101 Ways to Dis Your Child

2.Way to go
Way to quit
3. You're special
You're worthless
4. Outstanding
5. Excellent
6. Great
7. Good
8. Neat
9. Well done
Medium rare
10. Remarkable
11. I knew you could do it
I knew you couldn't
12. I'm proud of you
I'm humiliated by you
13. Fantastic
14. Super star
Horrifying asteroid
15. Nice work
Terrible laziness
16. Looking good
Smelling bad
17. You're on top of it
You're beneath it
18. Beautiful
19. Now you're flying
Now you're crashing
20. You're catching on
You're throwing off
21. Now you've got it
Now you've dropped it
22. You're incredible
You're horrid
23. Bravo
24. You're fantastic
You're humdrum
25. Hurray for you
Hiss for you
26. You're on target
You're on Wal-Mart
27. You're on your way
You're off course
28. How nice
How mean
29. How smart
How stupid
30. Good job
Bad unemployment
31. That's incredible
That's frightful
32. Hot dog
Cold cat
33. Dynamite
34. You're beautiful
You're unsightly
35. You're unique
You're common
36. Nothing can stop you now
Everything can stop you now
37. Good for you
Bad for you
38. I like you
I dislike you
39. You're a winner
You're a loser
40. Remarkable job
Unimpressive business
41. Beautiful work
Horrid rest
42. Spectacular
43. You're spectacular
You're unfavorable
44. You're darling
You're uncherished
45. You're precious
You're trashy
46. Great discovery
Awful concealment
47. You've discovered the secret
You've lost the obvious
48. You figured it out
You didn't figure it out
49. Fantastic job
Horrifying occupation
50. Hip, hip, hurray!
Phlanges, phlanges, boooo!
51. Bingo
52. Magnificent
53. Marvelous
54. Terrific
55. You're important
You're the scum on the bottom of my shoe
56. Phenomonal
Saturday Night Fever
57. You're sensational
You're freaky
58. Super work
Bad corporation
59. Creative job
Uniform unemployment
60. Super job
Unsuper toiling
61. Excellent job
Inferior joint-stock company
62. Exceptional performance
Regular recital
63. You're a real trooper
You're a fake marine
64. You are responsible
You are forgetful
65. You're exciting
You're boring
66. You learned it right
You taught it wrong
67. What an imagination
What an elbow
68. What a good listener
What a bad talker
69. You're fun
You're unpleasurable
70. You're growing up
You're growing down
71. You tried hard
You tried soft
72. You care
You don't give a hoot
73. Beautiful sharing
Unattractive hoarding
74. Outstanding performance
Common showing
75. You're a good friend
You're a lame enemy
76. I trust you
I doubt you
77. You're important
You're trifling
78. You mean a lot to me
You mean nothing to me
79. You make me happy
You make me hurl
80. You belong
You stand out
81. You've got a friend
You've got an enemy
82. You make me laugh
You make me cry
83. You brighten my day
You darken my night
84. I respect you
I neglect you
85. You mean the world to me
You mean Uranus to me
86. That's correct
That's inaccurate
87. You're a joy
You're a burden
88. You're a treasure
You're a pirate
89. You're wonderful
You're afflicted
90. You're perfect
You're deficient
91. Awesome
92. A+ job
F- job
93. You're A-OK
You're B-PL
94. My buddy
My adversary
95. You make my day
You destroyed my night
96. That's the best
That's the worst
97. A big hug
A big smack
98. A big kiss
A big kick
99. I love you
I hate you
100. Give them a big smile
Give them a big grimace
101. Super

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