Chemtrails said to be mass inoculation against biowar

A source in the New York area which we've had for longer than any other single source has relayed to us the following information, which we've decided to make public.

This source has significant, active ties to what claim to be anti-New World Order factions of the U.S. Air Force--that is, they CLAIM they are in favor of maintaining a democratic republic in the U.S.

This contact of ours is knowledgeable about the entire situation regarding chemtrail spraying of substances from great numbers of aircraft on a global basis.

What this source says is that he's been TOLD by elements of the Air Force he understands are working with the so-called "Omega"/"Faction 3" group--said to be opposed to many NWO agendas such as mass depopulation/genocide schemes--that the contrail spraying being observed worldwide is being done by Omega/Faction 3 elements of the U.S. military (and apparently of other nation's military agencies) to COMBAT the bio-war attacks NOW BEING DIRECTED against the human race as a whole by some "force" or consortium of extensive power, which utilizes significant numbers of terrorist organization members worldwide.

The actual bioterrorism itself is reportedly being implemented on the local levels by terrorist groups of several nationalities--some said to be of fundamentalist Islamic persuasion.

Although reportedly no especially hi-tech equipment or highly trained personnel are required to strategically disperse biowar substances into targeted regions, the extensiveness of this campaign strongly argues that the entire scheme is being masterminded by some significantly powerful global-wide group.

Up to 30 differing biological warfare materials are said to have been dispersed in various locations. Because of the wide variety of substances already released, what's being used as an inoculative material, says this Omega/Faction 3 Air Force crowd, is a genetically-altered SPIROCHETE--related to both Lyme Disease and Syphilis; the spirochete has been gene-spliced so that it can inoculate against most or all of the various biowar substances.

I asked our contact if he had reason to believe he was being told the truth by his AF contacts. He said, "maybe".

He DID tell me that laboratory analysis of many blood samples collected in the northeastern US DO confirm that tremendous numbers of people have been exposed to both Anthrax AND to a genetically-manipulated spirochete organism. These people are NOT sick with Anthrax however; yet neither are they getting syphilis or Lyme disease. Nevertheless this inoculative spirochete organism does not completely ERADICATE the Anthrax from the subject's system.

What's undeniable though, is that even if our contact's AF connections are saying what they BELIEVE is the truth, they THEMSELVES may be getting deliberately misled and lied to by their superiors.

Let's face it: how many people would willingly dose innocent, non-combatant fellow human beings with horrific, terrible biological/chemical warfare materials? Not too many. Therefore, even to get their pilots in the air, New World Order global fascist leaders implementing any mass-dosing of earth's population with lethal bio/chem substances would almost certainly have to lie to their pilots and tell them something along the lines of... well... that their mission is actually "COUNTERACTING" through mass inoculation certain bioterrorist operations that have ALREADY been implemented upon the population.

What a perfect cover story!

OUR source also stated that his Air Force connections said even the inoculative material ITSELF, reportedly based on the heavily gene-spliced spirochete organism, will have a noticeably severe, even terminal impact upon the health of a certain percentage of the population--especially any who ALREADY have some sort of immune system impairment as well as those who have previously had Lyme disease or other related illnesses.

So, even if it's TRUE that most of the chemtrail spraying reportedly occurring on a global basis is being done to MASS-INNOCULATE against biowar materials previously released, the chemtrails themselves are still going to make lots of people die.

And WE don't say we even believe what these Air Force personnel have told our contact in NY. Even he's not sure they're telling the truth. WHAT A MESS!! To bad they don't ALL just LEAVE US ALONE!!

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