101 Things to Do When You're Bored


Some of these are not good ideas, so be sensible and think before you act. What you do IS NOT our fault.

1. Eat cheese
2. Make a list of all the dumb people you know
3. Prank call random numbers
4. Make a paperclip model of the Eiffel Tower
5. Pretend your bed is a boat
6. Watch a Full House marathon
7. Pretend ypu're Cartman from South Park
8. Practice to be the next Roxbury Guy
9. Start an "I Hate Beavers!" Club
10. See how many grapes can fit in your mouth
11. Run around with outstretched arms making airplane noises
12. Find the meaning of life
13. Make a tape or you best fart impression
14. Give yourself a wedgie
15. Chug a carton of Egg Nogg 16. Practice your MC Hammer dance moves
17. Toilet paper a sibling
18. Make a movie about the secret life of prarie dogs

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