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Chester County

mill and house.jpg (13838 bytes) the Newlin Mill and millers house


james newlin's barn.jpg (27802 bytes) barn built on Doe Run by James Newlin, 1810

Fallowfield_cemetery.jpg (103044 bytes)Fallowfield cemetery, adjoining the Meeting house

Fallowfield_meeting.jpg (31066 bytes)  Fallowfield Meeting house

Londongrove_Meeting.jpg (114275 bytes) Londongrove Meeting house


Middletown_meeting.jpg (98122 bytes) Middletown Meeting house

bldg.jpg (39658 bytes) sm. building on grounds of the Middletown Meeting house

iddletown_cemetery.jpg (112706 bytes)Middletown Meeting cemetery

mdltwn marker.jpg (40097 bytes)  Newlin marker at the Middletown Meeting house

Wash._hdq._Brandywine.jpg (109809 bytes) Washington's headquarters for the Battle of Brandywine

Lafayettes_hdq..Brandywine.jpg (90687 bytes)Lafayette's headquarters for the Battle of Brandywine

Brandywine marker.jpg (54678 bytes)