happens each day and year etc. is just someones dream.

8/17/98 - - Susana
I wonder what it would be like to be on a gameshow.

I wonder if shoes taste good.

I wonder what it would be like to be James Bond for a day.

I wonder if a bear would trade its nose for a person.

I wonder if an antelope would eat a person if it got the chance.

I wonder if Mr. Hankie ever uses the bathroom.

I wonder if people other than my friend Steve like to make elephant noises.

9/2/98 - - SiDniY
I wonder just how much wood can a wood chuck chuck.

I wonder why does the teacher keep looking at me.

I wonder how can i get my pencil down from the ceiling with no one noticing.

I wonder just how many knock knock jokes can my baby sister tell me.

I wonder if the teacher would notice if i just left..........

I wonder are coffee beans vetables?

I wonder am i going to grow up to be like that?

I wonder what is my friend talking about anyways?

9/27/98 - - Susana
I wonder if the beastie boys like to eat bears.

I wonder why some people don't dance at dances.

I wonder why I haven't written a list in a while.

I wonder if bees like to dance.

I wonder who I should give this month old bottle of seaweed to.

I wonder why I can't think of any I wonders.

10/20/98 - - Whit
I wonder why people put things in music videos that they know can not be showed on MTV:)

10/21/98 - - Ben
I wonder why those kids just can't give that poor rabbit some cereal!

10/21/98 - - Susana
I wonder why we can't all just get along.

I wonder if there really is an X-Files department in the FBI.

I wonder what flamingos would sound like if they could talk.

I wonder why people say they hate aol but they have it.

I wonder if bugs like to impersanate my friend Steve.

I wonder why when people get in fights at school the person who doesn't fight back sometimes gets suspended too.

I wonder if Alanis Morisette wants to be a goth.

I wonder what to be for Halloween.

10/6/98 - - Alexis and Emily
I wonder what famous people are doing now.

I wonder what shampoo Kenny G uses.


I wonder why people sing "100 bottles of beer on the wall." (How can you put beer on the wall?)

I wonder why chinese food comes in little white containers. (Why not orange containers?)

I wonder why people spit in the wind.

I wounder why people wear clothes.

I wonder why advertisement say "IF YOUR BLIND CALL THIS NUMBER"?

11/6/98 - - Sidniy
I wonder where all those socks go after the washing machine eats them.

11/20/98 - - TUTUS
I wonder why people pay to have someone tell them they have money (financial) problems.

12/21/98 - - Melissa
i wonder why parents are so mean.

i wonder why people like to pick there nose(yuck!)

i wonder why i wonder

12/28/98 - - Susana
I wonder if my head will fit in the mail box.

I wonder what it will be like to put 00 on my papers in 2000.

I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Cobbler* are "going out."

I wonder what it would be like to use all off batman's neato gadgets.

I wonder if fish think we're the ones in water.

I wonder if I should become a hamster breeder.

*Name has been changed

1/5/99 - - Tom
I wonder if bears really do use rabbits as toilet paper.

2/9/99 - - ALEXIS MARIE
I wonder why there are brail numbers at a drive up ATM.

2/22/99 - - Jessica
I wonder what the yellow snow tastes like.

I wonder why there are seperate bathrooms for guys and girls.

I wonder why i'm not famous yet.

I wonder if i just spill my orange juice all over the computer, if it will break down

2/28/99 - - Jessica
I wonder why people thought the sky as falling.

I wonder what people do when they live on a farm.

I wonder what happens when Cat from cat-Dog has to use the bathroom,does Dog puke?

I wonder what kitty liter tastes like.

I wonder if i'll live to be 101 years old.

I wonder if i'll ever meet the great bearded lady!

I wonder if my band will ever be talented.

I wonder if I just cut my finger off, if it would grow back like lizard's tails.

I wonder if I jumped off the empire state building, would I die?

I wonder if I can stop thinking of I wonders now!!!!

3/2/99 - - Susana
I wonder if the Backstreet Boys like everybody. (ha! Sorry that was lame)

I wonder what "Gettin' Jiggy with It" really means.

I wonder if what turtles think about when they're stuck on their backs.

I wonder if cockroaches would really take over if humans became extinct.

I wonder if the Beastie Boys think they're cool.

I wonder if anyone thinks Jerry Springer is COMPLETELY real.

I wonder if Maggie Simpson will ever grow up.

2/22/99 - - Megaditz99@aol.com
I wonder what people think they're doing when they write these i wonders.

I wonder why we drive on parkways and park on driveways.

I wonder why school food tastes like poison.

I wonder what would happen if i were to plug the toaster into the microwave and try to hack onto aol.

I wonder why cats always have to sleep on your face while your reading your new seventeen magazine.

I wonder why little sisters are so annoying.

I wonder why women have to stay home and cook and clean and give child birth.

I wonder if u will put my i wonders on your page.

2/22/99 - - Kristi3301@aol.com
I wonder why my brother keeps peeing on the seat.

Iwonder why my brother can't put the seat down.

I wonder why Homer Simpson has such a girly scream.

I wonder why boyfriends never call back, but get their friends to call.

I wonder why parents feel it is nessasary to lie to their children.

I wonder if you will actually get my wonders.

I wonder what was the greatest thing before sliced bread.

I wonder what I'll be when I grow up.

I wonder what school food really is made up of.

I wonder what would happen if I faked my own death.

I wonder what detention is like.

I wonder what seperates the popular people from the unpopular people, and why aren't I popular.

2/22/99 - - Suzie
I wonder what would happen if we taught all the kindergardeners that blue was green and green was hot pink what the world would be like when they grow up.

I wonder why there are some fine guys stare at you and you know they like you and you like them but you can't say anything thing to them.

I wonder what the people in my driver's ed class think of during the movies.

I wonder why must i be so shy when i meet people in person.

I wonder how high is high.

I wonder if parents lied to us when we were kids, how do we know there telling the truth now?

I wonder if the purple telletubby is realy gay.

2/22/99 - - Jen
I wonder how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

6/30/99 - - Galaxygurl
I wonder how many tries it will take me to get it right the first time.

I wonder why people frown when it takes less muscles/effort to smile.

I wonder why.

I wonder if I'll ever be an actress.

I wonder if Wonder Bread has anything to do with this.

I wonder if I'll ever meet my great-grandchildren.

I wonder if I'm nice enough.

7/1/99 - - LilSeal32@aol.com
I wonder why parents have to lie to us about Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny, and all the other ones.

7/2/99 - - MeganPearI@aol.com
I wonder why we wonder.

I wonder what its like to be a cat.

I wonder if I will be a singer like I want to be.

I wonder if I will ever meet anyone famous.

7/2/99 - - Melanie
I wonder why the blockbuster awards made Justin look like a hick.

I wonder why chickens can't fly.

I wonder why people in music videos wear name brand clothes, when they know its going to be blurred out.

I wonder why there are so many Hardees stars on peoples antennas areound here.

I wonder why i wonder about all this.

7/15/99 - - Silver
I wonder why 2 has to be 2.

I wonder why some language are so much alike, when some are not anything alike.

I wonder why you are ranked in life by how smart a test says you are and not how smart you choose to be.

I wonder why it makes me literally sick when a guy asks me for my number.

I wonder why people are so prejudice.

I wonder why life can't change when you tell it to.

I wonder why when you are wearing good clothes babies deiced to up chuck on you.

I wonder why people have babies when they can't keep up with them or love them.

I wonder why everyone stops having their own babies and they adopt until all the orphanage children have homes.

I wonder why some people have all the money but don't try to help those who don't.

7/15/99 - - Alisaspice@aol.com
I wonder if any one really likes Brittany Speers aka Brattany Beers!

I wonder if any one like HANSON aka THE HANSON HOUNDS! (the dogs)

8/2/99 - - Nina
I wonder why people crack their knuckles.

I wonder why everyone likes Matt Stone more than Trey Parker.

I wonder why coins have to be round and flat. Why not square and thick?

I wonder why people kill cows.

I wonder why I wonder so much.

I wonder why it's physically impossible to put a cat in a coke can.

I wonder why people don't like the Teletubbies.

I wonder what people did before plumbing was invented.

I wonder why people wonder why people wonder why.

I wonder how people came up with P and H sounding like F.

I wonder what would happen if someone pressed the red button marked "DON'T PUSH!"

I wonder why what happens to your socks when they disappear into the washer machine.

I wonder why parents tell you to clean your room when their room is no better.

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