What is your favorite . . .

1. Color? blue
2. Word? phantazmagorical
3. Fast food place? Wendys
4. Animal? Doggy
5. TV show? Wheel of Fortune
6. Movie? Titanic (I know it's corny!)
7. Actor (in movies)? Matt Damon (I'm gonna marry him!!)
8. Actress (in movies)? Gwenith Paltrow
9. Band? I like a lot of different ones
10. Type of Food? Italian & fruit
11. Food? Cheese ravioli & oranges
12. Singer? I have a ton
13. Season? Summer
14. Vacation spot? Anywhere hot!
15. Country in Europe? France I guess
16. Country in South America? Umm...Chili!
17. Country in North America? Umm...US
18. Country in Asia? I don't really know any!
19. Country in Africa? Let's see...Egypt
20. Store? American Eagle
21. Department Store? Khols (is that the wrong spelling?!)
22. Jelly Belly jelly bean? Strawberry
23. Candy? Starbursts
24. Grocery Store? I don't know, they are all the same
25. Spice? Cinnamon
26. Spice Girl? Umm..Cinnamon girl?
27. Airline? United
28. Soda? Mountain Dew
29. (non soda) Drink? Water
30. Punctuation mark? EXCLAMATION!!!!!!!
31. Letter? "R"
32. Brand of clothes? Umm..I guess if you mean like jeans...Mudd
33. Basketball Team? The sophmore Jacobs eagles team!! Come watch!!
34. Football Team? Bears
35. Baseball Team? Cubs
36. Name? Girl: Elizabeth Boy: Austin (maybe, I can't think)
37. Disney movie? Sleeping Beauty & Sword in the Stone
38. Gemstone? I guess a diamond if that's a stone (my birthstone)
39. Comic Strip? Peanuts
40. Website? XXXX porno!! (kidding of course)
41. Party you've been to? I don't know they are all cool (or dumb)
42. Ride at Great America? Iron Wolf
43. Subject? English
44. President? Bush
45. Comedian? I don't know
46. Actress (TV)? Darma
47. Actor (TV)? Greg
48. Disney Character? Is Eeor for winnie the pooh disney?
49. Teacher? Mrs Wright & Mrs Nee
50. Newspaper? Algonquin Countryside ( i dunno!)
51. Book? Where the Red Fern Grows & Chicken Soup books
52. Sport? Swimming
53. State? Il
54. City? Chicago
55. Number? 3
56. Ocean? Pacific
57. Great Lake? Erie
58. Element? Sodium
59. Metal? Heavy
60. Dessert? Strawberry shortcake
61. Flavor ice cream? Chocolate Peanut butter
62. Brand of ice cream? I don't know any
63. CD? Jock Jams
64. Song? I like a bazillion of them!!
65. Brand of Shoes? Adidas
66. Month? April
67. Decade? The next one
68. Brand? What?!?!?
69. ISP? What?!?!?
70. Friend (guy)? ROBERTO!!!! jk
71. Friend (girl)? Kelly K
72. Holiday? Chrismas & my b-day
73. Magazine? Seventeen I guess
74. Brand of Juice? Welchs
75. Rapper? I don't like rap
76. Radio Station? 97.5
77. Cable Channel (HBO, Cinemax, etc.)? HBO
78. Cable Channel (MTV, VH1, etc.)? MTV
79. Basic Channel (NBC, CBS, etc.)? NBC
80. Club/Cult? What the heck is this question?!?!?
81. Flower? Daisy
82. God? My favorite god?!?!? Umm.. the one in heaven
83. Goddess? Athena
84. Car? One that goes
85. Hockey Team? Blackhawks but I only know that cause of Tiff
86. Place you've lived? My old house down the block
87. Noble Gas? You're confusing me!!
88. Fabric/Material? Cotton
89. Kind of Precipitation? Hail
90. Constellation? Little Dipper
91. BSC Member? what??
92. Book Series? I like Mary Higgins Clark
93. Phase of Matter? I'm outta science if that's what you mean
94. Candy Bar? 100000 grande
95. Author? Mary Higgins Clark
96. Poet? Edgar
97. Poem? I don't know
98. Type of Music? Good kind..not country
99. Year? 2000!!
100. 80's Movie? Is Dirty Dancing 80's?
101. 101 List? Umm..yours?

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