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Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson Co, Ohio  (click on the images to enlarge)


mt ple1.jpg (38998 bytes)   This is the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall .  The building was purchased from the Masons n 1885.  Also known as Union Hall, many businesses were located here and served as a meeting place for other social organizations.  Built ca 1850s, the Hall was demolished in 1987.  The picture was taken ca 1910.

mt ple2.jpg (57380 bytes) This is the Free Labor Store in Mt. Pleasant, located on the corner of Union and East Street..the photo is circa 1850.  The Free Labor Store operated from 1848 to 1857.  Quakers established the store "for the sale of goods, wares and merchandise in general which shall be exclusively the product of free labor".  This was one of 3 stores in town.  The building was later torn down.

mt ple3.jpg (51483 bytes)  This is Union street, looking East, ca. 1890.  Wells Fargo Office located in the first building.  Note the stone walkway across the road (the mud must have been horrible in those days.)

mt ple4.jpg (67457 bytes) This is the home of Benj. Lundy and his Free labor Store, ca 1850s.   A double house, the side that was home to Abolitionist Benj. was built in 1807.  The other half was erected in 1813.  The front was used as an office and apothecary shop.  Later the Free Labor Store operated here.  Now listed as a Natl. Landmark it is believed to be the last Free Labor Store standing in the US.

mt ple5.jpg (32917 bytes)  Union Street, ca 1900-1912.  Note the electric street lights....

mt ple6.jpg (33802 bytes)  The Quaker Meeting House, was erected in 1814.  This was the first Yearly Quaker Meeting house west of the Alleghenies.  Capable of holding more than 2000 person,the building contains an auditorium with a balcony.  The auditorium can be divided into 2 rooms by lowering a wooden partition.  Quaker men and women met separately.  For nearly a century this meeting house played a crucial role in the propagation of the Quaker Faith in Easternn Ohio.  Although regular yearly meetings were discontinued after 1909, many Quaker families continue to reside in Mt. Pleasant.