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Hi everyone!!! This page is dedicated to all of my friends! Here you'll find shoutoutz, pictures, and some other stuffz about all of my friends! LoL, I might even sneak some stuff about me in there too!

*~* Shoutouts *~*

~*Anthony*~ Hey baby! I know that you have your own page dedicated to you, but I just had to give you a shoutout on here as well. You mean the world to me baby, I couldn't have asked for a better person to walk through life with. I know that we have been through some rough times lately, but we will work through it and I know that everything will work out for the best. I love you baby with all my heart and all my soul. Nothing will break us apart. *HugZ-N-KisseZ*

~*Misty*~ Hey girly! You are my bestest friend in the world, heheh. I'll never forget all the wild and crazy times we've had....LoL, we've done some pretty stupid stuff....But hey, it's all been *does hand movements* GOOD TIMES! heheh, good luck with Chris, you'll get him someday!

~*Eric*~ HEY ENRIQUE!!!!! You are the coolest guy on the face of this earth buddy!! Heheh, I'm glad that we are such good friends, you've been by my side through a lot of shizz, I can't thank you enough! See you at WVU buddy!!!

~*Danielle*~ Hey girly! I'm glad we are friends again. Like you always used to say, we could never get through a year without a fight, lol. We've done some crazy stuff in our past years and I'll never forget any of it. Thanks for always sticking up for me and good luck in all that you do!

~*Jason*~ Hey buddy! I'm glad that we have remained friends these past years. It has been fun!

~*Patty*~ HEY!!! AHHHH...LoL. I'm glad that we are FINALLY getting Who knew all I had to do was leave the house...hahah. Well, I just wanna let you know that you'z a hoe...JUST KIDDING! I loves YA!

~*Ben*~ I doubt you'll ever read this, but I just wanted to say...I hope you have finally gotten over yourself...I wish you and Krissy the best...

~*Trisha*~ Hey cuz! I hardly hear from you anymore but I just wanted to let you know that you are my ghetto white chocolate for life! hahah, never forget the summer of 2001!!! Good luck with Mike!

~*Shaunna*~ Hey 'lil Sis! You may piss me off sometimes, but I Love you all the same. Heheh, I'll always be there to protect you from all the "badness" in the world! Sissy is here for you always!

*~* Pictures *~*

~*Homecoming 2001*~

~* This is my friend Jacob from Homecoming 2001 *~

~* This is Adam...we ALL know the story behind him *~

~* This is Ben and his girlfriend at Homecoming*~

~* This is my 'lil sis, isn't she pretty? *~

~* This is my girl Chelsea from Homecoming *~

~* These are my crazy cousins...I don't even wanna know what they are doing! *~

~* This is me and my friend Heather hanging out in Psychology! *~

~* This is me again hanging with my friend Jason in AP History! *~

~* Me and my bestest buddy Enrique at Prom 2002! *~

~* PROM 2002 *~

~* This is me and my 'lil sis! *~

~* This is one of Danielle's senior pics, isn't she pretty? *~

~* This is *MY* wonderful baby Anthony!!! I LOVE YOU BABY!

This is me after I finished getting ready for Prom 2003!

I got "Leighed" at Prom, hahah!

Misty, Me, and Danielle! We all looked so beatiful at Prom!

This here is my bestest girly Sara! Even though she lives so darn far away from me, we're still close!

~*~*~Thanks for visiting my friends page!!!~*~*~

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