"Codename: Constellation" Brought To An End
Due to reasons too numerous to outline here, "Codename: Constellation" is being brought to an unsolved end. I had hoped to at least achieve my goal of reaching a resolution for the story, but I realized it would not work.

I began this game hoping that with it's conclusion I could prove a point. That point being that something great could be made without material funding, but with only the willingness to give time to something one believed in. "Codename: Constellation" was begun on zero cash, zero assistance, and only time and inspiration on my side. I now realize, sadly, that those things alone are probably not enough.

I was also quick to find that, even with only a maximum of 73 individuals involved, many many people would have their own ideas about how this budding genre should be managed. Their relentless and destructive criticism contributed to the game's premature end.

When C:C was started, there were no rules on how things were to be done, handled, said, etc. Though thrilling at first, this freedom eventually drew me into a corner. When things went in an unexpected way, quick improvisation was necessary for preservation, improvisation that was often looked upon less than kindly.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," but originality is the most appreciated. And so, kudos to the original "Cloudmakers" of the Evan Chan Mystery, good luck to all of you in this fascinating new genre, and goodbye.

A Regretful Former PM
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