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ABATE of West Virginia's
Kanawha Valley Chapter
Freedom Fighters Welcome

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The Kanawha Valley Chapter's membership resides Along the Great Kanawha River, in and around Charleston, the State Capitol. The surrounding area boasts as many as twentysix clubs involved in Bikers Rights, and Co-existing peacably. We have members in most of these clubs, and actively participate jointly to lobby our legislature. We work in close contact with the West Virginia Confederation of Clubs, and independant motorcyclists that care about Liberty. Come join us in our quest to preserve the liberties we still maintain, and recover those lost.


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Motorcyclist Rights Activists

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All is going well for the Kanawha Valley Chapter so far this year. Our last meeting was on June 12. It was a nice day, so we turned it into a riding meeting conducting business at rest stops. It was great. Timís first student from the Skills Test Training ended up with his first saddle sores. He rode over 150 miles that day. Thereís no substitute for saddle time. Near the end of the ride we heard thunder, and had just enough rain to convince us to put on the rubber clothes. Then it didnít rain. Nice for a sauna, but crappy for riding. But it was all fun. Then on the 15th ďDUCKĒ ,Tim, and I visited with some people in St Albans to talk with them about getting involved. All of them signed up. One was a past President. We are looking for big things to start happening in the Kanawha Valley real soon. We invite everyone who lives in, or near the Charleston area, member or not, to come join us at our next meeting. Saturday, July 10th, High Noon at the lions Park in Alum Creek. Who knows, We may even have another riding meeting, so try to get there on time so you donít miss us. Hereís a map, but if you need directions call Tim at 304-343-0676 Daytime. Or evenings at 304-965-7427. See you there!
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Information is power. Communication is the key. Lets get involved. Lets get active and make this organization the best it can be. To keep informed of what's happening subscribe to