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Evidence-JFK Jr, Bessettes Victims of Foul Play 8.2.99

Dear Recipients(s)-- Here is the complete series of NewsHawk's press releases, updates, bulletins and forwards on the JFK Jr. plane crash, as of Friday July 30, 1999.

Perhaps, in light of The Martha's Vineyard Times interview with Victor Pribanic, for example, who heard an AIRBORNE EXPLOSION at the time JFK Jr.'s plane "went missing", and the other eyewitnesses who both heard AND saw an explosion in the sky as explained below--you will for the sake of all take a non-prejudicial look at the package of information included herein on the GREAT NUMBER of unexplained factors regarding the tragic crash which SERIOUSLY conflict with what has up until now been saturating the mass media.

Especially noteworthy also is the fact that Catherine Crier of FOX-TV reported on The Crier Report that Kennedy had been set to meet with high-ranking Israeli and Mossad officials in his ongoing pursuit of further information for his ongoing expose of the Rabin assassination. George magazine had ALREADY published a 13 page article on the conspiracy behind RABIN'S murder involving Israeli Secret service (Shabak).

THE BIG POINT The one TREMENDOUSLY important fact is that Kennedy radioed the Martha's Vineyard airport at 9:39 PM; indicating his position, location and trajectory; indicating a smooth flight in every imaginable sense of the word; indicating a calm, collected and completely "in control" state of mind on his part and complete command of his craft. This vital fact is made note of in a UPI press report datelined July 17, Aquinnah, (Martha's Vineyard, Mass. The UPI article refers to both WCVB-TV Boston and ABC News (national) as having also reported this crucial information.

SECONDS LATER, according to radar returns this craft was plunging toward the ocean LIKE A ROCK; at the rate of 100 ft. per second. Again, this radio call was made AFTER the time investigators are now claiming Kennedy's flight was in serious trouble... according to their conveniently and "recently discovered" phony radar evidence. The UNQUESTIONABLE fact of the time of Kennedy's radio contact INVALIDATES COMPLETELY all such claims of distress being shown on radar by Kennedy's plane.

WCVB-TV Boston, ABC News and the July 17 UPI article all report this CRITICALLY IMPORTANT fact.

ALL MENTION of this CRITICALLY IMPORTANT radio contact as subsequently REMOVED from news accounts of the tragedy by SUNDAY MORNING, July 18.

It was not until July 19/20 that some "newly discovered" radar data supposedly showed Kennedy's plane executing unusual maneuvers and indicating definite signs of difficulties such as losing altitude... WELL BEFORE 9:39 PM.

Yet the TRUTH is Kennedy DID radio the airport at the time stated in the ORIGINAL news release from UPI. NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH HIS CRAFT OR HIS CAPABILITIES AS A PILOT AT THE TIME OF THIS CALL!!

Therefore this newly discovered radar "evidence" is clearly and provably false information proffered for malicious intent to implement a COVER-UP of the true facts concerning the cause of the crash.


MANY other points of evidence as brought up in our series of articles SUPPORT this most IMPORTANT fact. There was nothing wrong with his plane or his skills as a pilot, nothing to indicate trouble of any kind just seconds before the plane was BLOWN OUT OF THE SKY!!

PLEASE help in getting these tremendously important facts to the American public.

My Best Wishes, John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

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=========================== JFK JR.--THE FACTS

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There is no need to engage in speculation about the cause of the destruction of John Kennedy Jr.'s airplane and the deaths of all on board.



There is PROOF that significant facts are being withheld from the public. The withholding of this information CLEARLY PROVES official coverup regarding the cause of the plane's destruction. These facts, when considered in relation to each other give rise to the inescapable conclusion that the TRUE cause of the crash was deliberate, NON- ACCIDENTAL, hostile destruction of the aircraft. The proven COVERUP now in effect regarding these facts makes such a conclusion all the more certain.

THE 9:39 PM RADIO CONTACT -- EVERYTHING "A-OK" ========================================== A UPI article datelined Aquinnah, Mass July 17 stated that Kennedy radioed the Martha's Vineyard flight controller at 9:39 PM the evening of July 16. The UPI article notes that WCVB-TV Boston reported this crucial information, as did ABC News.

At the time of this radio contact all conditions in terms of the craft, weather and pilot were fine. Kennedy was well aware of his position, location, distance from land and all other such data. He was calm and in complete control of the flight and his craft. Interesting then that seconds after this call Kennedy's plane was hurtling straight down into the sea.

This crucial information was reported by those news services noted and others on Saturday July 17 and early Sunday, July 18. By Monday morning July 18, ALL MENTION of this critically important communication had been ERASED from mass media accounts of the disaster. Simultaneously and suspiciously, on July 18 FAA and NTSB officials produced some "newly found" radar "evidence" which supposedly showed Kennedy's flight exhibiting signs of difficulties and irregularities at a time well BEFORE Kennedy made his radio contact, at which time all conditions were fine. THAT'S WHY all mention of this radio contact has been EXPUNGED from "official" accounts.


======================= Weather radar images from 10:40 PM Friday July 16, a mere hour after the time Kennedy's plane was destroyed, PROVE CONCLUSIVELY that weather conditions that evening at Martha's Vineyard were NEARLY PERFECT--with almost NO atmospheric humidity, moisture or "HAZE" registering on radar at all.

SEE FOR YOURSELF! DON'T be bamboozled by big lie tactics and endless repetitions of "pilot error" due to "very thick haze". NOT TRUE! The images are reproduced at the following website -- http://members.xoom.com/flashradar/JFK.htm

For this particular image being referred to, scroll all the way down to the BOTTOM of the page, to the UPPER of the two color images at the bottom. The image has the caption -- "OKX-NEW_YORK_CITY This radar image shows the equipment was set for "CLEAR"; which in fact is much more sensitive to moisture than the "PRECIPITATION" setting.

Although it shows substantial haze in the NYC and central Long Island areas, the region around Martha's Vineyard shows LITTLE OR NO atmospheric moisture at all; a scant hour after Kennedy's plane was destroyed.

Plus his last radio contact indicated no problems or "disorientation" of ANY KIND! Overall light pollution from Martha's Vineyard as has been noted recently by residents make it even more unlikely Kennedy was the LEAST BIT disoriented.

So we can scratch that bunch of disinformation that says Kennedy supposedly crashed his plane in haze so thick he couldn't even see the tremendous amount of light pollution emanating from Martha's Vineyard only a few miles away.

Yeah, RIGHT!


========= John Kennedy Jr. was an extremely accomplished pilot who had at least SEVENTEEN YEARS familiarity with flying an aircraft. This information and other crucial facts regarding Kennedy's COMPETENCY as a pilot were relayed by Kennedy's federal flight licensing instructor in Vero Beach, Fla.; mr. John McColgan.

McColgan called Kennedy an EXCELLENT pilot with many HUNDREDS of hours flying experience who had flown since 1982.

McColgan noted that just recently Kennedy had completed training for getting his INSTRUMENT FLIGHT RATING: he just had not actually taken the test yet.

ALL flight instructors who actually KNEW JFK Jr. and had firsthand knowledge of his abilities as a pilot described him as an excellent pilot who was exceptionally cautious and completely unwilling to take risks.

The ongoing, slanderous media blitz claiming Kennedy was woefully inexperienced pilot who had no business flying around at night in impenetrable haze is nothing but UTTER lies an disinformation.

Kennedy's radio contact with airport personnel and content thereof at 9:39 all but invalidate such claims of pilot error as the cause of the disaster.


========= The plane has been found to mechanically sound according to preliminary reports from crash investigators. . In general this craft is considered one of the safest private planes in the sky.

This particular Piper Saratoga was in excellent condition and outfitted with the very latest in hi-tech equipment, including auto-pilot and automatic electronic emergency tracking systems. The plane has been described as literally able to fly itself. By all indications it was a pussycat to fly; certainly for a pilot with Kennedy's SOLID qualifications.

And by the way, if some mechanical malfunction HAD been responsible for the aircraft's precipitous drop from the sky, can anyone imagine a BETTER place to be than at a fairly low altitude over calm water and fairly close to land? It seems very reasonable to assume that a pilot with a total of 17 years flying experience, as Kennedy's federal licensing instructor John McColgan of Vero Beach Florida has stated Kennedy had, would be able to make (or at leas ATTEMPT) a soft landing on the surface of the water.


============= At least three people who were on or near Philbin Beach on Martha's Vineyard the evening of July 16 at around 9:40 PM report seeing and in one case hearing an explosion in the air in the exact sector of the sky where radar shows Kennedy's plane hurtled towards the sea. NOT an explosion on the surface of the water but IN THE AIR. The relatively clear air and good visibility as PROVEN by weather radar data make it CERTAIN that they were NOT mistaken about the altitude of the explosion. This explosion was described by one witness, a reporter for the Martha's Vineyard Gazette, as a "BIG WHITE FLASH IN THE SKY!"


============== SO. We have good visibility with little or no haze, a perfect flight according to Kennedy's radio contact at 9:39, no mechanical problems with a highly reliable craft according to preliminary investigative reports and other data, an excellent pilot actually able to fly with instruments flying low and close to land in good weather conditions with good visibility over calm water (no storms, etc.), and THEN... a plane hurtling into the sea SECONDS AFTER Kennedy's "A-OK" radio contact" was completed, as well as EYEWITNESSES on nearby Philbin Beach to an airborne explosion at this same time.

The circle of proof is complete. Kennedy's craft intentionally was destroyed in mid-air.

© 1999 John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc. All Rights Reserved (Rights of UNALTERED reproduction/distribution hereby waived.)

7.23.99 Recipients-- Here is the UPI article which states that JFK Jr. WAS IN CONTACT with flight controllers at Martha's vineyard Airport at 9:39 Friday evening, July 16. The UPI article ALSO states that both WCVB-TV in Boston AND ABC News reported the same CRUCIAL information.

Additionally this radio contact by Kennedy has subsequently been confirmed through direct contact with airport personnel.

This extremely significant information is what is now MISSING from EVERY SINGLE account of the event now being spewed by mass media outlets BECAUSE IT UTTERLY INVALIDATES THE OFFICIAL ACCOUNT WE HAVE BEEN FORCE-FED AS TO THE CAUSE OF JFK JR'S DEATH.

As I've stated time and again this crucial information PROVES that seconds BEFORE Kennedy's plane went into a headlong dive there was not the SLIGHTEST indication of the much-regurgitated garbage that pilot error and/or mechanical malfunction (other than outright sabotage of a critical component of the aircraft) were responsible for this headlong, full-on nosedive to certain oblivion at rate of 100 feet per second--a speed far exceeding that of any unassisted rate of descent which is roughly 16 feet per second.

NEITHER such fictional pilot error NOR any standard mechanical malfunction could POSSIBLY result in this craft dropping at such a rate.

Kennedy, a pilot with SEVENTEEN YEARS FLYING EXPERIENCE, was at that moment engaged in no unusual or troublesome maneuvers. He had finished his radio call only SECONDS BEFORE!

He knew EXACTLY where he was not only in relation to the coastline but also to the airport--10 miles from the coast and 13 miles from the airport. What's more, we have received additional confirmation from residents of the Connecticut shore and Martha's Vineyard that visibility was EXCELLENT in the area at this time--from 10 to 12 miles at least. In such conditions it's ludicrous to think the Kennedy would not been able to have seen at LEAST the GLOW from the many lights in the well-populated Martha's Vineyard area at the distance he was, and thus have been thoroughly able to distinguish direction in all senses of the word (altitude).

The ongoing disinformation about poor visibility being the reason such an inexperienced pilot (which he was NOT!) would get completely discombobulated and fly into the sea is completely unfounded in fact. The guy was hardly hundreds of miles out over the middle of the Atlantic. Why then would he decide to land in the sea if he knew where he was in relation to the land? Please... spare me.

Here is the pertinent text from about halfway through the UPI article. This is the TRUTH... BEFORE the spin-doctors and manipulators got to work.

"At 9:39 p.m. Friday, Kennedy radioed the airport and said he was 13 miles from the airport and 10 miles from the coast, according to WCVB-TV news in Boston. He reportedly said he was making his final approach.

"Moments later, radar operated by the Federal Aviation Administration showed the plane went into a dive and dropped 1,200 feet in just 12 seconds, according to ABC

"In his final approach message, WCVB-TV said Kennedy told controllers at the airport that he planned to drop off his wife's sister and then take off again between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. for Hyannis Airport."

Other CRUCIAL information which has now been removed from all official accounts is the fact that a NUMBER of witnesses on the beach at Martha's Vineyard that evening INCLUDING a Vineyard Gazette reporter saw an AIRBORNE explosion at this same time right in that area of the sky where Kennedy was flying. I quote here the relevant text from the UPI article.

"A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper told WCVB-TV in Boston that he was out walking Friday night about the time of the crash and saw "big white flash in the sky" off Philbin Beach."

A report from about 3 PM on Saturday by Shephard Smith of FOX-TV named another one of these witnesses--in fact a guest at the scheduled wedding JFK. Jr. was due to attend AND a friend of Smith's producer at Fox.

Every single flight instructor Kennedy ever had as well as other first-hand witnesses describe Kennedy as an extremely cautious and safety minded pilot. He also had HUNDREDS of hours of experience, NOT one hundred.

For example here's a quote from a CNN article in which a FEDERAL PILOT EXAMINER who TESTED Kennedy's flying skills describes his abilities.

http://www.cnn.com/US/9907/18/BC-CRASH-KENNEDY-LICENSE.reut/index.html ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) -- A federal pilot examiner who tested John F. Kennedy Jr.'s flying skills said he was an "excellent pilot," a newspaper reported Sunday....

..."He was an excellent pilot," John McColgan of Vero Beach, Florida, told the Orlando Sentinel. "I put him through the paces, and HE PASSED EVERYTHING WITH FLYING COLORS."...

...He said Kennedy had a lot of flight experience for someone with a pilot's license for 15 months...

"He flew a lot," McColgan said. "In fact, by now he probably has ENOUGH HOURS TO BE A COMMERCIAL PILOT...." © 1999 CNN

I rest my case. JFK Jr. WAS KILLED.

John Quinn/NewsHawk

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = Hopes fade for missing Kennedy plane Sunday, 18 July 1999 2:08 (GMT) (NOTE: federal investigators dispatched) (UPI Focus) Hopes fade for missing Kennedy plane AQUINNAH, Mass., July 17 (UPI) - After a daylong unsuccessful search for a missing single-engine plane piloted by John F. Kennedy Jr., the National Transportation Safety Board is launching an investigation into the aircraft's disappearance.

An official statement tonight says an NTSB team has been dispatched to Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts as the Coast Guard continues to coordinate "aggressive search-and-rescue activities." As daylight faded, Air Force helicopters returned to Otis Air Force Base, to resume the search Sunday morning. Hopes faded today as bits of debris from the Piper Saratoga were recovered and a piece of luggage was positively identified as belonging to Lauren Bessette, Kennedy's sister-in-law. Kennedy's wife, 33-year-old Carolyn Bessette, was also traveling with him.

The luggage, along with what appeared to be an airplane tire, washed up on Philbin Beach on Martha's Vineyard, and Lauren Bessette's name was on the tag of a black suitcase, said First District Coast Guard spokesman Lt. Gary Jones. Jones said other debris - a head rest and carpeting that appeared to be from the plane - were found this afternoon floating in the water about 100 yards from nearby Gay Head Beach.

Kennedy and the Bessette sisters were traveling from Caldwell, New Jersey, to Hyannis Port for the wedding of Mark Bailey and Rory Kennedy, the last unmarried daughter of Ethel Kennedy and the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy, a licensed private pilot, was expected to arrive at Martha's Vineyard Airport in Massachusetts in his Piper Saratoga II TC sometime before 10 p.m. Friday.

At 9:39 p.m. Friday, Kennedy radioed the airport and said he was 13 miles from the airport and 10 miles from the coast, according to WCVB-TV news in Boston. He reportedly said he was making his final approach. Moments later, radar operated by the Federal Aviation Administration showed the plane went into a dive and dropped 1,200 feet in just 12 seconds, according to ABC News.

In his final approach message, WCVB-TV said Kennedy told controllers at the airport that he planned to drop off his wife's sister and then take off again between 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. for Hyannis Airport. Kennedy's family then called Hyannis Airport - around 2:15 a.m., reports say - when he failed to arrive. The airport then checked with the Martha's Vineyard airport, and the search began.

The plane took off from Essex County Airport in Caldwell, N.J., at 8:38 p.m. Friday and lost contact with the FAA on its final approach to Martha's Vineyard, Mass., said Coast Guard spokesman Steve Carleton.

Jamie Gaspar, spokesman for Martha's Vineyard Airport, told UPI that "someone was at the airport to pick up the passengers on the plane, but it never arrived."

A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper told WCVB-TV in Boston that he was out walking Friday night about the time of the crash and saw "big white flash in the sky" off Philbin Beach.

Kennedy did not file a flight plan, leading some to first suspect he altered his route. But by 9 a.m., his arrival at Martha's Vineyard was more than 12 hours late, and the Kennedy family postponed the wedding he was traveling to attend. The Air Force and Air National Guard mounted a massive air search using helicopters, Falcon jets and a TC-130 aircraft over a 1,000- square-mile search area that eventually concentrated on Martha's Vineyard.

Kennedy Jr. - the only son of President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and the nephew of Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. - has worked as an assistant district attorney and is currently the editor of the political magazine George. Kennedy, 38, married Carolyn Bessette during a secretive ceremony in 1996.

WCVB-TV says Kennedy got his pilot's license last year after undergoing training at Flight Safety International, a respected pilots' school in Florida. He was licensed to fly visually, but not by using instruments alone. Visibility at the time was reported to be 8 miles, clear enough to fly without instruments. The Piper Aircraft Co. says the six-passenger plane Kennedy was flying was built in 1995. WCVB-TV says Kennedy bought it in April of this year.

White House Chief of Staff John Podesta telephoned President Clinton this morning at Camp David with news of the missing plane. Clinton and Kennedy have met often. In a statement issued from Camp David, where he is spending the weekend, Clinton said, "All our prayers and thoughts are with the families of those on board." The president has asked to be kept informed about the search effort. Kennedy is a native of Washington. He was born on Nov. 25, 1960, just two months before his father was inaugurated as president.

-- Copyright 1999 by United Press International. All rights reserved.

================================= 8.2.99 Recipients--

Certain inherent contradictions and some definite "whoppers" in the alleged FBI preliminary report regarding the deaths of John Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette, have been bugging us.

My feeling about this document is that, in classic spook fashion, it cleverly mixes in elements of the truth (i.e.; the plane WAS intentionally destroyed by some means, which most likely resulted in an explosive event of some intensity) with some highly questionable data that, naturally, will serve to discredit the entire document AND any elements of truth it may contain. Furthermore this will serve the purpose of derailing further serious inquiry into the tragedy AND of discrediting ALL accounts of events which indicate "foul play" or intentional, targeted destruction of the aircraft by hostile agencies.

One of the most notable of these HIGHLY questionable statements in this "FBI" report is that Carolyn Kennedy was in her third trimester of pregnancy. Earlier rumors right after the plane went missing were that Carolyn was pregnant--no claims that she was in her third trimester. To think that someone in their third trimester of pregnancy would be able to prevent just about anyone with reasonably functional eyes from noticing the truly hard-to-conceal outward physical manifestations of this condition is hopelessly absurd. That statement right there makes this entire document highly questionable.

Neither the leaked "interpol" report on the air disaster NOR the internal FAA document that was held, seen and read by our contact in the New York area make the kind of definitive statements about the destruction of this airplane found in this "FBI" report, though both indicate SOME kind of hostile targeting of the craft MOMENTS AFTER Kennedy completed his 9:39 radio contact with the Vineyard airport.

The FAA document CLEARLY indicates a massive electromagnetic pulse was the cause of the crash of this exceptionally reliable airplane (this plane in fact has electronic sensing equipment which can literally right the plane if the pilot is losing control [up to a point of course]): utterly fusing and melting every single integrated circuit on the plane, including all hi-tech devices such as the auto-stabilizer system just noted, exploding every light bulb in the aircraft, totally discharging the plane's battery/charging system, and certainly blinding and probably microwaving all passengers.

The chances of such an event causing a secondary explosion due to sparks from fused sensing equipment in the fuel system are extremely high. The fact that the wheels/landing gear apparatus was found detached from the main body of the plane tends o support this assessment. Reason? the Piper Saratoga has retractable landing gear. The wheels would have almost certainly still have been retracted and therefore would NOT have broken off when the plane hit the after. that the craft was blown apart before it hit the water.

People I know personally and trust have seen the FAA document first-hand. They believe it to be genuine. The credibility of the sender of the "interpol" report has been assiduously investigated. I and others believe the sender to be in fact "who he says he is" and thus feel the report he sent us is fundamentally valid. For my money, toss the alleged FBI report. Investigators should concentrate on what is stated and implied in the other two reports noted. The FAA document in fact should immediately become the subject of a Freedom of Information Act filing for full public disclosure of the contents of the document.

Oh... and what about the NTSB report? Toilet paper.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

================================ 8.1.99 Recipients-- A conversation with a friend in the northeast revealed something very interesting about a Piper Saratoga that was destroyed in flight on July 16 near Martha's Vineyard.

First, this person confirmed that the weather in MARTHA'S VINEYARD the evening of July 16 was generally excellent.

This person was asked to "take a look" at something--an "internal" report by/from the FAA on the circumstances of that event. In particular this report was concerned with the CONDITION of the aircraft.

First, the plane in question flown by Mr. John Kennedy was outfitted with every possible bell and whistle available; as well as the most up-to-date communications devices, emergency beacons, autopilot, instruments, gauges, AND G

lobal Positioning technology. Said FAA report is in MAJOR contradiction to the tone and content of the PUBLICLY--and belatedly--released NTSB report. Said FAA report indicates that the aircraft was subjected to a MASSIVE electromagnetic "event" of some kind or other. EVERY SINGLE lightbulb in the aircraft was blown; filaments burned out. ALL integrated circuitry and communications devices were MELTED, fused, fried and toasted in every sense of the word. The emergency beacon system was in fact non-functional anyway. Kennedy had forgotten to put in a 9-volt battery. Chalk one SMALL point up to the "operator error" crowd--not that the damn emergency beacon would have helped a bit anyway. Electronic sensing units in fuel and engine areas were also sizzled.

It was noted by my friend that the effect of this electromagnetic blast on weather radar systems is the reason that radar images are missing for the time Kennedy's plane went down.

Is this "report" genuine? The real thing? I have no idea, but the person I talked with who saw and held it believes it to be. This person has been a near-perfect source for me in the past.

IF genuine, this FAA report would completely shut down the pilot error scenario for all time. If the report is not genuine, we are left with a very small chance that some unimaginable set of circumstances caused JFK Jr took utterly lose control of his aircraft seconds after completing his radio contact with the Martha's Vineyard airport.

Anyway, suffice to say, any aircraft which instantly had all vital systems knocked out and all on board UNDOUBTEDLY blinded (at least) by the electromagnetic "blast" which hit the plane was thoroughly doomed. The visual effect of a targeted pulse hitting it's target would indeed give off a major flash itself, according to my source. Furthermore the likelihood that fusing and such if electronic sensors in the fuel system could heavily ignited some or all of the fuel on board.

The "perfect crime?

There are basically two things which could do this. The first would be a nuclear or "tactical" nuclear explosion of some kind. We all felt this was an unlikely thing to blow off several miles from Martha's Vineyard. The other possible weapon would be a particle or "positron" beam of some kind.

Montauk Air Force Station, which my friend noted had become increasingly active--once AGAIN--in recent months, has the positron beam technology capable of busting such a move. He was not sure about Otis Air Force Base but suspected they may have such a toy as well.

As we noted, the RHIC Collider at Brookhaven Labs on Long Island, already suspected of having a role in the nearby downing of Flight 800 EXACTLY 3 years prior to the Kennedy hit, was fired up for the "first" (not that I really believe THAT!) time the day Kennedy took the dive. Speculation is that RHIC could have been used to power the Montauk setup to an unusually high level for the Kennedy hit; however what's at Montauk could have easily done the job without RHIC's help.

Who? Why?

I personally feel rather badly about this guy getting killed. He actually seems to have been a fairly decent person, AND--incredibly--he may not have been too unbearable in an elected office of some kind. Obviously SOMEBODY thought so, because he is sure as hell gone.

It was confirmed by another source in the New York area that Kennedy changed his route from the flight plan HE HAD FILED, which would have taken him over Long Island AND Montauk, because he had been tipped off about potential trouble.

Not only did JFK Jr. spend MANY summers at a friend's estate within MINUTES of Montauk Air Force Station, he was hand-delivered NewsHawk's initial report on the Montauk Project activities in MAy 1998 at george Magazine's Manhattan offices.

This person also believes the FAA document to be GENUINE, and in fact strongly suggested that I notify recipients that the document should be the subject of a Freedom of Information filing for full public disclosure.

There has been attention called to ritualistic, cultic aspects of the murder in regard to the date, and the timing of the killing in relation to other similar horrors.

Some people I trust say that this entire issue is an EXCEPTIONALLY hot potato right now. They and I thought it was a great time for me to go to Alaska--which I've been wanting to do for years--and leave this whole deal for others to work on.

I like that idea. Just me and my harmonica.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc. =========================== 7.31.99 Recipients-- Several days ago we forwarded an excerpt from a report by Israeli researcher/investigator/author Barry Chamish regarding the deaths Of John Kennedy Jr., his wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette.

Barry has an enviably distinct and much-welcome high degree of credibility in the wild and woolly frontiers of the "conspiracy" landscape.

Chamish, in light of information relayed to him by numerous high-quality, time-tested sources, gives little or no indication of doubt that John Kennedy Jr. was bumped off.

Chamish moreover STRONGLY indicates he sees reason to believe at least some of the conspirators and/or perpetrators of the murder were closely linked to Israeli spooks... in the Mossad and in Shabak, Israeli secret service. Chamish is so sure of this that despite obvious moral and ethical distaste and discomfort with his own position he indicates he will NOT pursue the trail of evidence in the Kennedy and Bessette murders because of the near-certainty (in his mind) that said trail will lead to Israel... and subsequently to trouble and hardship for his country; regardless of the fact that it would clearly be a malignant rogue element of Israeli intelligence linked to the Rabin assassination which was involved in Kennedy's murder. (George magazine had just run a 13-page expose of forces behind the Rabin hit AND had been scheduled to meet with Mossad agents and other informants on threat and related matters at a time not long after he ended up dead. Hmmm...

Of PARTICULAR note in all this is that one of the PRIME MOTIVATORS and architects of the spin-doctored house of cards erected after Kennedy's plane "went missing"--the completely fabricated version of reality which claims Kennedy was a seriously under-trained pilot with feeble flying skills and yadayadayada--is hack writer and world-class rumor-monger DAVID HEYMANN, author of several "unauthorized' and totally non-credible "biographies" about the Kennedys: he is known to be strongly disliked by some members of the

Heymann is a former MOSSAD AGENT.

Basically, this guy has less credibility than, let's see.... Bill Clinton.

Sometime well before the morning of Monday July 19, Heymann described for columnist Cindy Adams of the New York Post how in a supposed phone conversation he had with Kennedy earlier that fateful Friday, July 16, Kennedy seemed anxious about flying that night, and about making an extra landing at Martha‚s Vineyard to drop off Lauren Bessette before flying on to Hyannisport for his cousin Rory's wedding.

No record of this supposed phone call exists anywhere, although a call may have taken place. We have only Heymann's word for that however, and even more importantly, we have only this known fabricator's word that Kennedy actually said what Heymann claims he said.

Cindy Adams of the NY Post wrote up Heymann's tale for the Post's Monday July 19 edition.

Heymann, a former Israeli intelligence agent, somehow managed to reconstruct for Cindy Adams his entire conversation with JFK Jr., which he claims ended with Kennedy worrying, "I have to land twice. I'm really not that experienced a pilot." How amazing Heymann got all this out just in time to have Adams run it in the Monday Post. For the story to get typeset and printed for the morning edition Heymann would have needed to have talked with Adams before (approximately) 11 PM the night before. Reportedly however, during a long interview on WABC radio with host Steve Malzberg the very night before, Heymann did not divulge ANY of this information.

Clearly Heymann's dubious, intentionally disinformative recollections were the opening salvos in an energetic and widespread campaign of falsehoods, disinformation and spin-doctoring regarding the fatal plane crash which have dominated nearly ALL mass media coverage and reporting of the tragedy.

Clearly intelligence asset Heymann had gotten his marching orders and went right to work--getting his fable printed in what has to be the least-credible "mainstream" paper in the country, the Hollywood Star in disguise... the New York Post.

Naturally Adams herself cast MAJOR doubt on Heymann's entire dubious confabulation in short order, but the damage had already been done--or is that damage-CONTROL?

Hordes of lemmings and clones in mass media had ALREADY picked up the story and it's glaring implications of reckless, "risk-taking" (there's that gene again!) and generally unforgivable lack of caution on Kennedy's part as being the cause of the tragedy, from that paragon of credibility, the NY Post.

It IS known that JFK Jr. was going to interview Heymann along with other current and former members of Israel's intelligence community, as noted above, in his continuing investigation into the Mossad and Shabak.

Perhaps Chamish knows what he's talking about when he says he doesn't want to talk about it (the murder of Kennedy and the Bessettes).

In OUR estimation however, whatever the degree of involvement in the Kennedy and Bessette murders by foreign intelligence, it's INCONCEIVABLE such a "hit" would have gone down on American soil without at least the TACIT cooperation of VERY high-level U.S. interests and organizations. The names "Bush" and "Clinton" come to mind here.

It's a fact--Kennedy was all but set to run for national political office.

It's a fact--George magazine had begun taking on increasingly controversial subjects; often delving into at least the fringes of some hard core "conspiracies." Tough guy Janet Reno was in fact Kennedy's next target for an expose in George. The Rabin matter had been covered once and was due to get covered again... in DEPTH.

It's a VERY safe bet that somewhere along the line, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy (Sr.) and Bobby Kennedy would have become the subject of JFK Jr.'s intense, and very public, scrutiny.

We'll say it again. Kennedy was "whacked."

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

========================== 7.30.99 Recipients-- Here's what the NTSB has to say about Kennedy's plane.

As an investigative agency in the FIRST STAGES of an investigation, they have NO BUSINESS issuing anything but factual data. Speculative, unfounded and disinformative (at best) comments have NO PLACE in any such official "announcements".

Unfortunately the NTSB engages in just such speculation and disinformation in their statements.

What a surprise.

To keep things straight we've countered such instances of official rumor-mongering with FACTS, in the article as reprinted below.

NewsHawk Inc.

= = = = = = = = = = = = http://www.abcnews.go.com/wire/US/Reuters19990730_1447.html

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Investigators have found no evidence that John F. Kennedy Jr.'s plane broke up in flight or caught fire, the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday. (This statement is FUNDAMENTALLY SPECULATIVE [of COURSE!], as the plane sure as hell broke up SOMEWHERE, and the NTSB has no basis WHATSOEVER for ASSUMING it broke up on water... ESPECIALLY considering there are several eyewitnesses to an AIRBORNE explosion!-JQ)

The board also said it saw nothing that would have prevented either the engine or the propeller from operating.

Kennedy, his wife and sister-in-law died when the Piper Saratoga he was piloting plunged into the waters off Martha's Vineyard two weeks ago. (This depiction by Reuters and/or NTSB that the plane was destroyed as a RESULT of "plunging" into water is SPECULATION and CONTRARY TO THE FACTS! Namely; that radar shows a flight with excellent conditions, a top-notch pilot and and a highly reliable, fully functional craft plunged into the sea RIGHT AFTER Kennedy radioed the airport indicating all was well with the flight... and RIGHT AFTER eyewitnesses saw and heard a large, airborne explosion!-JQ)

Experienced pilots have THEORIZED that Kennedy, who was licensed to fly only under visual flight rules, became disoriented flying at night over the water and lost control of the aircraft in a spiraling dive on the evening of July 16. (More complete and UTTER speculation contrary to KNOWN facts!-JQ)

"So far these findings are consistent with spatial disorientation that all human beings experience if they do not have reference to a horizon -- either a natural horizon or one provided by instruments," said Mike Pangia, a Washington-based pilot and aviation lawyer. (Kennedy DID have reference not only to the horizon--as visibility is proven to have been EXCELLENT, but ALSO he had clear reference to heavily populated and "light-polluted" Martha's Vineyard itself: he was only several miles from the nearest shore when his craft was destroyed!-JQ)

In a statement the NTSB said Kennedy received an Internet weather forecast at 6:30 p.m. EDT showing the weather along his flight route from New Jersey to Massachusetts was good for visual flight with six to eight miles visibility. (Weather radar returns from ONE HOUR AFTER Kennedy's plane was destroyed indicate EXCELLENT conditions at Martha's Vineyard that night!-JQ)

Kennedy did not take off from the airport in Caldwell, New Jersey, until 8:38 p.m. Although no special weather reports were posted, some pilots reported visibility over the water was significantly lower at that time. (In the NYC area!!-JQ) "Interviews of those pilots will continue," NTSB said. (Oh really?-JQ)

The wreckage and bodies of Kennedy, 38, his wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, 33, and her sister Lauren Bessette, 34, were found after a massive search using Coast Guard and Navy vessels. The ashes of all three were scattered at sea just over a week ago.

The safety board said it had recovered about 75 percent of the fuselage, including about 80 percent of the left wing, 60 percent of the right wing and the instrument panel.

The engine and propeller were examined at the hangar at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Cape Cod, where the wreckage is being held. The prop and powerplant were then sent to their respective manufacturers for further study. (WHY have ALL previous news reports said the wreckage was being held at OTIS AIR FORCE BASE??-JQ)

"No evidence was found during the examinations of conditions that would have prevented either the engine or the propeller from operating," NTSB said.

Previously released radar data of Kennedy's final moments in the air show some turns and relatively gentle changes in altitude before starting a right turn and plunging at a rate of 5,000 feet per minute.

NTSB confirmed Kennedy received his private pilot's license in April 1998 and accumulated about 300 HOURS of flying experience, NOT INCLUDING time in the Saratoga. (Kennedy's federal licensing instructor John McColgan of Vero Beach maintains Kennedy had over SIX HUNDRED HOURS flight experience!-JQ)

The board said it will continue its examination of the plane's avionics and instruments as well as continue to research Kennedy's flight time and training.

A voice recording device that was in the cockpit was retrieved but had been destroyed by impact. (Well isn't THAT convenient!-JQ) 1999 ABC News

=========================== 7.30.99 Recipients: It is a fact weather data files for a 2-hour period during which JFK Jr.'s plane reportedly met a catastrophic end are missing from all accessible databases and archives.

However, weather radar images from both before and after the time period in question indicate plainly that atmospheric conditions in the Martha's Vineyard area were generally quite good, with VERY LITTLE atmospheric moisture and good visibility.

In fact a radar image from about TEN FORTY PM the VERY SAME EVENING, July 16 shows weather conditions around the Martha's Vineyard area the evening of Friday July 16 to be CLOSE TO IDEAL. The 10:40 PM image shows radar equipment's basic setting was for "CLEAR" weather--a setting which is in fact much more sensitive to moisture in the air than the "PRECIPITATION" setting. So sensitive in fact that it can even detect SMOKE, not to mention the speculative heavy haze fairytale-writers have concocted as a factor in Kennedy's speculative "pilot error" that speculatively caused his plane to...crash. Except that it DIDN'T crash, it exploded in mid-air.

SEE FOR YOURSELF! DON'T be bamboozled by big lie tactics and endless repetitions of "pilot error" due to "very thick haze". NOT TRUE!

The images are reproduced at the following website. http://members.xoom.com/flashradar/JFK.htm

For this particular image being referred to, scroll all the way down to the BOTTOM of the page, to the UPPER of the two color images at the bottom. The image has the caption -- "OKX-NEW_YORK_CITY This radar image shows the equipment was set for "CLEAR"; which in fact is much more sensitive to moisture than the "PRECIPITATION" setting.

Although it shows substantial haze in the NYC and central Long Island areas, the region around Martha's Vineyard shows LITTLE OR NO atmospheric moisture at all; a scant hour after Kennedy's plane was destroyed.

So we can scratch that bunch of disinformation that says Kennedy supposedly crashed his plane in haze so thick he couldn't even see the tremendous amount of light pollution emanating from Martha's Vineyard only a few miles away.


Kennedy's radio contact with airport personnel at 9:39 all but invalidates any claims of pilot error as the cause of the disaster... and investigators have found mechanical malfunction almost certainly NOT responsible for the craft's destruction. Witnesses on the nearby beach to an airborne explosion at this same time complete the circle of proof that Kennedy's craft was destroyed in mid-air.

And by the way if some mechanical malfunction HAD been responsible for the aircraft's precipitous drop from the sky, can anyone imagine a BETTER place to be than at a fairly low altitude over calm water and fairly close to land? It seems very reasonable to assume that a pilot with a total of 17 years flying experience, as Kennedy's federal licensing instructor John McColgan of Vero Beach Florida has stated Kennedy had, would be able to make a soft landing on the surface of the water.

Water, in fact, being the one thing the official line of speculation, disinformation and the like WILL NOT HOLD.

To repeat, weather radar images for the time period JFK Jr.'s plane was destroyed are OBVIOUSLY MISSING from all databases that researchers have been able to access.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc. © 1999 All Rights Reserved

Rights of UNALTERED reproduction/distribution hereby waived

============================ -------- Original Message -------- Subject: Re JFK Jr. - From Israel

Recipients-- I forward this just as it was sent to me--a note from researcher Barry Chamish of Israel in regard to the piling evidence that JFK Jr., reportedly pregnant wife and sister-in-law were in fact murdered in cold blood.

Again I make no claims as to the truth of what Mr. Chamish says as I have not done his research. I believe his statements and THEIR IMPLICATIONS are worthy of very serious consideration.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 19:22:59 -0400 From: xxx To: jaq@mcn.org, excalibur25@juno.com

I just received this from Israeli citizen, investigator and author, Barry Chamish. From: barry chamish To: xxx Subject: Price Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 01:39:59 +0300 (IDT)

The Human Price Of Rabin's Truth by Barry Chamish [snip] As a result of my Rabin work gaining credibility in certain informed circles, I am sent the lowdown on other political murders. ...Clearly, it is a rather fatal idea to get to know the President (Clinton) from too close up.

When his bloodlust wasn't satisfied at home, he helped conjure up some excuses abroad. The hapless bombing of a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan just didn't do it for him, so a futile exercise against Iraq settled him down for a few days. But the thirst to kill just kept coming back to its master, so a phoney humanitarian war in Kosovo helped calm the nerves.

Next on his list is Israel, and my leaders will do all they can to help him out. [snip]

So now what do we do about the information coming out on the explosion of JFK Jr.'s plane?

The day it happened I wrote that JFK Jr. was doing more than any other American media figure to get to the bottom of the Rabin assassination truth. I reminded readers that his magazine George ran a 13 page expose of the Shabak's involvement in the assassination.

I suggested that this was a brave but risky stand. Then came the tidal wave of data. The FBI Preliminary Report confirming the bomb on the plane and noting the type of explosive was used by certain foreign intelligence services. This was followed by Catherine Crier of Fox TV's The Crier Report, announcing that JFK Jr. was about to meet high ranking Mossad officers to get the full story on the Rabin assassination. Then Maariv ran an interview with JFK's chauffeur, who happens to be Israeli. Then people started noting that Barak was in Washington at the time of Kennedy's finale in life.

So radio shows from America starting calling asking me to investigate a possible Mossad hit. They observe that the chauffeur was in a position to plant a bomb in JFK Jr.'s luggage... That Barak had an interest in preventing Kennedy from finding out the truth of Rabin's murder. And on and on and deeper and deeper.

Will I pursue this line? Is this beyond my intention of reforming my nation and finally reaching the ugly point of wrecking it...Of feeding every anti-semite's wildest fantasies...Of justifying every anti-Zionist diatribe ever written...Of handing our Arab enemies the very weapon they've been seeking to crush us into the sand??????? [snip]

But the gains are real as well. I have the admiration of the most dedicated Zionists. I enjoy status and respect from the Israelis I most respect. And they always turn out when I lecture. And they take, sometimes, scary risks to find vital documents for me. And there are more and more people like them every day. I can't let these people down.

And I think I will if I pursue the Kennedy line. If the Crier report is right, and if the FBI Preliminary Report isn't fraudulent, then suspicion is going to be raised against Israel. My nation will be put in grave danger by our leaders and their intelligence services. And this time, I don't want to know anything about it. end

=========================== 7.27.99 Here is an incredibly important news article from the Martha's Vineyard Times naming one of the several witnesses to an AIRBORNE EXPLOSION southwest of Philbin Beach at the time of the JFK JR plane crash.

The witness Victor Pribanic distinctly and clearly heard the explosion and knows that it was MUCH CLOSER than the SEVENTEEN miles out to sea that "official" "investigators' have said the plane went down. In fact the position and location of the cause of the explosion heard by Pribanic was much more like the TEN miles from shore that Kennedy HIMSELF noted as his location WHEN HE RADIOED THE AIRPORT AT 9:39, as reported by UPI, WCVB-TV Boston, ABC News and confirmed by airport administrators. (UPI article reprinted below.)

To quote directly from the article in the Martha's Vineyard Times: "Mr. Pribanic said he was concerned when he learned that the search area was 17 miles west of the Vineyard. He said he was convinced from the sound he heard that the area was much closer and within a short distance of Nomans Land" (a small island off the southwest coast of the Vineyard used for ARTILLERY PRACTICE until a few years ago!)

The other two people who DID witness such an explosion at the same time are noted in articles by UPI and by WCVB-TV Boston AND ABC News as a reporter for the Vineyard Gazette: AND another; a guest at the Kennedy wedding who was on Philbin Beach or nearby at this same time and both saw and heard the same explosion. This guest was mentioned repeatedly by Shepherd Smith of FOX-TV on live broadcasts Saturday morning July 17, who identified the witness as a friend of his (Smith's) producer.

Here is some very important information from this article:

Tuesday, July 27, 1999 Fisherman At Squibnocket Friday Heard "Loud Crash" Toward Nomans Land. http://mvtimes.com/witness.htm

By Nelson Sigelman

Victor Pribanic said he heard a loud "explosion -like sound" while fishing on Friday evening, July 16.

A fisherman standing on Squibnocket Point in Chilmark Friday night heard "a loud explosion-like sound" from the direction of Nomans Land, where the search for the plane containing John Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette, is now concentrated. Victor Pribanic, 45, of Pittsburgh, spoke with local and state police Saturday morning after learning of the disappearance of the plane piloted by Mr. Kennedy. That information was passed on immediately to Federal Aviation Administration officials and the United States Coast Guard. State police Sgt. Jeff Stone said the beach to the west of where Mr. Pribanic was fishing "was the area where some of the items washed up." Sergeant Stone said police were aware of several reports from people who reported low-flying planes or unusual noises that night.

The next day he met with local and state police in Chilmark at Squibnocket. He said he presumed the information was relayed to federal officials. "It was a loud bang, it had to have come from something," said Mr. Pribanic. At a press conference at the Martha's Vineyard Airport Saturday evening, Officer Meyer told reporters that a fisherman had called police with information regarding a low-flying airplane and a loud sound. But police refused to release his name.

Mr. Pribanic said he was concerned when he learned that the search area was 17 miles west of the Vineyard. He said he was convinced from the sound he heard that the area was much closer and within a short distance of Nomans Land.

Mr. Pribanic, an expert fisherman, had walked out to Squibnocket, the site of the fabled Squibnocket striped bass fishing club more than a century ago, early in the evening to fish for striped bass. He said, "There were a couple of other fellas there, two or three other guys, but they left. Nobody was getting any fish. I decided to wait until the tide topped off." Mr. Pribanic could not pinpoint when he heard the sound but said the tide was continuing to rise. On Friday evening, July 16, the wind was blowing stiffly out of the west at approximately 20 miles per hour; high tide at Squibnocket was due to occur at 10:40 pm. The last radar contact with Mr. Kennedy's plane was recorded at 9:40:29 pm. END

================================== 7.25.99 Recipients-- This portion of the FAA's OWN regulations regarding emergency procedures REQUIRED TO BE INITIATED, was CLEARLY AND UNILATERALLY VIOLATED by the FAA in the case of the John Kennedy Jr. plane crash!

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc. = = = = = = = = = = = =

http://www.faa.gov/ATpubs/ATC/P1002005.HTM Subject: FAA 10-2-5. EMERGENCY SITUATIONS Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 16:55:51 -0500

Air Traffic Control (7110.65) ATC Effective: 07-15-99

Updated: 04-02-99


Consider that an aircraft emergency exists and inform the RCC or ARTCC and alert the appropriate DF facility when:

NOTE- [1] USAF facilities are only required to notify the ARTCC.

[2] The requirement to alert DF facilities may be deleted if radar contact will be maintained throughout the duration of the emergency.

a. An emergency is declared by either:

1. The pilot.

2. FACILITY PERSONNEL (emphasis ours).

3. Officials responsible for the operation of the aircraft.


c. Reports indicate it has made a forced landing, is about to do so, or its operating efficiency is so impaired that a forced landing will be necessary.

d. Reports indicate the crew has abandoned the aircraft or is about to do so.

e. An emergency radar beacon response is received.

NOTE- En route: During Stage A operation, Code 7700 causes EMRG to blink in field E of the data block.

f. Intercept or escort aircraft services are required.

g. The need for ground rescue appears likely.

h. An Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) signal is heard or reported.


================================== 7.25.99 TELLING STATEMENTS MADE BY OFFICIALS - 1st Press Conference on JFK Jr. Crash

Conflicts With What Public Now Being Led to Believe

ALSO: Brand New "Hi-Tech" Airport At Martha's Vineyard!

AND: Light Pollution Cited as Increasing Problem In Area Makes Kennedy's Purported "Disorientation" Even Less Likely!

© 1999 NewsHawk Inc. All Rights Reserved (Rights of UNALTERED reproduction/distribution hereby waived)

7.25.99 The first press briefing for news media on the disappearance of JFK Jr.'s flight took place on Saturday evening, July 17 at the BRAND NEW, state-of-the-art airport facility on Martha's Vineyard.

I quote below some relevant excerpts from an article on this event in the Martha's Vineyard Times.

'The news that the plane piloted by John F. Kennedy Jr. disappeared en route to Martha's Vineyard Friday night launched a media juggernaut early Saturday morning. By Saturday night, reporters and cameramen from around the country and the world had made their way to Martha's Vineyard and gathered at the Martha's Vineyard Airport terminal for the first official press briefing.

'At the Martha's Vineyard Airport, Beth Toomey, West Tisbury police chief, stepped into role of media ringmaster and set up an area for satellite trucks and reporters and later helped organize the first press briefing in an outside courtyard of the new airport terminal.

'Asked how a major news story comes together, Mr. Roberts...said that with any big story the best chance to talk to people and gather information was in the first three hours. "Later," he said, "people become tight lipped and very official." ' END EXCERPT

The press briefing finally began some time shortly after 9 pm.

After some brief statements by public safety officials, 1st assistant Cape & Islands DA Michael O'Keefe and Massachusetts State Police Capt. Robert Bird began answering answer reporters' questions.

Questions about the plane, the flight, and the items recovered dominated. One reporter with a foreign accent asked if "the debris is being examined for explosives." "Not yet," was the answer.

When another reporter asked Captain Byrd, "Is this case being considered a crime scene?", Cape & Islands DA O'Keefe HURRIEDLY took control of the microphone to answer quickly and emphatically "No!"......This IN NO WAY SUGGESTS THAT THERE IS ANY INVESTIGATION OTHER THAN TO DETERMINE THE IDENTITY OF THE DECEASED".

What is significant here is that not ONLY does this indicate an official assumption less than 12 hours after the flight's disappearance that all aboard were dead, it ALSO shows that without the slightest supportive hard evidence of any kind and in fact with at least THREE eyewitnesses reporting an AIRBORNE explosion southwest of Philbin Beach around 9:40-9:45 in the EXACT sector of he sky where the flight "went missing", officials had obviously ALREADY "concluded" that nothing criminal or otherwise suspicious had happened to the plane! In other words, the decision had already been made at high levels to spin-doctor the entire event into being the result of pilot error or mechanical failure--as opposed to having been blown out of the sky as it now is apparent it WAS.

Interestingly, however, Captain Byrd stated clearly in reference to material evidence of the crash which may come ashore, that "POSSESSION OF THIS EVIDENCE IS AN ARRESTABLE OFFENSE!! This warning means that any person who took possession of any such material evidence would be committing criminal action. It seems likely that at least some of this material evidence WOULD NOT validate the official disinformation accounts of the disaster.

The following excerpt from the Letters to the Editor section of the Martha's Vineyard Times clearly refers not only to light pollution from the NEW airport facility on the island but ALSO to increasingly severe light pollution around the WHOLE ISLAND due to a new type of streetlight having been just installed. These salient facts make the likelihood that JFK JR. was unsure of his location, position, direction, altitude and flight path even LESS likely! =========================

Too Much Light at New Airport

To the Editor: The Vineyard has taken another step towards becoming Orlando north. Last weekend, we took a late ferry back to the Vineyard after a few weeks away. When we arrived at our house south of the Edgartown/Vineyard Haven Road, turned off the car lights and stepped out of the car, I was astonished to see the sky to the north of us lit up as brightly as the Boston skyline. I drove north to discover that the new airport had apparently been opened in our absence, and there were now 60 new roadway lights in operation! Unlike the old street lights, which had their bulbs up inside a reflector where they would illuminate the ground but be shielded from the sky, these new lights are very bright and completely unshielded. Not only do they direct much of their light upwards, the glare from the bright, unshielded bulbs prevents you from seeing the grounds clearly.

Considering The Martha's Vineyard Times series last year on the issue of light pollution, numerous letters to the editors of the Gazette and The Times about light pollution, the new Aquinnah building regulations covering lighting, and letters to the airport commissioners pleading with them to consider the issue of light pollution in the design of the new airport, who was the genius who specified these new street lights? They may have "architectural presence," but they destroy a large area of night sky. Please call and write the commissioners, demanding that they replace these lights with ones that shield their bulbs from the sky, like the new lights on the Vineyard Haven-Oak Bluffs causeway. We do not have to let "progress" turn the Vineyard into just another metropolitan suburb. Peter Jones Belmont and Edgartown END

Well? 'Nuff said! NewsHawk Inc.

=========================== 7.24.99 Recipients--

Please note MAJOR questions re: Kennedy crash autopsies raised by the Boston Globe article quoted verbatim within the following email received by NewsHawk. The sender includes well-reasoned analysis of these quotes.

================================ Subject: BOSTON GLOBE: JFK Autopsy Rushed Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 10:37:13 -0400 (EDT) From: John DiNardo To: newshawk@iname.com CC: John DiNardo

Again, reading from the Boston Globe (www.boston.com), July 23rd: BOSTON GLOBE: JFK Autopsy Rushed

"Still, the autopsies in the Kennedy case were performed especially quickly," pathologists said.

..... "The haste [of the autopsies] in this case," he said, "could lead to questions about the investigation's thoroughness."

"Pathologists also follow *COMPLEX RULES* for testing a pilot for drug and alcohol use," Dix said. [JD: They are supposed to follow "complex rules" in testing for drug or alcohol use, but they EVIDENTLY violated those rules, indeed, failed to follow them at all! Alcohol and/or drugs are a MAJOR causative suspect in airplane crashes. Remember Ricky Nelson's death in an airplane crash one New Year's Eve? Can someone find out if the coroner examined for substance abuse in that case?] .

"The timing [brief time] of the Kennedy investigation [autopsy], Kirschner said, makes it unlikely that pathologists performed autopsies on Carolyn Bessette Kennedy or Lauren Bessette. You can't possibly do three investigations in four hours, he said." [JD: Well, of course the women's condition would have no effect on the control of the aircraft. But what if there were powder burns on their bodies, suggesting an explosion or a fire onboard? What if a lone nut gunmen had stowed away aboard the plane? After all, you must admit that lone nut gunmen have made a tradition of invading the lives of Kennedy's. Haven't they? What if the gunman was willing to sacrifice his own life? I'm not saying that I believe any of these scenarios. What I AM saying is that the coroner is SUPPOSED to examine the bodies for the POSSIBILITY of these scenarios having occurred. THAT IS HIS JOB!]

"Passenger autopsies are also useful, Kirschner said, if a victim's family sues for damages related to the crash. A medical examiner could determine whether the victim suffered in the moments before death, or survived in the minutes or hours after the crash." [JD: Yet, despite the established practice of examining the bodies of passengers, and carefully examining the body of the pilot, in order to determine if the pilot was drinking or on drugs, thus permitting the victims to sue in case of pilot misconduct ... despite these rules, the women's bodies were not even autopsied! Unbelievable! Actually, I think it is quite believable, judging from the first JFK autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital, which was judged by the nation's best assassination researchers to be an outrageously appalling fraud -- a continuation of the assassination cover-up. That is exactly what this second JFK autopsy is showing itself to be, also.] John DiNardo

============================== 7.24.99 Recipients-- The following forward of an email received by NewsHawk brings up yet ANOTHER suspicious, questionable and contradictory aspect of the JFK Jr. plane crash (Let's see... HOW many is that now???). Namely: WHY have we not seen A SHRED of the wreckage from JFK Jr.'s plane?

WHY is it SO important that reporters, photographs and TV news crews must not see, witness, film or photograph the merest speck of this "wreckage?" WHAT in God's name could POSSIBLY be so unusual about this material that it's SO CRITICAL the press--and thereby the public--do not see ANY OF IT AT ALL?

In regard to this, please read this forwarded email below.

AND, as to Kennedy's "SUPPOSED" "risk-taking" gene.... Gee, could that POSSIBLY actually mean that he might have been what they USED to call a born "LEADER"??? You know, the kind which could represent a MORTAL THREAT to the "fascist-communist" totalitarian vermin so dominant in the varying New World Order factions now savaging the human race and the planet on which we all live.

Cause for thought.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

---------- Original Message -------- Subject: VIDEO OF WRECKAGE - COVERED WITH BLUE TARP Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 00:33:29 -0700 From: xxx Reply-To: xxx To:


I just saw a video clip on local station KCPQ-TV13 - a FOX Network outlet here in the Seattle area - they briefly showed a crane lifting a large piece of wreckage (unidentifiable) onto the Grasp (sp?) -- then -- and this is the hot part -- video footage of a white cab truck with flatbed and rails, like a farmers truck, after dark with two individuals in the cab purportedly transporting the wreckage of the airplane -- it was all covered and roped down with a large blue tarp so no one could see any part of it -- WHY THE SECRECY??? What is it about this wreckage of an airplane they don't want the public to see??? Could it be the tell-tale signs of a sudden catastrophic incident, like an on board explosion or a missile shootdown, the evidence of which would be clearly visible if the wreckage were uncovered??? And, where were they taking the wreckage???

"Reason obeys itself; and ignorance does whatever is dictated to it." --Thomas Paine, Rights of Man ("Conclusion")

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void." --Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (2 Cranch) 137 (1803)

CCW Coalition: Citizens For A Constitutional Washington 11910-C Meridian Ave. E., #142 Puyallup, Washington 98373 TEL: (253) 840-8071 FAX: (253) 840-8074

============================== Recipients-- Following are two verbatim excerpts from a news item on Yahoo! News, Thursday, July 22. Our comments have been added. John Quinn = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Yahoo! News Crimes and Trials Headlines

Thursday July 22 05:26 PM EDT

Cause of Kennedy crash still eludes investigators By Kristin Savarese, Court TV

NEW YORK (Court TV) ų ...What happened that night is unclear. According to Robert Pearce, who is heading the investigation for the National Transportation Safety Board, the trouble began 34 miles from the airport, with the plane descending from 5,600 feet to about 2,300 feet at a slightly faster-than-normal rate of 700 feet per minute.

About 20 miles from the airport, the plane started turning to the right and climbing back to 2,600 feet. After leveling off, it flew for a short time before beginning another turn to the right and starting "a rapid rate of descent" that may have exceeded 5,000 feet per minute, or about 10 times faster than normal.... END EXCERPT

All of the "information" in the above two paragraphs, proffered by none other than the NTSB's Pearse, of Flight 800 coverup disgrace and infamy, is provably and demonstrably nothing other than professional and "official" disinformation, noise and static; because AGAIN, ALL these statements are completely INVALIDATED by the fact that Kennedy radioed the Vineyard airport flight controller at NINE THIRY-NINE in a TOTALLY calm, collected, and spatially VERY WELL ORIENTED state of mind; thoroughly aware of his bearings, location, direction and such and in complete command of the aircraft. This was long after whatever Pearse is babbling about supposedly even occurred--when Kennedy's craft was approximately TEN MILES from the shoreline and approximately thirteen miles from the airport.

In LIGHT of this radio contact--to assume that Kennedy would be so completely out of touch with reality as to be unaware of his ALTITUDE and some supposed constant decrease thereof over a fairly long period of time is truly LUDICROUS!

Determining one's altitude is accomplished by looking at one's altimeter. This relatively simple action (even I could do it!), of course, would NOT affected by any TOTALLY SPECULATIVE supposed spatial disorientation Kennedy could supposedly have been experiencing. If his altimeter wasn't working naturally this serious problem would have been noted in the his radio call

And now another excerpt from the same article, regarding the flight controller and the FAA's incredible, inexplicable delay in initiating emergency search procedures. John Quinn

...US aviation authorities have come under fire for the delay in starting a search. The Piper Saratoga II vanished from radar at 9:40 p.m., but an official search did not begin until 3:28 a.m. when a Kennedy friend put in a frantic call to the Coast Guard that triggered the "search and rescue."

Four hours before that call, however, 21-year-old Adam Budd, an intern at Martha's Vineyard airport, had called the airport tower and then the Federal Aviation Administration's air traffic control facility in Bridgeport, Conn., inquiring about the plane for people waiting to meet the overdue trio. An unidentified official shrugged off the inquiry, telling Budd information could not be released over the phone.

The FAA will not provide flight information about private citizens over the telephone, a spokesman said, and the Connecticut station acted appropriately, the Los Angeles Times reported. (Like the LA Times is the official authority or something? Yeah RIGHT! [JQ])

But an unidentified FAA source, cited in Thursday's Boston Globe, said the agency was considering disciplinary action against the FAA employee for not coming forward about the call when it became clear the plane was missing. END EXCERPT

The indication in the beginning of the second paragraph of this excerpt, that the first call to the FAA was not made until well after ELEVEN PM, is yet another history rewrite: as previous reports indicated the first call by Adam Budd was made at least an hour before this, shortly after TEN PM.

As for the rest of this second excerpt, it is obviously at least relatively true and really speaks for itself. Something very rotten in the state.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

============================== 7.23.99 More Unanswered Questions About JFK Jr. Plane Crash

What ever happened to the fourth person originally said to have been on board JFK Jr.'s ill-fated flight?

If this person, Kennedy's personal flight trainer, HAD BEEN on board, then obviously they died too. Is it possible this person had no relatives and so few friends, acquaintances and such that literally no one on earth would notice their passing? This seems impossible.

If this person was NOT on board the plane, then WHY HAVEN'T WE HEARD ONE WORD FROM THEM?!?!?! John Quinn/NewsHawk

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: Anything More on the 4th Person? Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 21:37:46 -0700 From: XXX Reply-To: XXX To: newshawk@iname.com


Saturday July 17 1:06 PM ET

Plane Carrying John Kennedy Jr. Is Missing

By Ellen Wulfhorst

Reports conflicted over whether a fourth person, a flight instructor, was on board.

The Coast Guard in Wood's Hole said except for some low clouds and a bit of haze, there was nothing unusual about the weather Friday night between New York and Massachusetts.

============================== 7.23.99

How quickly we forget that ONLY 48 HOURS AGO THIS was the top story on CNN‚s website: < Bessette Autopsies>> Well, then... Funny, isn't it, how WE DIDN‚T GET ANY SUCH ANSWERS!!!!

Any guesses why NOT?

And DON'T give me some limp baloney about the "horrible the condition of the bodies" and all. DUH!

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = Answers Sought From Kennedy, Bessette Autopsies

(CNN July 21, 1999 Web posted at: 11:52 p.m. EDT)

>From Correspondent Dr. Steve Salvatore CNN -- As soon as the bodies of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and her sister were recovered from the waters off of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, and brought to shore Wednesday, they were placed in white medical examiner trucks and taken to the Medical Examiner's Office in Pocasset.

Massachusetts law requires that autopsies be conducted on accident victims, a process that usually takes 12 to 24 hours.

Doctors will determine the cause of death for John and Carolyn Kennedy and her sister, Lauren Bessette. That discovery might shed light on what went wrong when the plane piloted by Kennedy plunged into the ocean Friday night.

"I think it is important, because young people die of disease just like old people, and it can be very sudden," said Dr. Alan Schiller of Mt. Sinai Hospital. "They can have cerebral problems like an aneurysm or hemorrhaging from the brain. They can have cardiac problems that predispose them to sudden death."

Doctors look at every possible contributing factor, like infections, noxious fumes and toxins which could contribute to disorientation.

"We can also examine extraneous causes, such as alcohol levels, toxicology for drugs and a whole host of other things," Schiller said.

The medical examiner's office will also review old medical records, X-rays and laboratory reports to search for pre-existing medical conditions that might have contributed to the accident.

Because the plane crash was an unwitnessed transportation accident, an autopsy is usually mandatory. But experts say autopsies do more than just fulfill medical legal requirements.

Autopsies bring closure, Schiller said, and provide lessons that can prevent similar tragedies in the future.

============================= 7.22.99 Does Something Seem Strange About This?

Within about 24 hours of the supposed remains of JFK. Jr. his wife and sister-in-law being 'found" by Navy divers, autopsies were performed, the bodies cremated and the ashes scattered at sea. The press was NOT allowed anywhere near any of these activities.

This REALLY does seem quite bizarre! What's the rush?

Furthermore no autopsy pictures were taken, a TRULY unusual move which is in significant conflict with longstanding, established procedure in nearly every nation in the world.

It's unusual for Catholics to cremate, but not unheard of. In this situation however, given the extraordinary speed with which the autopsies were performed and the remains then cremated and scattered at sea, I'd say the whole scenario is quite unusual and more than a little suspicious.

If these were indeed truly the remains of the occupants of Kennedy's plane, the obvious inference here regarding the above-noted circumstances is that the condition of the bodies was NOT in accordance with what their condition would be if the craft had impacted the water INTACT.

In other words, these above-noted events and circumstances would support the SUBSTANTIAL evidence from numerous sources indicating the plane was destroyed in mid-air; and is more in accordance with procedures followed when bodies of victims are in a severely lacerated, dismembered and disfigured condition; as would result from such explosive destruction of the aircraft.

The extremely brief official statement released by the Cape & Islands DA said only that the medical examiner determined all three died instantly of multiple traumatic injuries.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

============================= JFK JR.'S FINAL FLIGHT--BLASTED OUT OF THE SKY?

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The initial news reports about the disappearance of John Kennedy Jr.'s plane and passengers stated that Kennedy's flight path was eastward along Long Island.

Now all accounts describe Kennedy's flight path as having been substantially farther north, along the Connecticut shoreline. ON THIS ISSUE ONLY it does seem in fact as if this later information is probably correct: according to a UPI news iem dated July 17: indications are that JFK Jr. changed his expected route due to his awareness of (undoubtedly "hostile") surveillance.

In case anybody has forgotten, ALL early news reports described weather conditions as near ideal, with a slight haze and NO fog, mist or other vision-obscuring conditions. I have confirmed this as fact from local sources on eastern Long Island and Martha's Vineyard.

NOW, all news reports indicate that weather conditions over eastern Long Island, Long Island Sound, Block Island Sound and Martha's Vineyard were SIGNIFICANTLY worse than originally reported. These later reports of weather conditions are utter, absolute, unadulterated BS.

By Monday July 19, EVERY major TV network in the country trotted out "expert" after "expert" all day and all evening long , who to a one described in almost the exact same terminology how an "inexperienced" pilot like Kennedy would have had major problems with orientation, direction and trajectory due to the extremely thick haze over the entire area. One would have thought these puppets were reading from the same script. NONE of those interviewed were any of the flight instructors/trainers who had actually TAUGHT or FLOWN with JFK JR.

Such were NOT the weather/visibility conditions at the time of the disaster, and what's more every single person who had any occasion to witness JFK Jr.'s flying skills, including EVERY INSTRUCTOR he ever had, described him as an EXTREMELY careful, cautious pilot who NEVER took risks. Kennedy had amassed a great number of hours piloting aircraft and one of his instructors noted that Kennedy was probably proficient enough to have qualified for a COMMERCIAL PILOT'S LICENSE!

Those same armchair pundits who gave uniformly negative, highly critical assessments of Kennedy's abilities as a pilotalso dispensed longwinded, thoroughly unintelligible (and I DO speak English!) explanations of how such non-existent (in this case) pea-soup haze commonly causes such completely unqualified pilots to become totally disoriented and and to fly their craft headlong into the ground, or ocean, as the case may be.

Again, such does NOT correlate with the conditions in this area at the time of the flight nor the condition of the pilot.

Furthermore, Kennedy was anything BUT an inexperienced, daredevil, reckless pilot. I quote here DIRECTLY from one of Kennedy's flight instructors, Arthur Marx, of Martha's Vineyard. "The last time I flew with him was a year ago, and I definitely did not see the kind of person who took unnecessary risks. If anything, (he was) under-confident," said Marx.

In support of this assessment of Kennedy's abilities and safety- mindedness, The Toronto Star reported Sunday that Kennedy used a co- pilot when he flew to that Canadian city earlier this month: Kennedy had felt the need to fly with a co-pilot since breaking his ankle in a paraglider crash three weeks earlier, and he had told acquaintances he was happy to fly solo again after having a cast removed from his ankle the day before last Friday's flight.

It is now established Kennedy was NOT wearing a foot cast as in weeks preceding the disaster--it came off the day before the fatal flight.

In case anyone hasn't noticed, ALL early news reports made note of the fact that Kennedy RADIOED the Martha's Vineyard airport at 9:39, and made NO MENTION whatsoever of any kind of difficulty whatsoever. This contact is 100% VERIFIED!

It is CONFIRMED Kennedy radioed the Vineyard airport at NINE THIRTY-NINE PM and knew exactly where he was at this time, gave NO INDICATION of trouble of the slightest kind. Completely routine. He was NOT about to land--still 13 miles from airport. SECONDS AFTER THIS CALL, SOMETHING caused his plane , according to radar, to plummet at the rate of 100 feet per SECOND. As he would NOT have been engaged in any unusual maneuver at all at this point why would he lose control?

Furthermore, what "PILOT ERROR" OR MECHANICAL MALFUNCTION would cause such a sudden, terminal drop? None, that's what kind, as anyone will realize if they think about it seriously for ONE SECOND. Considering the tone and content of his radio contact and the fact that he was engaged in no unusual maneuver of any kind at this time makes pilot error virtually completely out of the question. Mechanical failure of some kind, other than catastrophic (such as from an explosion of some kind), would lead to a glide, at least at first. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE!

What caused that 100 feet per second dive was surely the same thing that caused an number of EYEWITNESSES on the beach that evening to see an AIRBORNE explosion at this very time, to the southwest. (BTW, I've lived near the ocean much of my life as probably some of these witnesses have. I know pretty darn well where the horizon is and whether or not something is airborne or not.)

According to previous news articles Kennedy's plane was equipped with state-of-the-art tracking, beacon and radio equipment systems and technology far above that of what is generally found on aircraft of this type and could practically "fly itself".

Yet radar returns from SECONDS AFTER Kennedy‚s radio contact show what was likely his plane plunging in a headlong dive to certain death. What happened in those intervening seconds to cause such total and fatal change in the flight conditions? I believe it's outrageous and TOTALLY unfounded for armchair pundits to demean and defame this man in death by questioning his character, ability and sensibility so extensively in this rush to judgment which claims his inexperience and lack of ability were the primary cause of the crash.

This radar evidence is COMPLETELY in accordance with Kennedy's plane having been subjected to an extremely destructive object, force or agent of some kind--be it missile, particle beam laser, pulse weapon, on-board bomb or other.

Kennedy was NOT in the process of landing, nor, as far as can be determined, was he engaged in any other maneuver which could conceivably lead to any problems with control of the aircraft.

A number of eyewitnesses from Martha's Vineyard DID see and hear an airborne explosion to the southwest of the Vineyard right around the time the plane apparently went into it's fatal dive.

Are we supposed to believe that it was Kennedy's supposed lack of experience that caused the plane to ignite into a fireball in MIDAIR while in the middle of a perfect, uneventful and untroubled flight? And the American public is BUYING such utterly worthless analysis?

It is considered an open secret that in addition to contemplating a N.Y. Senate campaign against Hillary Clinton, JFK Jr. was certainly at least considering a run for president in the year 2000. It has been suggested by knowledgeable sources that he was quite cognizant of the fact that his father and uncle were murdered by a covert government cabal and would CERTAINLY have endeavored to bring down the house of cards and the walls of lies and silence surrounding these wretched chapters in our national history.

As noted, Kennedy's George magazine had recently published an interview with George Wallace--focusing in strongly on the obvious conspiracy behind the attempted assassination on HIM, as well as a expose of the Rabin assassination in Israel.

Other information reveals that some the upcoming articles he had planned for George magazine included an investigation into the Roswell incident AND one involving a substantial airing of Hillary Clinton and company's "dirty laundry." Moreover Kennedy was in the process of setting up an interview with Attorney General Janet Reno, and in fact had just submitted a formal request for such with the Justice Department!

This impending grilling of Reno regarding such savage, hideous events as the Waco massacre may well have been the straw that broke the camel's back. Suspicious in all this has been the extremely muted reaction from Kennedy family members to this nightmare--almost as if they know damn well what was really going on with JFK Jr.'s death, and are literally powerless to do anything about it. Only his sister Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg has made any public indications that all may not be right with the official story.

Now we hear that family members have supposedly requested a burial at sea. This seems a distinctly odd request and one can only wonder why this would be desirable.

Another aspect which seems peculiar is the fact that before just about anyone else, Bill Clinton was informed early Wednesday morning, July 21, of the fact that divers had located the wreckage of Kennedy's plane and the passenger's bodies: in fact it was the White House which made the official announcement to the media of the location and immanent recovery of same.

Does anyone out there still think that John F. Kennedy Jr. just came completely unglued on a completely smooth flight in excellent flying weather with NO indication of mechanical problems AT ALL and dove his plane with two other passengers into the deep blue sea?


© 1999 NewsHawk Inc. All Rights Reserved (Rights of UNALTERED reproduction/distribution hereby waived.)


7.20.99 Recipients: NewsHawk has received the following assessment of the demise John F. Kennedy Jr. from an agent connected to an INTERNATIONAL police investigations organization. This agent has been on location at Martha's Vineyard and eastern Long Island and, along with his team, has had DIRECT ACCESS to the wreckage and debris resulting from the plane crash, personal contact with eyewitnesses to an AIRBORNE EXPLOSION in the area where Kennedy's plane was destroyed and contact with air traffic and Vineyard airport personnel. For obvious reasons this agent must keep his identity and that of his employer confidential.

The assessment of this highly trained, top-notch international team? John F. Kennedy Jr. was murdered.

This report, from the agent of an international investigative organization, was reproduced exactly as received. NewsHawk had no part in the creation of this document.

A number of queries have been received as to how to locate the text of Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg's statement regarding her brother's death referred to in the document below.

We have not been able to locate a transcript of Caroline's statement either. The agent who wrote the report heard her speak in person in Bridgehampton NY. It seems likely the mass media has been directed NOT to give any publicity to Ms. Schlossberg's statement.

Read it and weep.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = Nature -- Suspect. Repeat -- Suspect. Case review -- Final -- notwithstanding review. Request open Status pending Final. Eyes Only -- Chief Bureaus.

Subject, John F. Kennedy, Jr., left Essex County Airport, Caldwell, N.J., at 8:38 P.M. Friday, July 16, 1999 in a Piper Saratoga II TC. Aircraft was built in 1995, purchased last year by subject. It has been reported to have been in excellent condition -- simple and comfortable to fly. Subject did NOT file a flight plan (?) and it is suspected he altered his route. We strongly suspect this to be true because subject KNEW he was under surveillance.

Visibility was eight (8) miles -- I say again -- visibility was eight (8) miles. Media reports of "hazy" or "foggy" conditions are untrue.

Subject's flight path took him over the Connecticut shore. After passing over the south-Western tip of Rhode Island aircraft banked and began its approach to Martha's Vineyard Airport at 9:26 P.M. Subject was expected at airport by no later than 10:00 P.M. At 9:39 P.M. JFK radioed the Martha's Vineyard Airport giving his location. Subject was completely calm, giving no indication of any difficulties, stating that he was making his final approach, no more than 10 miles from the shore, and 13 miles from the airport. Subject then began his (final) descent. Subject was at 5,600 feet when he headed out over the ocean. When he radioed at 9:39 P.M., 17-18 miles West of Martha's Vineyard, he was at 2,500 feet. When detected on radar 29 seconds later, he was at 1,800 feet, 16 miles West of Martha's Vineyard. He was then lost off radar. No MAYDAY was ever heard. Tower personnel at Martha's Vineyard Airport verified previous data.

Within app. 10 seconds of this final radio contact at 9:39 P.M., an aircraft fitting the description of the subjects (aircraft) and in that same general location was identified on Radar by both Military personnel and Martha's Vineyard Airport tower personnel as descending 1,200 feet in 12 seconds -- a full, head-long dive, in other words.

A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper told WCVB-TV in Boston that he was out walking Friday night about the time of the crash and saw a "big white flash in the sky" just off Philbin Beach. Luggage, a tire, plexiglas, pieces of the cowling have all washed up on Philbin Beach. Said reported has now partially recanted his story by stating that "perhaps It was a bright light from an explosion, but he just cannot be sure". Reporter has been "gotten to", compromised. Unknown as to by who, at this time. Several local news reports initially (reported) that several people SAW and HEARD an explosion in the air over the ocean South of Martha's Vineyard towards Eastern Long Island, at the same time that subject's plane "went missing". We have confirmed these reports by speaking with 4 of the witnesses whom have asked to remain anonymous. Detected definite fear on their part.

All evidence at this time indicates that aircraft was in a fiery, head-long crash dive within seconds after the 9:39 radio transmission. Aircraft was equipped with a radar transponder That transmit a 4-digit ID code and the altitude. Aircraft contained a 406 MHz satellite distress beacon which would have notified the FAA of exact lat. & long. Device was NOT Activated. Believe reason as aircraft disintegrated instantly. Coast Guard claims of an Emergency beacon thought to belong to this aircraft being activated and heard, by the Coast Guard at 3:40 A.M., Saturday, in Long Island, New York, are as yet unsubstantiated.

Subject has been reported by all interviewed, including 3 flight instructors, to be an excellent pilot who did not take chances. Subject had logged many hours and had acquired an abnormal amount of expertise for an individual holding a pilots license for only 15 months. In fact, it has been reported that JFK, Jr. had logged enough hours, and acquired enough expertise to qualify as a Commercial Pilot! He had passed instrument checks with no reported difficulties. Although subject did not like Flying at night, all information indicates he did so efficiently. Media's reports of "pilot error", "failed instrument test and checks" and "scared to fly at night" are patently untrue. Standard American media disinformation.

When SK Alpha team began investigating weather anomalies and any possible phenomena, (weather), Radar images/data that have proven useful in such investigations, to include the observations of Electromagnetic/ radio frequency phenomena, where discovered to be missing from the archives for the Eastern Long Island/Martha's Vineyard area during the two (2) critical hours in which JFK Jr's Plane apparently crashed/disappeared. This is/was more than suspect. After demanding said data from air control personnel, and receiving stammering, red- faced explanations as to it's whereabouts, team notes data has been intentionally "misplaced", or in fact lost. This indicates that the subject's aircraft was indeed "shot out of the sky", with either a C4 charge, placed aft the cabin, a bomb, activated on descent by a barometric switch or a Particle Beam Laser, fired from Montauk Point.

Agency is quite familiar with the evil legacy of Montauk Point. Technology reputed to be null and void is in fact known to be in existence there, and being employed against the American public. This includes not only this Laser, but (MK-Ultra) mind-control, Remote Viewing, the infamous "Montauk chair", and so on. We strongly suspect one of the technologies was used against subject's aircraft. Currently, evidence points to the Laser, although this cannot be completely substantiated.

Intrigue Assessment is based on following facts:

A bright light, or explosion was observed by app. 10 people in the area of the aircraft's disappearance.

The headrest, steering yoke, pieces of the cowling, plexiglas and carpeting where literally torn apart from/off the plane, floating up on Gay Head Beach. This indicates a mid-air explosion not a stall and crash. Debris from the crash have also been washing up on the West end of Martha's Vineyard, creating a very wide spread area of destruction (in other words, the remains of the aircraft are spread out over a very large area of space on the Ocean, indicating a mid-air explosion, not a stall and crash).

Team has examined all recovered physical evidence and corroborates damage assessment. Recorded conversations with air traffic control all indicate a calm, relaxed pilot in full command of the flight, with no difficulties in the final approach. Seconds after the last transmission, the explosion was observed and contact was lost with subject's plane. Previously mentioned weather and electromagnetic/radio frequency data has been lost, or misplaced. Since this typically NEVER happens, a cover-up of some sort is strongly suspected.

The wings of the aircraft where NOT torn off, which they would have been had subject's plane gone into uncontrollable dive, as being reported by the American press. If aircraft had had engine trouble, as reported, it should/could have simply gone into a slow glide and made a soft-water landing.

No MAYDAY was ever heard, indicating catastrophic occurrence. No satellite distress beacon was activated, indicating pilot did not have time to do so. Forensics and physical evidence thus far in regards to suitcases, pieces of the aircraft, etc., indicate a violent explosion of some sort, but not that of a C4 type device.

The aircraft plummeted from the sky at Terminal Velocity. All reports from subjects flight instructors indicate a very good pilot, who did not take unnecessary chances or risks. Qualified for all aspects of flight for the particular aircraft being flown. The chances of him losing control and plummeting in the manner now being described by the mass media is almost impossible.

We have learned that subject was preparing to either run against Hillary Clinton in the New York Primary, or for the Presidency in 2000 (which we believe he would have won). Knowing Clinton's methods of political intrigue, and the app. 300 murders he and his wife are guilty of, it is possible this is three more to add to the tally. Also, knowing the saga of the Kennedy bloodline, and the Illuminati's obsession with this bloodline issue, the Kennedys certainly being a member of this organization, it is entirely possible that these murders where ordered by (the Illuminati) because of a reported feud between the Kennedys and the Rockefellers or the Cameron's. The Kennedy's have long been very unhappy with the (Illuminati) due to the murder of JFK, Sr., having been threatened and blackmailed into silence.

Every indicator points towards JFK, Jr. having "had enough" of this humiliation and planning on turning his magazine "George" into a true political vehicle for change. For the American public, not for the New World Order. In fact, he had already begun this process by publishing factual exposes on George Wallace and the Rabin assassination. This alone is enough to have gotten him killed.

Subject had begun looking into his Father's murder, and had developed plans to slowly expose those involved (in his magazine). Also; subject was preparing to interview Attorney General Janet Reno for a fall issue of his magazine, focusing on women in politics. Kennedy requested the interview by telephone and letter several weeks ago and, to help advance his request, had made sure that Justice Department officials had copies of previous issues in which he had interviewed well-known public figures.

Among those Kennedy previously interviewed were Secretary of State Madeleine Albright; former White House press secretary Mike McCurry; Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan; evangelist Billy Graham; and Richard Mellon Scaife, a wealthy contributor to conservative groups. After an introduction by Kennedy, the interviews were published in question-and-answer format. Information we have received indicates that there was concern over the nature and content of some of the questions subject intended to ask (Janet Reno). Apparently, in a change of venue, the format of his questions had been (changed), deciding instead to broach such subjects as Waco, the failed impeachment of Clinton, the refusal to indict Gore for campaign contribution abuses, Johnny Huang and so fourth. It would appear that these questions were too "close to home", in a sense, requiring Reno to either tell the truth concerning her failure to do her job and fulfill the oath she took to uphold the Constitution, or once again commit perjury in a public (format). This fits with the known change in political awareness and direction of the subject.

Subject's wife may have been pregnant. Again, the bloodline obsession of the Illuminati, not wanting to risk another JFK (for the people) and his offspring, had them killed instead. There has long been rumors from this evil entity that it was considered a mistake that when in 1963 JFK, Sr. was killed, that the remaining family were allowed to live. Perhaps they decided to "rectify that mistake".

The American Press/mass media are now releasing news reports that are far from factual. In fact, they can be considered, at best, to be (classic) disinformation, if not outright lies.

In the initial reports that where released, the essential truth of the situation, the facts were there. However, what is now being reported is (essentially) leaving out the essence of truth and simply glossing over what actually occurred. Again, what we regard as standard American Press procedures, disinformation at best. This strongly indicates a cover-up, or else the truth would still be reported.

Although requested onsite by Federal agencies, team has been coerced to "back off", albeit subtly and quietly. This particular tactic speaks well for itself. We have not "backed off", nor will we.

Kennedy family will NOT comment, other than a prepared speech by Caroline. End of prepared statement definitely indicates full knowledge and awareness of events surrounding JFK Jr's murder. We attempted to interview her, but there were 6 other individuals surrounding her, rendering meaningful dialog almost non-existent.

Conclusion: Subject was a qualified pilot, in control of his flight, flying a reasonably new aircraft, in excellent condition. Visibility was 8 miles. Wind, calm. All indication from Forensics and Physical evidence investigations lend themselves to a violent explosion, either from an altitude or barometric pressure device, or from a Particle Beam Laser. Aircraft "broke up" in mid-air, as evidenced by widespread debris gathered from the ocean and several different beaches, and the nature of collateral damage to recovered aircraft parts, and items on board or from (the aircraft) such as the headrest, foot pedals, steering yoke carpeting and so fourth. All showed signs of violent damage, having been "ripped" or blown from their normal positions/locations. This can only be caused by an onboard explosion, or an attack by a missile or Laser.

Considering the nature of current political leanings of subject, and today's political atmosphere in America, and the before mentioned facts, there is little doubt that subject was assassinated. In fact, team considers this a Political Assassination of the highest order. It was meant to alleviate a potential threat to the ruling elite. And it succeeded.

Request final authorization -- return file copy. Eyes Only. END

============================= More Inconsistencies and Loose Ends re: JFK Jr. Disappearance

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News reports have mentioned that some people saw and heard an explosion in the air over the ocean south of Martha's Vineyard towards eastern Long Island, during the period of time John F. Kennedy's plane apparently "went missing".

An earlier report from about 3 PM on Saturday by Shephard Smith of FOX-TV named one of these witnesses--in fact a guest at the scheduled wedding JFK. Jr. was due to attend AND a friend of Smith's producer at Fox.

In later reports Smith no longer named this witness and referred to such accounts as "unconfirmed", which is how the rest of the media is referring to them. Don't expect these reports of an explosion over the ocean to ever be confirmed either, by the Clinton-controlled bunch.

It certainly doesn't sound as though Kennedy's plane had any standard mechanical problems--as such usually don't result in the plane igniting into a fireball visible and audible miles away!

We've received word that Kennedy had been in fact nosing around several lingering conspiracies; having just published an article in George about the Rabin assassination in Israel and about to put together an article on the attempted assassination of George Wallace in the U.S., and the socio-political forces behind the Wallace hit.

There is also an angle here of power struggles between varying families, bloodlines and factions thereof. Of course JFK Jr.'s bloodline is well-known.

What is of interest here is the parents of JFK Jr.'s wife. Virtually nothing is known publicly of her father; she had been raised only by her mother. This issue could be a significant factor, especially in light of the obsession the "powers that be" seem to have with bloodlines and such. There has also been some speculation Carolyn was pregnant. Shades of Princess Diana! A respondent wrote the following to NewsHawk, echoing a number of similar queries which are answered below: "Why would the Kennedys want to keep this a secret if they thought it were shot down? They would be announcing it to the world, wouldn't they?"

I believe that the Kennedy's remarkably muted, almost invisible response to the tragedy, whether or not the crash resulted from a deliberate hostile act as I feel the evidence shows, gives every indication of people who have been SEVERELY intimidated, cowed and silenced.

Another peculiarity is the inexplicable delay in initiating search procedures on the part of the FAA after BEING INFORMED by the Martha‚s Vineyard light controller a number of times about the increasing and ever-more-worrisome delay with the flight's arrival, beginning at approximately 10 PM or shortly thereafter!! FAA personnel for SOME REASON did NOT initiate an alarm about the flight's disappearance for over SIX HOURS after it should have arrived!

That is an extremely troubling aspect which indicates that one or more FAA employees were in some way or other made to go along with the nefarious plans of higher powers. This just does not seem otherwise explainable in any logical way.

It seems to be getting INCREASINGLY clearer that this was definitely NOT an accident.

Furthermore, this tragedy occurred but one day from the 30th anniversary of the Chappaquidick incident involving Ted Kennedy. There have been strong indications for many years that incident was set up to neutralize Ted Kennedy as any kind of force to be reckoned with politically; due to the disgrace and so forth resulting from the Chappaquidick incident.

This aspect regarding the Chappaquidick incident should not be overlooked in regard to the latest Kennedy tragedy, knowing the proclivity of the New World Order principals for enacting events laden with symbolism, hidden meanings, subliminal messages, and bizarre, cultish ritualism.

Messages within messages.

Add to this package the missing weather radar tapes from late Friday night and early Saturday morning for this region and you have the overwhelming stench a political assassination rising from the waters.

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