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+*~*Sara N Samantha*~*+

+*~*Crazy, Fa Real, Sexy Ladies!!!*~*+

Sara and I created these dollz in likeness of ourselves! Aren't we just sexy? As you may have noticed, I used an option on this page that none of the other pages on my site have...yup, NO RIGHT CLICK! These dollz aren't for other uses, heheh, sorry our sexy faces won't be gracing your alls pages...heheh...

+~*~+Samantha's Thoughts On Sara+~*~+

LoL, one word comes to mind...Wootilicious...LmAo! Okay, so that's an alternate version of Sara's word, but I just had to use it!! Pretty much I think she's a kick ass person! Couldn't have asked for a better online friend! Heheh, as you can tell from the dollz we created we both love to make dollz and also we love to work on our cars!!! SCHAWEET!!!! Don't mess wit us cause like rain you will fall and like da sun we shall shine!!! Peachy peace my homies!

+~*~+Sara's Thoughts On Samantha+~*~+

Samantha is a kick ass person....When i first im'd her I thought she'd just answer my question and be done with me....but nope..she rocks...I havent meet anyone cooler...It's like I've found the sister I've never had...were so in tune its scary....You just better watch out when we get together were gonna lite it up and squash your shit...

*~*~Sara's Ride~*~*

*~*~Samantha's Ride~*~*

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