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Music is cool. I love many types of it. I like alterantive, rock, some ska, punk, and some pop. But I HATE boy bands, bubblegum pop, and Brittney Spears. Rap and R&B aren't my kinda music either. SO don't expect to see any reviews for those kinda cds.

Nothing special.
Why Did I Buy This?
Hey Look! I Have a New Coaster!

Artist: Powerman 5000
Album Title: Tonight the Stars Revolt
Song on the Radio: "When Worlds Collide"
Best Track: #3 ("When Worlds Collide")

I bought this cd for 1 song, and I ended up getting lucky. Its pretty good. Lots of hard core rock and wacked out lyrics. This is too be listened with the volume way up. (Be careful not to disturb the neighbors!)

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