101 Things to Do in an Elevator

This list has nothing to do with another version on the net. These are original to me. Sorry if they resemble any from the other list.

1. Groove to the awesome music
2. Pretend a banana is a phone
3. Have story time
4. Press all the buttons when you get on/off
5. Stand in the corner and growl at little kids
6. Act like Abe Lincoln
7. Talk to yourself in third person
8. Talk to others in third person
9. Insesantly hum the theme to Titanic
10. Show everyone your monkey impression
11. Reenact the American Revolution
12. Shoot spitballs at the ceiling
13. Sell T-Shirts saying "I did it, I rode the elevator!"
14. Ask people if they have any blarg
15. Do jumping jacks
16. Chant "I am the T" in a deep voice
17. Spit on people's shoes as they get in
18. Become the elevator cheerleader

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*You are listening to 1979 by The Smashing Pumkins*