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*** M. M. "Johny" Johnson***
B-25 Combat Photographer/Gunner

Photos from the
collection of
M. M. Johnson
of the 489th
Bombardment Squadron

12th Air Force

489th B.S.
489th Bombardment Squadron (M)
340th Bombardment Group (M)
57th Bomb Wing
12th Air Force / 9th Air Force


My father, Minot M. ("Johny") Johnson, served in the Army Air Force in WWII. He was inducted June 30, 1942 at Akron, Ohio. His Army Serial Number was 35385773, and he attained the rank of Technical Sgt. After training as a Camera Technician (AFTS LF Photo, 24 Oct., 1942,at Lowery Field in Colorado), Pop originally went overseas as a ground crew member (camera repairman). Experience showed that the evasive action the airplanes took disrupted the automatic cameras, so combat aerial photographers were needed. Pop became one, much to my mother's dismay. He shipped overseas in February 1943, arriving March 29, 1943. I believe that he first flew a combat mission in June, 1943. He served in the Tunisia, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno and Air Offensive Europe campaigns, serving as a tail gunner and combat photographer for the 489th Bomber Squadron, 340th Bomb Group, 12th Air Force. (He actually served in the 9th Air Force until September 1, 1943, when all medium bomber units were transferred to the command of the 12th Air Force). Pop flew at least 53 combat missions in his tour of duty. He served overseas until March 11, 1944, shipping back home for arrival March 21, 1944. Mt. Vesuvius erupted on the 22nd, and destroyed some 85 B-25ís on the ground in Italy, so he was lucky once again.

Keith Johnson, proud son.


Click on the links below to see some of the photos he kept from that time. I hope you enjoy them.

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A crew posing in front of the B-25 "Talking for Jo"
M.M. Johnson on the left.

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