For the Love of Gary

Marty ran as fast as he could. The scary monster was getting close.

Shawn was waving the rolling pin in the air trying to reach Marty. Marty’s “I AM the chef” apron came lose and got in Shawn’s way. Shawn flung it aside in anger. Marty grew tired of this. Shawn took a flying leap, and fell with a grunt onto Marty.

“All I did was leave the seat up!” Marty whined.

“That was the last time,” Shawn growled. But before Shawn could hit him, Marty looked up at Shawn with puppy dog eyes.

“Oh Marty!” Shawn hugged Marty and they left for home, hand in hand.

After they had reached their white, one story house on the corner, they watched a little tv together.

“Hey Shawn, where’s the Kobster?” That was their pet name for little Gary, their third member to the threesome.

“Hmm, I don’t know. But I do know its time for dreamland for you.” Shawn replied in a motherly voice.

“Aww. Mom, er, Shawn, its time for my favorite show.”

“Get in bed now, or it’ll be spanking time.”

Yea! I’d like that. Marty thought. Reluctantly he went to bed.

After a long, sleepless night, Shawn awoke. He put on his pink apron and made pancakes. Pancakes were Gary’s favorite and Gary always came running with his tounge hanging out when he got one whiff of them. But Gary never showed and his pancakes grew cold. Shawn started worry.

He ran to wake up Marty. Marty was sitting up in bed chanting Mr. T again and again. Shawn got a glass of water and dumped it on Marty’s head. “Wake up silly. The Kobsters gone!”

“Not Gary!” Marty let out, quickly coming out of sleep mode. He jumped out of bed and got dressed.

The duo looked for Gary everywhere. They checked under cushions, in drawers, under beds, in the mailbox, under rocks, in drains. He was no where to be found!

Shawn broke down in tears. Marty did too. They cried until their living room became a swimming pool.

“I know where he might be!” Marty stood up and pointed at the door. "To the love bug mobile!”

Shawn and Marty left the house in their yellow VW Bug. Marty stopped the car in the middle of the road and came barreling out of the car, almost hitting Mrs. Kobza. Mrs. Kobza, going down the road in her chair, just put her finger to her mouth and said, “Oh dear!” and kept on her way. Marty and Shawn looked up at the awesome place that was the jewel. They glared in awe. This was Gary’s favorite store and former place of employment. Gary had worked there for ten years and had finally been promoted to working the cash register. But he was fired after two weeks after working the cash register for eating people’s money and hitting on little boys in line.

Shawn followed close behind Marty into the Jewel. They talked to Gary’s Jewel buddy Max Brown (who also had worked their for ten years). No luck. He hadn’t seen him. They left the store, heads bowed in sorrow.

Shawn and Marty walked to the garbage dumster area behind the Jewel to mourn their loss. They saw Laura Rodgers smoking, as usual, next to the dumpster. Marty climbed in the dumpster, sitting down with a crunch. Something hairy brushed his leg. He jumped out and ran.

He ran all the way to the tall grass between Tree Trail and President Lane. He tripped and fell a few feet farther into the weeds. He looked back to see what he had fallen over. There lay Gary Kobbler’s dead body.

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