Waynes (old) proxy censorship avoidance site - UAE, KSA and others

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Why I am doing this

What's happened

A guide for newbies

Useful information about your network - by country

A firewall test suite to find out exactly what is being blocked for you

Very general notes on bypassing net-censorship

How to setup an external account to bypass your particular brand of censorship. An overall view. Recipes which cover all the account types will eventually be here.

Recommended ISP accounts and how to set them up. The account by account view. Recipes which are specific to particular accounts will eventually be here.

Notes on proxies I've tested (includes lists of open/blocked ports and IP addresses by country)

Some downloads to help you along

Please send ideas, updates, comments, flames etc. to me at wayne@nym.alias.net. To protect yourself, you can use various encrypted email sites: ziplip or hushmail