Are You Ready? Michael Rood and the 70 Week Prophecy of Daniel ...2010

The first video is a prayer from Michael Rood in English and in Hebrew.

May YHWH bless us and keep us.






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Although the pretribulation rapture theory is very popular today, given arguments that are offered in support of this doctrine we must declare Pretribulationalism to be contrary to the clear teachings of Scripture. Simply put, there is not one shred of evidence that can be found in the Bible to support the pretribulation rapture. The typical Pretribulational arguments offered reveal a pattern: of imposing one’s presuppositions onto a text without any exegetical justification whatsoever; of finding subtle meaning between words and/or phrases that were never intended by the author; of spiritualizing or ignoring passages that contradict the Pretribulational paradigm; and, of imposing Pretribulationalism upon passages that actually teach the unity of the eschatological complex (i.e., the rapture, second coming, general resurrection, and general judgment all occur on the same day—the day of the YHWH). It is our hope and prayer that professing believers would cast off this escapist fantasy and return to the task of personal sanctification and YaHWeH dominion.
John 17:15 (Yahshua Praying) "I pray NOT that thou shouldest TAKE THEM OUT OF THE WORLD, but that thou should keep them from evil." Verse 20 - Neither pray I for these alone but for them also which shall believe on me through their word. (That is you and me all Yahshua Prayer will be fulfilled.)
" For evil doers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon Yahweh, they shall inherit the Earth."     "For such as be blesssed of Him shall inherit the Earth ; and they that be cursed of Him shall be cut off."
  (Psalm 37:9 & 22)
      " For the upright shall dwell in the land, and the perfect shall remain in it.  But the wicked shall be cut off from the Earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it."  (Prov.2:21,22)
I don't know if you have read enough scriptures to know that I do not believe in a "Pre-trib" (prior to the 70th Week) Rapture. Is only a theory;  in fact, I believe it is a very perilous idea propogated by many evangelists and among many churches, giving people the mistaken idea that they will be caught up and out of here before the "bad stuff" happens. When the "bad stuff" begins to happen but the Rapture has not, I believe that multitudes of disillusioned Christians will be absolutely terrified. I also suspect that many will fall away from the faith because they have been led to believe, falsely, that they would be "out of here" before the 70th Week begins.

I strongly believe in a Pre-wrath Rapture event, to take place after the opening of the Sixth Seal of Revelation 6:12, and just prior to the onset of the Day of the YHWH. I do not believe that this will occur until about 6 of the final 7 years have transpired. Therefore, if we remain alive, we will witness all of the events of the Antichrist's rise to power and even much more after that. We simply will need to get ourselves mentally and spiritually prepared to depend on Yahweh more and more to sustain us during that time. May YHWH Bless you and Keep you..