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About Us



The KCCA’s Office is located in the town of Glasgow, WV, just about twenty minutes southeast of Charleston. This re-vamped town storage building went from an 8’x 12’ backroom office to a roomy 4 person work-space, conference room, kitchen, and full bath. These upgrades were made in cooperation with the Town of Glasgow, as well as several small grants, like the start-up grant received from the Canaan Valley Institute.


Glasgow, West Virginia


In September 2002, the Kelly’s Creek Communities Association, in cooperation with the Kanawha County Commission, received a $200,000 EPA Assessment grant. This grant, designed to help inventory and assess Brownfields property, was awarded to the KCCA as a pilot project. Taking a watershed-wide approach to Brownfields and assessing mine-scarred land deviated from the traditional EPA grantee at the time.




Brownfields are properties that were once active (having businesses, industries, mines, etc.). Though no longer in use, these properties have perceived environmental contamination that makes them less desirable to investors.






Our Project Goals Are


To restore the watershed


To plan for sustainable redevelopment in the participating communities


To spur the local economy