101 Barney Adventures

This list is rated PG-13! So don't read it unless you are over 13 or are allowed to see PG-13 movies! We just don't want to scare or create questions in the minds of America's youth. We also don't want to destroy the safety of our children utilizing the World Wide Web. Also if you are offended by offensive material, don't read it!! We have warned you! So don't complain to us about including raunchy, vulgar, vile, disgusting, dirty, filthy, contemptible, indecent, squalid, offensive, suggestive, inuendo material on our site!

1. Barney Goes to the Police Station
2. Barney Gets Arrested
3. Barney Makes Friends with the Inmates
4. Barney Breaks Free
5. Barney Commits Grand Theft Auto
6. Barney Molests Baby Bop
7. Barney Gets It on with Minn (the Oriental girl on the show)
8. Barney Gets a BJ from BJ
9. Barney Surfs the Web Obscene Style
10. Barney Discovers Marijuana
11. Barney Gets High
12. Barney Goes to France
13. Barney Sticks Croissants in Tight Places
14. Barney Goes to a Little Boys' Bar
15. Barney Takes a Whizzzz in the Streets of Paris
16. Barney Pee-pees in the Two-foot Tall Urinal
17. Barney Takes a Dump in Lake Superior
18. Barney Eats Bird Turds
19. Barney Chews His Foot Off
20. Barney Starts a Riot
21. Barney Learns to Steal Cable TV
22. Barney Gets a Job at a Gay Bar
23. Barney Steals Tampons from Target
24. Barney Gets Jiggy wit' It
25. Barney Does It Doggy Style
26. Barney Throws Turds at Pedestrians
27. Barney Becomes Special Friends with Michael Jackson
28. Barney Experiments with Michael Jackson
29. Barney Drives His Dinosaurmobile under the Influence
30. Barney Falls in Love with Kirk Cameron
31. Barney Phone Harrasses Wayne from The Wonder Years
32. Barney Takes a Beating for the Starving Children in Ethiopia
33. Barney Gets Sat on by Sally Struthers
34. Barney Appears on The Jerry Springer Show
35. Barney Learns the Consequences of Multiple Wine Coolers
36. Barney Eats New York City
37. Barney Gets Laid by the President
38. Barney Gets Emotionally Scarred for Life
39. Barney Takes a Trip Down the Mean Streets of Chinatown
40. Barney Goes to the Ghetto
41. Barney Participates in a Drive-by Mooning/Farting
42. Barney Gets Gang-Raped
43. Barney Learns the Special Anatomy of the Male
44. Barney Takes It in the Behind
45. Barney Opens a Can of Whoop-Ass
46. Barney Licks the Toilet Bowl Clean
47. Barney Eats His Solid Excretions
48. Barney Blows the Big One in a Crowded Elevator
49. Barney Has an All-Night Fiesta with Burt Reynolds
50. Barney Explores His Body
51. Barney Makes Sweet Love to Boyz II Men
52. Barney Joins the Backstreet Boys
53. Barney Learns the Meaning of Orgy with Hanson
54. Barney Plays with His Ding-Dong in Front of the Spice Girls
55. Barney Becomes a Trans-sexual
56. Barney Spanks His Monkey
57. Barney Shoves Produce Down His Pants
58. Barney Performs Oral Functions on Nardo (DiCraprio)
59. Barney Gives Kevin L. a Hicky
60. Barney Messes Around with His Cousins
61. Barney Learns the Meaning of Incest
62. Barney Ralphs Up Yesterday's Lunch
63. Barney Finds a Dirty Magazine
64. Barney Makes Out with the Couch
65. Barney Scores with the Vacuum Cleaner
66. Barney Discovers How Much Fun Household Appliances Can Be
67. Barney Bites the Big One
68. Barney Wee-Wees on Himself
69. Barney.....ummmm......(look at the number) with Elijah Wood
70. Barney Gets Excited
71. Barney Gets Rowdy with Ronald McDonald
72. Barney Goes Overboard on the Chicken McNuggets
73. Barney Wreaks Havoc with His Nunchucks on Every Kid in Sight
74. Barney Plays Strip Chess
75. Barney Kidnaps 500 Little Boys
76. Barney Makes a Guest Appearance as Eddie Winslow's Special Friend on Family Matters
77. Barney Strikes Up a Crack Addicts' Anonymous Club
78. Barney Strikes Out
79. Barney Eats Home Plate
80. Barney Not Only Cuts the Cheese but He Slices It and Puts It on a Sandwich
81. Barney Relieves Himself on Prince Charles
82. Barney Becomes a Mexican
83. Barney Reapplies to Become an American Once Again
84. Barney Hits on a Police Officer
85. Barney Becomes a Senator
86. Barney Has a Secret Rendez-vous with the Janitor
87. Barney Gets a Hamster
88. Barney Finds Out What a Hand Job Is
89. Barney Takes a Chomp Out of Scottie Pippen
90. Barney Takes the Pope for a Spin in His VW Bus
91. Barney Makes Mouth Love to Jonathan Taylor Thomas
92. Barney Gives Howard Stern a Feel-down
93. Barney Lights a Match and Sticks It Up His Ass
94. Barney Tosses His Cookies from a High-Flying Jet Plane
95. Barney Holds a Blow Job Tournament
96. Barney Feels Like a Whore
97. Barney Receives a Venereal Disease
98. Barney Screws a Cow
99. Barney Flicks off Martha Stewart
100. Barney Has a Mental/Nervous/Emotional/Physical/Sexual Breakdown
101. Barney Becomes a Male Prostitute on the Streets of New Orleans with Mr. T

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